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Sunday, December 30, 2012
Have you ever remembered the first time to purchase a laptop computer? It is really an impressive memory for users to recall the experience to play with the laptop computer and install the system to see more amazing effects. However, in these periods, some bad habits have also been developed gradually to influence on laptop performance.

bad habits, laptop lifespan

It is dangerous to playing on the laptop and having something to drink or eat.
Actually, this bad habit has occurred to many users in regular work while a cup of coffee is possible to destroy the whole keyboard, Mac G4 battery or laptop internal accessories seriously. Of course, some laptop computers have water resistant functions to be confronted with some accidents. And some other normal laptop computers haven’t got such a helpful function to avoid it.

It is necessary to keep the computer away from cigarette and sundries.

Although all the notebooks have fireproofing functions nowadays, the high work temperature will influence on the laptop lifespan effectively. Furthermore, cigarette ash is very likely to enter into the internal structure of the motherland computer to cause some other problems. Meanwhile, the sundries around will also store more heat inside to shorten the lifespan to some extent. Similarly, users need to avoid playing in bed.

If possible, please avoid clicking the LCD screen by the finger and tapping the keyboard heavily.

Other than the internal parts, the appearance of hardware also needs to be taken good care as they will influence on real performance in typing and displaying. And some high consumed programs won’t run for a long time. After all, just as our human beings, the laptop computer also needs to have a rest and put in cool and dry places to last long enough.

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Friday, December 28, 2012
As for regular use, it is really hard to determine how much is powerful enough to charge the lithium-ion laptop batteries. In the process of charging, it has all sorts of sayings about if it is necessary to unplug the battery or not. Actually, the control circuits of laptop computer are much better than those of cell phones while they will cut off the recharging circles and keep charging after the remaining power has reached a secure value.

Is it necessary to reactivate the new laptop batteries?

HP dv6000 battery

Good HP dv6000 battery control circuit has good design inside the device of remaining power energy of lower than 95%. Therefore, users don’t need to worry if the new battery will be overcharged after is not in use for a long period.
As for storage, we recommend users to pack it by a layer of plastic wrap, which can keep it away from the dust. And users should put it in a cool and dry place to fully charge it and activate to avoid activity lost.

Of course, after stored for months, it is necessary to activate them by charging and discharging to adjust the BIOS value and other accessories inside to start working again. Otherwise, the whole laptop battery is possible to be dead thanks to too deep discharge.

First of all, set the screen protection to be never, which can consume more power energy when playing with the laptop computer. In Windows power management system, it is necessary to set the power option to be on all the time. In alarming options, set the alarming setting to be of about 10% and don’t do any operations while the serious power shortage alarming to be of 3% and the operation is standby.

After that, users can readjust the screen lightness and brightness to be in the highest value. Ensuring that users have closed all the windows and save all the work data, then fully charge the laptop battery and unplug all the power supply and external devices to turn down the screen lightness to be in maximum value.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, December 26, 2012
As for fuel cell battery, it is in the process of rapid expansion in the market while fuel cell batteries have attracted many eyes thanks to the powerful performance and upgraded functions. Actually, this kind of prototype fuel cell original version can last double time of the similar type of Toshiba satellite a105 battery.

fuel cell battery

It is reported by Samsung SDI, this fuel cell laptop battery has power energy density of 200Wh/L. As is installed with 200 cubic centimeters of liquid methanol power supply, it can last for about 15 hours. With energy density of 100~130Wh/L, this Toshiba and NEC company is much more powerful than the regular laptop batteries. And since 2007, Samsung SDI has started to plan on fuel cell battery production.

Yoon Seok-yeol of Samsung SDI research and development center said that this new technology can settle down into hydrogen (H) from liquid methanol and get about 20W output power on the average while the maximum output power can be about 50W.
This new replacement battery for Samsung is smaller than regular ones to be lighter than 1kg. Compared to the competitors, these new fuel cells are more conveniently to carry and tighter to accompany the laptop computer and other devices well.

As for the production cost, this Samsung SDI fuel cell battery has budget of about 10 million dollars and they have more than 40 senior scientists at present to develop this butane energy fuel cell battery of new technology and it can supply power energy when it is suddenly to be output power of power failure in mains supply.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, December 23, 2012
According to the professional technology site, a new 12W power adapter will born out for iPad 4 to shorten the charging time to be of only 30 to 40 minutes. Comparatively, it has saved users more time in waiting for fully charged and the powerful output power of the adapter can improve iPad running rate obviously.

After eliminated by Insanely Great Mac Company, the 4th generation AC adapter for iPad has improved effectively in output power to be of about 12W. However, the output power of former iPad chargers is of only 10W. Actually, the power difference has come from output current. That is why it can supply more power energy and shorten charging time.

As is known to all, compatible replacement laptop chargers for Apple have different versions just as lithium-ion laptop batteries. Except for universal or solar ones, the difference of them is mainly in the aspect of specifications to determine the compatibility, running speed and charging rate.

Of course, some users will worry if the higher rate laptop AC adapter will serve the computers better. Of course, just as iPad and other tablet series, they are also different from each other in interface connector tip. Although some universal chargers have replaced tips for all these devices, it is impossible to have the same port for all the chargers and computers.

At present, the new AC adapter for iPad 4 is unable to be compatible to the old iPad series to shorten the charging time. This 12W is reported to be sold with the new iPad in the market. According to Apple, the price of the sole sold AC adapter will be about 19 dollars. In my point of view, except for the charger, users will care more about the battery in last time.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, December 20, 2012
After the Movie 2012 is on show, nearly everyone is talking about it, especially for these days. If you are not about to have a sleep today, the laptop computer will accompany you to play with it or see this movie or other games with long enough last time.

laptop last time

To check the present last time of lithium-ion laptop battery

In my point of view, it is the simplest matter for users to do with the laptop batteries when we need to learn about the current last time. After fully charging the lithium-ion laptop battery, it is necessary to play with the laptop computer to check the standby time. Of course, it is unreasonable to use high-consumed programs as they may shorten the last time to a great extent.

To check if the AC adapter will reach in time or plugged all the time
After all, if the laptop AC adapter is available, users don’t need to worry if the laptop battery can last longer or laptop will be shut down automatically. As long as it is connected to the power supply, it will supply laptop computer well.
How to make the laptop to last for a whole night?

After learning about the laptop battery standby time, users are clear about if it can last for a whole night normally. If possible, users can look for a replacement extended life replacement laptop battery. After all, HP 12-cell extended-life battery (ev12) has double standby time than 6-cell regular versions with more output power and current.

Anything we can do on laptop computer to last longer

Some battery management systems in laptop computer have suitable power saving programs to extend battery life to some extent. And it is necessary to cool down the whole laptop computer before work and reduce the brightness of laptop LCD screen. If possible, remove the unused external devices, such as charging mobile phone, and so on.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Nearly all the users have ever charged their mobile phones by laptop computer before. At that moment, it may need a USB line to connect the laptop computer and mobile phone to get enough power energy. However, at present, the wireless technology has achieved wireless charge between laptop computer and mobile phone more conveniently.
Recently, the new technology has gradually emerged from the water that it can complete charging by wireless charge technology for super and regular laptop computers in the near future. And Intel has decided to cooperate with chip manufacturer Integrated Device Technology to work on it.

HP Pavillion dv5000 battery

In the official blog of Intel, HP Pavillion dv5000 battery can fully charge smart mobile phones within only one hour. That is to say, the cell phone can work steadily for a whole day. It is really an amazing way to get power energy from the computer system. Users just don’t need to have a USB cable. If they are outside and haven’t carried the charging cable, this technology can supply output power in time.

At present, the consumption of smart mobile phone is of very high level and it may use up power energy very rapidly. With this new technology, the wireless charge technology will be a key technique to Intel to achieve more convenient charging ways in the market.

They are about to have suitable components for this wireless technology to charge the mobile phones by laptop computer. And they are testing the technique in real work.

Even so, USB Phone World don’t recommend users to charge by this wireless technology every day. After all, the power energy of laptop computer is limited. Especially when it is working, the running rate will be lower and work temperature will be higher, which will influence on laptop battery lifespan and work frequency.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, December 17, 2012
It is magic to have the laptop battery to charge by itself to save more power energy. One day, users can charge the laptop computer and other digital devices by a simple line, board, or just the dresses. Of course, all of them can not only be realized in theory, it needs more real practice in actual situations.

solar laptop battery

It is known to all that as the key parameters to solar Lenovo t400 battery, the higher photoelectric conversion the better. However, under the standard conditions, the high conversion won’t stand for high power energy supply. In fact, the influence factors have also included condition and effective time factors.

It is reported that at present slim film battery components conversion is under 10 percent, lower than 5 percent of crystal silicon cell module. According to a foreign report, the same conversion of laptop battery, non thin film solar laptop battery can provide 13 to 17 percent power energy annually.

In fact, the high-tech industrial material high purity silica has high market demands these years in electric semiconductor and PV industry. That is why the cost cannot be controlled well.
At present, the manufacturing of slim film solar laptop battery cannot be produced without high purity silica while the consumption has been reduced to a great extent. As the translucency of sunlight is increasing, the conversion and power supply has been improved.

Although the optical energy is clean, it cannot realize all these advantages in adsorbability, conversion and power supply. Some even cannot last long enough and they are different from each other in applications. The technology needs advancing in resource consumption, environmental friendly and other factors in manufacturing.

Up till now, the application in real practice in solar laptop battery is still in the initial stage while the whole PV industry should stand more and more strict tests in technology, market and compatibility in laptop computer and all the other consumer electronic devices.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, December 16, 2012
It is well known that all the laptop batteries have their own lifespan and other features in compatibility, interface, output power, shape, internal and external materials and so on. Here, we won’t talk more seriously about it but the usual habits that may help users to learn about the laptop battery lifespan.

Dell d410 battery

Smart Defrag Management

As for those who are very care about their notebook computers, the disk clean up task will be treated seriously. Normally, after clearing up the hard drive, the system can work faster and the whole computer will work under high running rate. In most cases, it is best to have smart defrag when the external power supply is plugged, which can decrease consumption and improve battery standby time.

Decrease the lightness of laptop LCD screen

Most of laptop computers can adjust the screen brightness by ourselves to decrease the work frequency of CPU. When playing with the Li-ion Dell d410 battery, it can also decrease some parameters and extend the lifespan of laptop batteries.

Avoid not taking use of the CD-ROM device too frequently

Although the consumption of hard drive is on the high level, it is actually seriously to consume all the power energy of the disc. Even if it is not in use, it can run well enough as the disc while the consumed power energy and run continuously. If virtual CD file is used, it can save more power energy.


After turning off some unused programs, the CPU can decrease consumption and make the Dell d410 battery last longer. In regular work, the Li-ion batteries can be filled and cleaned by alcohol cotton after using for some period. Once fully charged, it needs activation of charging and discharging to cope with the memory effect and other mistakes in BIOS. In addition, laptop computer can also install an additional internal memory to decrease the consumption in the virtual memory.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recently, the official manufacturer has claimed that USB power supply has new standard for USB interface in transferring and other aspects. The new regulation has ensured to supply enough power energy by USB port and can improve output power to be of 100W in maximum. Of course, it needs to improve the requirements in the interface.

However, both original and third-party USB ports need the professional certification from USB industrial extension organization. According to the official interpretation, the output power of 100W is mainly from the USB interface for laptop computer and external hardware, that is what laptop battery and other accessories can get from the AC adapter and other power supplies.

The difference between USB and standard port for Sony 19.5 v ac adapter

 As a matter of fact, the original AC adapter for laptop is not USB version but with its own connector tip of official specifications. As is designed by OEM nominal value, it can supply enough output voltage and current according to the laptop model requirements. Of course, there are also some higher rate versions for selection to get more output power and higher running speed in regular work.

The advantage of USB charger in real performance

Actually, the portable external charger is more conveniently in usage methods and portability, which is usually universal ones. In addition, the USB port is of international standard that any laptop computers are with the same interface. That is why users don’t need to worry about the compatibility.

It is certainly that users should pay attention to the specifications as well in output voltage, current and power value to see if it can fit well or not. Generally speaking, the voltage has its own secure application range and current can be different to be higher than the original value. If so, the laptop charger can work better and faster than regular ones.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, December 9, 2012
Different users have different using habits in regular work so that the laptop system and Li-ion battery will perform differently from each other in many aspects. Each time after completing work on the laptop, have you unplugged the AC adapter from the motherland computer to provide it a good rest to cool down and save power energy? Actually, the radiation of the charging adapter is also very powerful if not disconnected.

HP pavilion dv5000 adapter

Will the HP pavilion dv5000 adapter charge the lithium-ion battery and computer after shutting down?

After shut down, the whole computer device will have a full rest without getting any power energy from external resources. As a matter of fact, the lithium-ion batteries won’t be charged after being full even though the power supply is connected with it. Of course, if the battery is not full, the charger will supply power energy to the battery after full.

Why the plug and pin are of high work temperature even if the laptop computer is off?

It is truth that when the laptop is shut down, the adapter is also working. Of course, the mains supply won’t reach other laptop accessories rather than the adapter itself. The self-charging has occurred to the adapter as long as the socket is connected with the plug pins. If possible, users had better disconnect HP pavilion dv5000 adapter and cool it down to maintain the whole charger in good performance to get longer lifespan.

The dangerous influence from laptop AC adapter in radiation

As is known to all, radiation is harmful to our health while that of HP pavilion dv5000 adapter is powerful enough if users haven’t unplugged the charger when sleeping every day. Of course, it will also waste electric charge to some extent. If the battery happens to be deep discharge, users can leave some power energy inside and then disconnect it from outlet. It is unnecessary to fully charge the batteries every time.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Different from the whole laptop computer, usually the warranty of lithium-ion laptop battery comes to be shorter to be only 1 year warranty. Of course, in USB Phone World, users can purchase the 3 year extended warranty to get more after-sale service for the batteries. Even so, as a matter of fact, most of the laptop batteries can last for about 3 years or more if used properly.

Why the Dell pp29l battery is of only one year warranty?

Dell pp29l battery

No matter it is an original or compatible version, all the lithium-ion batteries are of 1 year warranty instead of more. First of all, according to the industrial provision, all the free warranties for battery are only one year. And the usage methods are different from each other and the provision is got from the actual conditions.

Of course, some refurbished batteries haven’t got warranty or less than 1 year warranty. They may be cheaper but they won’t perform well enough as they are used ones in actual performance.

How to extend the Dell pp29l battery lifespan?

Some users who have maintain their lithium-ion batteries well can take advantage of them even much longer to be 5 years. The most dangerous situations for laptop battery are not in use for a long time. If you have to leave them unused, they should be removed and put in a cool and dry place well. After that, activation is necessary if users need to recharge and discharge it.

In regular use, the temperature should also be cared while users had better keep the whole laptop and battery fully contact with air to release heat while they should be away from wet and water. Avoid deep discharging or overcharging while the control circuits will help the laptop battery to work in secure range.

Is it necessary to buy the 3 year extended warranty?

Actually, the laptop batteries in USB Phone World are the same while we can provide more service, including technique support, replacement, solutions and other items if users purchase this 3 year extended warranty. Certainly, it depends on the users real requirements.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Recently, the Windows 8 system has become more and more popular in the market while many users are talking about its new features, performance and influence on the new and old laptop computers. Of course, the Windows 8 system has really got some effective influences on the laptop battery life.

dell windows 8 laptop

Users can complete a new long movie without laptop AC adapter but Dell 6000 battery only.

In the past, some laptop computers, especially for those old used one, it is hard to last long enough to with only lithium-ion battery plugged in. According to lithium-ion cells properties, the recharging cycles will be reduced after using for a period while it will also get some reduction in standby time. And as for some high-consumed programs, such as a completed movie, it is really not easy to get enough power energy from the battery only, even if it is a brand new one.
The new power energy saving mode has helped the laptop system to take control of laptop consumption in Windows 8 system.

In Windows 8, the battery management system has been upgraded that can control the consumption and battery remaining power energy automatically to provide the best battery performing system mode. Therefore, it is necessary to activate the laptop battery and BIOS at first use of Windows 8 system. As long as users can turn on the battery management system and use the laptop properly, battery can last much longer than before without considering about the consumption.

Of course, if users need high capacity in real performance, higher version laptop battery replacement is necessary to extend the real battery life.

Even if the battery management system in Windows 8 can save more power energy, it won’t be so powerful as a extended life laptop battery replacement if users need real double standby time or longer. That is what about 8-cell, 9-cell, 12-cell laptop batteries can work.

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