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Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Nearly all the users have ever charged their mobile phones by laptop computer before. At that moment, it may need a USB line to connect the laptop computer and mobile phone to get enough power energy. However, at present, the wireless technology has achieved wireless charge between laptop computer and mobile phone more conveniently.
Recently, the new technology has gradually emerged from the water that it can complete charging by wireless charge technology for super and regular laptop computers in the near future. And Intel has decided to cooperate with chip manufacturer Integrated Device Technology to work on it.

HP Pavillion dv5000 battery

In the official blog of Intel, HP Pavillion dv5000 battery can fully charge smart mobile phones within only one hour. That is to say, the cell phone can work steadily for a whole day. It is really an amazing way to get power energy from the computer system. Users just don’t need to have a USB cable. If they are outside and haven’t carried the charging cable, this technology can supply output power in time.

At present, the consumption of smart mobile phone is of very high level and it may use up power energy very rapidly. With this new technology, the wireless charge technology will be a key technique to Intel to achieve more convenient charging ways in the market.

They are about to have suitable components for this wireless technology to charge the mobile phones by laptop computer. And they are testing the technique in real work.

Even so, USB Phone World don’t recommend users to charge by this wireless technology every day. After all, the power energy of laptop computer is limited. Especially when it is working, the running rate will be lower and work temperature will be higher, which will influence on laptop battery lifespan and work frequency.

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by: USB Phone World