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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As to most of Americans, a carton of milk has become a necessity in everyday life. Have you ever calculated that how many milk cartons have you ever been consumed and thrown away? Actually, if someone has given out the accurate quantity, it is bound to surprise us a lot.

Similarly, as to current Americans, nearly everyone has to work on laptop computers so that laptop batteries are used up based on limited lifespan. Compared to milk cartons, these lithium-ion electronic devices and accessories are much more harmful to our daily life. Thereby, it is not only a fashion trend but also an urgent matter to deal with.

After Japanese earthquake and leak nuclear incident, we have realized that we should take extremely urgent actions on the environmental protection measures. The energy released from reactor is more dangerous than imagined.

milk cartons recycle

laptop batteries recycle

Better late than never. Maybe you have never recycle your laptop batteries or milk cartons, you can start by searching for some information about recycling sites or collection methods before any operations.

Except for pollution, there’s also another matter to worry, the financial crisis. Whether the inflicted heavy losses in 2008 or the influence from Japanese earthquake in 2011, we Americans are no longer living out of economy saving. Including those baby boomers, we have already enjoyed the large income from unnecessary expenses.

Both laptop batteries and milk cartons are recycling items that will save us a great deal of money in manufacturing cost. The boxes produced by recycled paper are lighter than others while they can protect eyesight health. Electronic products are hard to reuse. After all, it is certainly that refurbished lithium-ion battery is harmful, but some of internal materials are dangerous to our natural and living environments. Imagine one day, you are drink water that contain the components of electrolyte, that's how disgusting things.

In the process of crisis, we have figured out our own identity in the society more clearly by active engagement. It is going to be a fashion trend to recycle used laptop batteries and milk cartons.

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