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Monday, November 29, 2010

Many users have impressions on Apple with fashion and more fruitful functions in the Macbook system. Except for the laptop computer and logo, Macbook Pro 15 inch battery has already become another symbol to Apple due to the special appearance and shape.

Traditionally, notebook batteries are produced into long and slim sizes while they won’t occupy too large spaces in the whole device with parallel and series cells. Far away from these habits, have you ever considered about your favorite Apple laptop battery?

As for a manufacturer who pursue for high energy density and slim size, 15 inch apple a1175 battery seems to have contained great contradictions inside both internal circuits, specifications and even the shells materials. According to the unique requirements of Apple customers, such a design is necessity instead of a burden.

Another compatible Apple a1185 battery has considered a lot about if this kind of shape should be replaced. However, the reasons and problems are as below.

First, output voltage and current is set according to Macbook system consumption and user habits. If installed as a traditional one do, it is most likely to conflict users from actual work or reduce the work efficiency. Of course, the most dangerous is overheating and influence on laptop lifespan.

Second, if large space is available, internal protection circuit can work more smoothly to provide a stable condition. Even if some of them occur to be damaged, it won’t involve our components to cause more serious accidents.

Last but not least, it has provided Macbook pro 15 inch battery a suitable situation to release heat. To such a high-capacity and consumption electronic product, overheating the most dangerous leaders to get destroyed not only the battery but the whole brand as well. The examples of other manufacturers have already proved this concept while accidents will hurt Apple more seriously.

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