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Thursday, March 31, 2011

At present, USC is never strange to us anymore that can be used to clean your eye glasses, kitchen units and even vehicles. It is obviously that ultrasonic has become the strongest device to get goods from dust and to be slippy. Compared to the whole device, USC have played a more important role on the accessories.

As is known to all, consumer electronics are afraid of overheating to a great extent while dust is the key cause of high work temperature. However, how to clean it correctly and thoroughly has troubled users for a long time. After all, due to complex internal circuit and different surrounding situations, it is hard to maintain them enough.

usc, inspiron battery 1545

Laptop battery, as is exemplified by Dell Inspiron battery 1545, has smooth surface but rugged interface. Obviously, it is designed according to the motherland and other relevant internal structure of notebook. That is to say, as long as the interface is cut off in connection or have weaker power in energy, the whole PC computer may be shorten in standby time, have poor interface or even serious accidents.

It is said that the accessories of complex surface are the best objects to USC. Other laptop batteries that more complicated than Dell Inspiron battery 1545 can have blind holes or additional functions. USC is possible to keep all the accessories in the same cleanness within a short time, including longhole, finedraw and accessory shelter.

As to Dell 65W AC adapter, will it have the similar work conditions?

In the process of cleaning, we can adjust the frequency of USC while it will have a big strength by the higher and better precise by the lower. Users can select a suitable option according to their requirements or change the frequency in every stage.

Of course, we should pay attention to the current temperature of Dell 65W AC adapter. In most cases, USC can perform well from 85℉ to 105℉ while the temperature below 160℉ is permitted. We cannot get the AC adapter cleaned just after work completed. After all, high work temperature is also dangerous to USC and the working process.

If you are bored with inflexible dust in your laptop accessories, please try on USC and enjoy the new laptop computer again.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As to most of Americans, a carton of milk has become a necessity in everyday life. Have you ever calculated that how many milk cartons have you ever been consumed and thrown away? Actually, if someone has given out the accurate quantity, it is bound to surprise us a lot.

Similarly, as to current Americans, nearly everyone has to work on laptop computers so that laptop batteries are used up based on limited lifespan. Compared to milk cartons, these lithium-ion electronic devices and accessories are much more harmful to our daily life. Thereby, it is not only a fashion trend but also an urgent matter to deal with.

After Japanese earthquake and leak nuclear incident, we have realized that we should take extremely urgent actions on the environmental protection measures. The energy released from reactor is more dangerous than imagined.

milk cartons recycle

laptop batteries recycle

Better late than never. Maybe you have never recycle your laptop batteries or milk cartons, you can start by searching for some information about recycling sites or collection methods before any operations.

Except for pollution, there’s also another matter to worry, the financial crisis. Whether the inflicted heavy losses in 2008 or the influence from Japanese earthquake in 2011, we Americans are no longer living out of economy saving. Including those baby boomers, we have already enjoyed the large income from unnecessary expenses.

Both laptop batteries and milk cartons are recycling items that will save us a great deal of money in manufacturing cost. The boxes produced by recycled paper are lighter than others while they can protect eyesight health. Electronic products are hard to reuse. After all, it is certainly that refurbished lithium-ion battery is harmful, but some of internal materials are dangerous to our natural and living environments. Imagine one day, you are drink water that contain the components of electrolyte, that's how disgusting things.

In the process of crisis, we have figured out our own identity in the society more clearly by active engagement. It is going to be a fashion trend to recycle used laptop batteries and milk cartons.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laptop computer has become more and more popular for both home and business. Especially for standby time, the core value of these portable electronic devices is just lithium-ion battery. However, as to most of users, they have no way to recover laptop battery in last time.

On no account can we blame the batteries unjustly before we have sufficient appropriate evidence. In addition to lithium-ion cells quantity and internal capacity, the indicator system is another key factor to determine its performance. That is to say, BIOS may have an inaccurate decision on electronics quantity and shutdown forcibly.

Once your laptop battery has been cut short rapidly in a short time, please try some simple ways to active, which can prove if it is damaged.

Nowadays, laptop computers of all brands have battery activation programs in BIOS, also called Battery Calibration. Before action, let’s enter into BIOS by pressing F2 right after starting up. After that, we can enter into Power catalogue by using the left and right arrow keys. In this catalogue, all the options are obvious, and select “Start Battery Calibration” and press enter to run.

start batter calibration

At this moment, it will remind you to plug-in an AC adapter to supply power and to cut off power supply when the laptop battery is fully charged. And then we can continue to make the battery discharging until the laptop computer shut down automatically. At that time, never turn on the computer again before the indicating LED light is on in the laptop batteries. The whole process is about to cost you 4 hours.

battery calibration utility

Different from Ni-mh and Ni-cd batteries, this sort of activation is not efficient to recover laptop battery from memory effect but help the indicator system to recognize the capacity clearly.

It is necessary to test on the new laptop battery in actual standby time. If not apparently, we can operation on it again while it is unreasonable to activate the batteries too frequently. Of course, as to the laptop battery that has used for a few years, it is impossible to return the whole capacity back. After all, as long as it is indicated or perform normally, we don’t recommend you to active.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, March 28, 2011

For those who need to have business trips frequently, hotel is the most familiar but wracking places. Different from travelers, businessmen have to deal with all sorts of projects on their laptop computers. That is to say, they should depend on AC adapter to keep them working long enough.

As a matter of fact, some foreign countries have wall socket that is definitely different from that in US. If you have ever observed in your laptop AC adapters, it is obviously that they are installed with plugs according to International standard, which has led to some troubles in work.

ac adapter socket

Rich as all the businessmen are, the schedule of a trip is usually very busy, filled with meeting clients, venders, cooperators and developing alternative solutions. Obviously, once the laptop comes to be out of use, the loss is much more serious than imagined.

Of course, the simplest way is to buy another outlet at a local supermarket. Nowadays, these sorts of outlets are popular in international metropolis. But as to hinterland, it is not easy to cope with. If possible, go for a suitable power cable or outlet in online store. After all, search engine is really a good channel for you to get what you need at any time.

In addition to hotel, some other urgent situations should also be considered by us. As to the cooperators overseas, they may not have prepared a suitable outlet or socket for you. For this reason, it is reasonable for businessman to reserve one by himself. If you are a host, being about to meet with abroad clients, please pay attention if you have provided them a standard outlet. It can not only help both of you to complete negotiation more smoothly but also add goodwill from your customers.

AC adapter seems to be inessential in the office or at home, but it can cause some problems in a business trip or other conditions seriously. Please prepare in time and never make it a chance to resist you in the process of projects and career development.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apple is hopeful to be the largest global technology company in the next two years.

Apple, iPhone, iPad, Macbook

It is reported that Apple is hoped to keep improvement in about 50 percent in the next two years due to booming consumer electronics and related applications. In the first year, iPad has sold about 13 million while iPhone has reached 90 million in only four years. These increasing requirements have promoted the development of applications and software in shopping, business, entertainment and dealing with other tasks.

As a matter of fact, both sections influence with each other and created more profits. Since Macbook and Powerbook are unique, in most cases, they are not compatible with universal system and applications so that users have to purchase for those Apple products. Meanwhile, more and more additional functions and software have reduced the last time and Apple laptop battery should be replaced by a high-capacity one.

Apple laptop battery

George Colony, CEO of Forrester Research predicted that Apple is expected to surpass IBM in next year and HP followed. It is not caused by current market of Apple but its rapid increasing rate in sales volume and user requirements.

In the industry of consumer electronics, Apple is a younger who has all sorts of creative ideas and good appearance. Compared to magnates of PC and other equipments, when confronted with great revolution, it is no longer powerful enough to keep walking in the traditional pathway. It has become more and more important to create new markets.

In the past, it is regarded as conservative to replace laptop battery only while an Apple laptop battery of higher section has become the necessity of good players. After all, the rate of applications publishing is much faster than we imagined so that we should update these accessories and assistant system to keep working in good conditions.

In my point of view, technologies of electronic industry are about to be more and more fruitful and interesting in the near future. Whether Apple success or not, the big winner is just customers by enjoying more entertainments and conveniences.


by: USB Phone World

There’s no denying that the electronics industry has been influenced by Japanese Earthquake to a great extent, including vehicle, polysilicon and chips. To be sure, as a core value of high technologies, Japan has come down to all corners of consumer electronics of major brands. Even so, a top executive of Dell claims that Dell has not influenced by such an accident at listent.

As a matter of fact, many manufacturers have suffered from fracture in supply chain. However, such consequence has not occurred to Dell yet. After all, these cycles of Dell manufacturer have not located in hit areas. Battery for Dell laptop has its own techniques in design and internal structure.


Paul Bell, global supervisor of public sector business said that the major influences of external situations are come from lower requirements in Japan instead of supply chain. It is obviously that Dell is of all confidence to win in this crisis.

After magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami triggered happened in Japan, American market research iSuppli has reported that Japan has covered about one-fifth of semiconductor and 14 percent of electronic manufacturing equipments. Such a figure is really powerful as to any developed countries in the world while the damnify has involved in iPhone and other devices.

Bell also said that exhausting in financial retrenchment policies, Dell will continue be confronted with straits in public sector business in Europe. As is asked if the conditions will be worse, he said that the changes won’t be so fast by similar situations.

In addition to these external factors, Dell has its own unique advantages in new high technologies and increasing service items. Nowadays, enterprise users still hope to invest in IT areas by changing PCs and servers.

Comment: Except for Japan area, Dell has related to many other factors in business. That is to say, if Dell is influenced by Japanese earthquake depends on the differences to other external situations. Especially for Dell AC laptop adapter and battery for Dell laptop, these accessories have larger connection to Japan manufacturers, such as lithium-ion cells. Anyway, the reality can tell all. Just wait and see.

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by: USB Phone World

Different from many other consumer electronics, laptop batteries and chargers seem to be tedious in color of shells and interfaces. But as to compatible accessories, in most cases, it is really hard to have the same color as original ones completely.

Please check the description of external color of laptop batteries in

It is obviously that large parts of battery and AC adapter is produced into black while some of them are white or silver. Although these products have the similar performance in output power and internal structure, color has separated them from each other with different laptop appearance and other factors.

Are you about to change your laptop battery when a wrong color is sent?

In USB Phone World, not every user minds he doesn’t have a correct laptop battery in color. After all, they need replacement batteries just for backup and reservation. It is of great significance in stability and last time instead of appearance. After all, battery is installed in the bottom of computer, which doesn’t matter much in actual use. However, the difference between black and white makes some of them upset so that they decide to exchange them with us.

Will you choose original laptop batteries due to better appearance?

Of course, the mistakes are rare in receiving a laptop accessory replacement of wrong color. Comparatively, the tiny error in hue and tinge cares more. From the photos of each compatible products in USB Phone World, users can figure out they won’t have the definitely same appearance, especially for laptop AC adapter. Except for specifications and OEM brand, color comes to be the third key factor for users to have a decision.

How much do you care in selecting compatible laptop batteries in color?

To be sure, the significance of color is no longer what we see in eyes. Just as black to IBM laptop battery, it has become a logo of high-end Thinkpad products while Apple has covered more laptop products in white. Evidently, they have different meanings in the hearts of terminal users.

Select a laptop battery and charger replacement, in terms of color, care or not.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What we provide is high work efficiency instead of pure laptop battery or AC adapter.

In USA, people are accustomed to fast-paced life and work for decades. Even after suffering from financial crisis, businessmen have recovered from anxiety and discomposure, and back to work rapidly. In the stock market, millions of dollars can complete transaction in only one second. So is loss.

Thus situations are familiar to each modern American as long as he is eager to make an achievement in career and finance. USB Phone World has realized such characteristics since established.

As to laptop battery replacement or AC laptop adapter, the most urgent matter is improving performance and ensuring our customers to have a better external work conditions.

The whole industry cannot emphasize the importance of high capacity and security of consumer electronics too much. But do you think what does capacity mean? Laptop charger can provide more power supply if it has high output current while battery for laptop computer can satisfy more parts by high rate like internal memory, hard disk and external USB devices.

All these are potential factors to achieve high work efficiency under the situation of safety. Overheating accidents are common in PC market like HP, Sony and so on. As a matter of fact, it is related to both circuit design and charge rate. Just like human beings, only healthy bodies can confirm us to achieve deals and projects perfectly and efficiently. That is to say, stability and speed is just closely connected to each other.

High work efficiency is also a resource of power. Nowadays, with similar external conditions, it is determined by advantages of efficiency that who can acquire the unique opportunity. Whether you have placed efficiency into ability or not, and on no account can we ignore its significant influence on customers and ourselves.

USB Phone World, we hope all of you can enjoy our laptop batter replacement more and get more achievements by high work efficiency.

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by: USB Phone World

-Something You May Have Ignored In Dealing with Business Projects

To acquire a competitive business deal, we used to pay a large amount of attention on products introductions, strategy on marketing skills and competitor analysis. However, in most cases, all these conditions are similar with each other as to most customers.

Supposed you are a new comer of consumer electronics, many figures and technologies are unfamiliar to you while only those practical performance and attractive advertisements are the bases to decide. That is why some businessmen are confused why my high-quality products are beaten by others due to those ignored details like preferential policies.

1. After-sale service. As a member of laptop accessories, I have fully appreciated the importance of after-sale service. Most of our customers have no idea about the actual quality of compatible laptop battery and AC adapter while only specifications are regarded as useful information. For this reason, USB Phone World tries to establish a blog and call center system to provide users more suggestions in appraising the quality of products and suggestions on maintenance. Thereby, they not only rely on us in battery performance but also develop a habit on learning how to maintain their accessories by reading our articles regularly.

2. Key advantages. In fact, nearly all the merchants understand the significance of innovation. Please imagine when you are troubled by laptop battery problem, what you want to see in the online shop, repeated design or intuitive navigation? Just like nonverbal behaviors, the surrounding features are dancing around your unique advantages. Compared to traditional products, external laptop battery doesn’t have high technologies or interesting stories. The key advantage is that it is specialized designed for fieldworkers. That is why we introduce more about requirements instead of high capacity.

3. Powerful warranty. As to external laptop battery, what users doubt are no longer additional functions but how to endure its performance and stability. If you are also an insider of emerging industry, you are about to enter the lists against traditional insiders in terms of warranty. As a matter of fact, even if with the same level of introduction and guarantee period, customers won’t believe in actual performance of your products. If possible, please improve the cost on warranty in assurance aspects and duration. After all, removing concerns is more important than creating a desire for those functions.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Since Japan has suffered from sudden earthquake and tsunami, the whole world has not recovered from frightening and worrying. Especially for electricity industry, both chip and battery cells are reduced in technology and manufacturing so that some reports have shown us that the average sales price is much higher than before.

From the reports of Japan disaster areas, we learn that many secondary accidents are caused by electrical equipments and related devices. That is to say, the laptop charger and other power supplies have become the resource of fire, leakage of electricity and others. Therefore, users should catch the knowledge about how to avoid further damages.

We recommend users to turn off all the outlets or wall sockets after coming across earthquake. After all, as long as the laptop computer and other appliances are injured, the internal circuits are likely to be exposed by shell injury. And then the friction will improve the work temperature and overheating can accelerate the disaster.

We recommend users to avoid using laptop charger around cooking bench, fireplace and other inflammable and electric conduction devices. Due to the abruptness of earthquake, all these surrounds are more dangerous than imagined because of connection, leakage and so on. Compared to other products, laptop AC adapters and batteries are afraid of overheating and short circuit more.

We recommend users to put laptop charger lower and try to keep it working in cool and dry conditions. As is mentioned before, water has the similar endangers to fire. Thereby, as long as the drink has connected all the circuits together, it is really hard to control the influence of disaster.

All in all, all the usage methods of laptop charger will be more important than before on the face of earthquake. It will be more sensitive and dangerous while only by carefulness and fully preparation can we prevent from serious accidents of sudden earthquake.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

As to lithium-ion replacement laptop battery, there will be full of options for us about how to select the most appropriate one. However, among these choices, your favorite is usually different from the standard appraise in the market. But which is the best one is really hard to decide while let's have an experiment on both seriously.

First of all, I have to express the deep meaning of most suitable laptop battery. Some users may be influenced by surroundings and other information about computer accessories on the Internet, such as advertisement, introduction, comments and so on. Then they gradually think these are necessary by them.

As a matter of fact, all these are not actually what they need or the most suitable accessory to them. After all, each one has different laptop brand or even series. Even though with the same series, we have our own life style, business types and other unique habits and requirements. Considering that laptop battery has become a part of our daily life, you can think hard about these products of different specifications so as to get balance between the two ones.

As for those praised by professionals, they can also have their specialized characteristics to win such a good reputation in the industry. It may be high capacity, good protection circuit, powerful additional functions or high cost performance. All these can cover most of users in choosing replacement laptop batteries while they won't be the most appropriate one to you.

Accordingly, the most reliable experiments are actual use and test on figures in BOIS. It is obviously that even if with powerful functions, only the suitable laptop battery can meet the demands of every corner in daily work, including usage methods, standby time, activation cycles and so on. Otherwise, too strong products are possible to be damaged by improper way of working instead of improving work efficiency.


by: USB Phone World
Thursday, March 10, 2011

As a matter of fact, the whole industry of solar electronic products is still in chaos phase while both technologies and materials are being tested on finished batteries. To improve the actual performance, Enli Tech has designed a spectral response measurement system based on measuring management procedure of IEC and NREL.

According to solar laptop battery quantum efficiency, this new tool is effective to improve the work efficiency and charge rate of laptop computer and it has good performance in stability and data reproducibility. It is really a great leap to update solar electronic products from sustained conditions.

At present, adopted by all sorts of researching units and photoelectric giants, this tool has already been taken into use in some European countries. In the whole industry, except for polysilicon and internal structure, no high-tech external tools are available to check on the current performance of solar laptop battery, which has provided Enli Tech a good opportunity to popularize its market share and terminal users.

In addition, they also offer another integrated service of optical measurement systems to ensure this new tool can keep working in good situations. After all, solar laptop battery is definitely different from normal batteries in work principle, energy resources and storage. All these have changed the way of charging and even output power.

Supposed this method can only figure out the similar specifications of Li-Ion laptop battery instead of additional functions like transformation and photosensitivity, the key figures and features are still uncertain by users. Meanwhile, due to complex circuit and updated materials, Enli Tech is always in the process of developing and researching to meet all sorts of potential requirements by patch software and after-sale service.

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by: USB Phone World

In this industry, a popular fable circulating is that original laptop charger may be failed to provide power energy to OEM batteries or reduce its internal capacity. It is truth that similar situations have influenced mobile phone, digital camera and some other consumer electronics for a long period but rare in Li-Ion laptop batteries.

For this problem, is it closely related to laptop charger or battery more?

In the past, Motorola has a sort of AC adapter that can recognize battery pack so that compatible ones are impossible to be charged. Obviously, circuit design of pack has influenced the process of charging to some extent.

Furthermore, internal resistances have also the additional functions of recognition in performance. Although Li-Ion stage has get users rid of troubles in large memory effect, the specific design of internal structure has also contained laptop charger in former conditions. And it will record the charge process and other characteristics of Li-Ion cells and other components.

Of course, thus laptop AC adapter is rare in the industry of laptop computer accessories. After all, it needs higher technology to be personalized customization in order to cooperate better with OEM notebook and other accessories.

Nowadays, some large brands like IBM have already installed data record system inside laptop charger and battery. That is why it is recommended to clear the information in BOIS and activate them if replacing either. And IBM has its own battery management system to indicate these characteristics and changes.

In most cases, it is needless for users to worry about compatible laptop charger in performance. After all, as long as not specialized suggested by laptop suppliers, a high-quality laptop AC adapter can fit the variable situations by internal structure.

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by: USB Phone World

As to professional designers, burning out is one of common dangers inside laptop batteries. It is certainly that burning is only a kind of phenomenon instead of root cause. That is why we cannot figure out the resource of accidents when thus occasion happen to us.

The symptom is that the Li-Ion cells are impossible to discharge by itself and output voltage is about 3.9V tested by universal meter. After dissection, it is obviously that the tab of cathode comes to be fracture but it seems to be damaged by external pressures. Then it is urgent for us to have a more accurate analysis.

Before leaving the factory, these laptop batteries have installed with Li-Ion cells of good performance while jellyroll is completed in the internal structure, which shows us that there’s no abnormal accidents to interface of cathode tabs. But from the further research, the corner of cathode tab come into being open circuit by length of 3mm. Due to high work temperature, the tab has already been burn out while no short circuit is existing in anode tabs.

Even so, what causes cathode to be damaged?

From the image, another insider told us that vertical every lap has some obvious traces to be overheating and burn out. If possible, researchers had better have an observation by X-Ray before dissecting Li-Ion cells and it is necessary to check if these components are rebuffed.

In addition, when installing protection circuit, it is most likely to be short-circuited and being burn out. Thereby, once burr of anode is connected to cathode tabs, the conditions will be more dangerous.

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by: USB Phone World

Last time, I come across short circuit on my laptop computer so that it is power off automatically by accident. As a matter of fact, it is not the first time for us to meet with accidents but I am surprised when I test on the internal capacity.

According to the characteristics of charging and symptoms, my laptop battery was only suffering from micro short which can keep it charging continuously. After all, only a part of internal components and circuits are damaged to some extent instead of the whole cell or even electrolytic condenser.

To check on the performance, our team has put out the universal meter and figure out the output voltage and current. From these indexes, I find that there’s much less electrolyte solution for Li-Ion cells due to micro short circuit. I want to know if they are broken up or consumed by other parts.

Someone told me that the electrolyte may be evaporated into vapour and gone away. In most cases, high work temperature will transmit more power energy to notebook computer or come to resolve, which is closely related to common damages in Li-Ion batteries. After all, overheating is the most dangerous cause to laptop battery and AC adapter while we should keep protection circuit working normal to avoid these events before occurring.

On the other hand, overcharging is also the root cause of expansion and overheating. We are used to keep laptop battery with outlet notebook all the day. Self-discharging will consume both power energy and internal capacity and develop into failure.

In my opinion, cooling pan is a good choice to get laptop battery rid of short circuit and overheating while internal capacity can be ensured by the Li-Ion batteries instead of rapid reduction.


by: USB Phone World

There are a great number of users complain that their laptop chargers cannot satisfy them enough for various reasons. Including low charge rate, short standby time and heavy appearance, laptop AC adapter seems to be forced to update and develop more smoothly and rapidly in additional functions and stability.

As for laptop accessories, different usage methods will also lead to different results inside Li-Ion cells. With the same laptop model, it will require different level of output power and charge rate. Without a high-quality AC adapter, businessmen are impossible to complete their projects or win a competitive deal. Without any rest, it will come to be retired much earlier than imagined.

That is to say, either side has great influence on each other. After all, appreciation is mutual instead of sole matter. No person and consumer electronic device can be regarded as a perfect one if not admired by others. Only if we think it is the right product that we are likely to treat it better and better.

Thereby, we should select the most appreciate laptop AC adapter at first and act by a proper way. Before decision, some specifications like output voltage, current and size are important references in deciding the product quality and cost-performance. In addition, after-sale service, warranty and credits are the external information to measure thus electronic products.

Meanwhile, a nice user is also welcomed by any laptop AC adapter. As laptop accessories are sensitive, they need a good external work environment and treatment no matter when they are working or having a rest. Under this circumstance, AC adapter can play fully to maximize its performance.


by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It is certainly that every consumer electronic product has internal resistances and the performance is hard to last long enough than the theoretical value. In the process of charging and resting, how much power energy has been used up by AC adapter and other consumption devices as well?

When we have installed laptop battery into the notebook, it seems to reduce the charge rate rapidly due to high pressures in either part. Normally, the higher output voltage born with laptop AC adapter is useful for reserved requirements, but lower-capacity one will also be not enough when they need more power energy.

A few minutes after power off, laptop charger is hard to stop working completely. After all, some components inside laptop system should store the changes and update in this terms while they come to close later than LCD screen and indicator lights. So is protection circuit inside AC adapter.

Especially when outlet is still available, even if notebook has shut down for a long period, there will be external power supply come to the adapter and self-discharging occurred thereby. In my point of view, if possible, this kind of consumption should be avoided by unplugging the pin or switch. Otherwise, internal resistances grow up and actual capacity reduces rapidly.

Some effective ways are necessary to test the self-consumption of AC adapter. Such as universal meter, these tools can figure out the output and input power of sole Li-ion cell. For both plugged or unplugged, actual current is obviously in the screen of meter.

Of course, as AC adapter is not a definitely resource of external power supply, it is impossible to consume when there’s no supportive device or outlet available. That is to say, as long as we can control both sides completely, laptop AC adapter will avoid useless harmful discharging and then it can keep the performance longer and longer.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

According to the latest report of IMS research, the whole supply chain of PV and polysilicon have started to reduce in a great range in the first quarter of 2011. This developing tendency has also claimed that in the next quarter, the price is likely to decrease by about 7% in average, which is attributed to governmental policy to solar energy.

From this report, we also figure out that although such a level of decreasing has given us to eat a single nerve, it is unavoidable for solar laptop battery to get rid of high requirements and supply shortage. After all, in the last quarter of last year, the average contract price of polysilicon has only decreased by 2%.

Some insiders predicted that these manufacturers decide to transfer this kind of pressures to upstream suppliers as is forced by cut subsidies action while these solar batteries will also depreciate at the pace of laptop battery, silicon slice, polysilicon and so on.

The high requirements of 2010 expressed that those big rivals have nearly sold all their products. These suppliers can take fully use of such a market tendency to increase their shipments and price rapidly, especially for those sub-vendors. Therefore, IMS Research predicted that some small suppliers have to try to acquire and maintain the market share by price reduction.

Even so, the production cost of solar laptop battery is impossible to reduce to a great extent. Sam has impressed that both work efficiency and utilization rate are helpful to decrease the manufacturing cost of the whole supply chain while gross profit ratio margin comes to be tighter. IMS Research reported that in the middle of 2011, some suppliers of polysilicon and silicon slice will reach the half of last year. Anyway, we should remain optimistic toward the trends of solar laptop battery.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, March 3, 2011

On an Airplane or train, it is really a good idea to kill the time by laptop computer while laptop battery has suffered from shorter lifespan and last time. At normal time, most users have never figured out the reduction in batteries and adapters, but they will be disappointed when they need to rely on a sole battery.

As for the most common problem of laptop batteries, a senior HP engineer has ever announced a report that it doesn’t mean no power energy is consumed if computer of off. After all, laptop battery has to complete chemical reactions based on these internal circuits, release heat, produce internal resistances and consume energy. That is why self-discharging has destroyed a great number of batteries by left behind by users for more than three months.

In addition, the consumption quantity is also influenced by other external environmental factors like humidity, temperature, dust content of air and so on. Within the normal consuming range, a laptop battery will cost about 1 percent to 5 percent every single day. Then someone asks me that should they keep plugging by default setting.

In most cases, laptop battery will restart to charge by remaining power energy of 96% instead of less than half of the capacity. Therefore, much more recharging cycles have been completed than we imagined. The engineer has also recommended users to adjust the minimum level of power energy remained to last the period of discharging to be longer, which can not only extend life but also ensure work efficiency.

Like human beings, notebook also needs to have a bath. He said that dust, cigarette ash and hairs are dangerous to consumer electronics as they will get together in both internal structure and appearance. Even so, these grimes can lead laptop battery pack to be overheating and then decrease the performance and lifespan.

Meanwhile, please avoid working laptop battery and computer on some soft subjects like laps, beds, sofa and so on. It will block up the dispersing air hole and also cause computer crash to burden the whole device totally.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Most of users have experiences to replace their laptop batteries before. But after some periods, the standby time has also reduced obviously which cannot satisfy them enough. Is it the the order of nature or caused by anthropic factors? As a matter of fact, such conditions can recover by complete discharging.

To be disappointed, as many notebook computers have not internally installed discharging software, many users have no idea of the most suitable discharge methods in actual performance.

If not discharge power energy fruitfully, laptop battery replacement can come across temporary damages continuously. But if discharging overdo, the battery will also injured and reduced in the internal structure distinctly. How to master scale is really a difficult task for normal users. However, if high-quality assistant software is available, these problems can be avoided and laptop battery has great possibilities to return back in last time.

In the industry, there are several effective ways to achieve automatic discharging by some operations even if your laptop computer has not installed battery running procedure inside. Here, limited by length of article, I decide to introduce the simplest way, substitution.

At present, with technology developing, many notebooks of large brands have designed with their own discharging programs. Therefore, you are needless to worry if you can find another suitable computer of this additional function. And then you can plug your damaged laptop battery to this updated computer. But before taking action, please check and ensure the replacement notebook has the same interface and input voltage as yours. Otherwise, the method will be a root cause of disaster.

Complete activation by internal running program, you can figure out that your laptop battery replacement can provide enough standby time and work smoothly again.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recycling has already been listed in the regulations and laws nowadays. Just as electronics production, it is not a sense of knowledge but actual skills to deal with these dead adapters and batteries.

There is no denying that many users have realized endanger of Li-Ion batteries due to chemical materials inside the electrolyte. However, they seem to consider AC adapter to be with soft perniciousness, which has set the development rate back.

As a matter of fact, some EV enterprises like Tesla have established the recycling project in Europe. Only within a decade, more than about 15m tones of useless electronics products have been dealt with effectively. And then carbon dioxide in the air has been controlled by a significant proportion. As global warming seems to be the most serious matter against eco-friendly effects, they pollute our life seriously by the heat released in actual work and other electrochemical properties flow into the land and rivers.

Compared to Li-ion batteries, AC adapter has not been included into major objects of environmental projects. In addition to some details in recycling and disposing spaces, there is nearly no difference to that of battery.

At this moment, it is truth for AC adapter to imitate that of laptop batteries in terms of eco-friendly measures. But due to the disparate internal structure and components, the adapters have their own specialized pollutions and work principle. If possible, it can affect the depollution of environment in a greater degree by pertinent schemes.

Of course, the key link of recycling project is closely bound up to terminal merchants and subscribers to take part in providing and replacing their damaged AC adapter and laptop battery.


by: USB Phone World