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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
The research group associated by the Pennsylvania state university and British university of Southampton has successfully produced a pin of concentric circles shape silicon semiconductor composed by SiO2. With good photoelectric conversion functions, once it is exposured, it can produce the same output power as solar batteries. If they have become dresses, they can also be fibrous solar cell or quick response optical detector.

solar battery, dress

Actually, the solar laptop battery and charger have become popular in the market as they are also universal ones for all the consumer electronics of different series. As is a special external power supply, they can be more conveniently in carry and smaller in size.

Comparatively, a1185 battery can save more space and more conveniently in use when it can also be a kind of dress. Aside from the beauty of solar battery dresses, practicability has already got great improvements after advanced mended.

The detail operation is to blow silane gas into inner side of hollow fiber by high pressure chemical vapor deposition method with suitable work temperature to be crystallized.

In terms of cylinder type solar cells, there will also be some other developed examples. And this time, the diameter of pin comes to be very small of only 13μm. At present, the length is longer and can even longer than 10m.

This kind of optical fiber type solar laptop battery is very soft and can be weaved to be dresses to supply power energy. Some of them can also be solar batteries just like mobile phone shell. Limited by flat solar battery power light irradiation angle, this optical fiber type solar laptop battery has no reliability to the sun light irradiation angle.

However, at present, the optical fiber type solar laptop battery hasn’t improved the technology from pin to get built in to get power wiring while Badding and others have already gathered the circuits in the fiber. Therefore, solar battery dresses have become closer and closer to us.

On the other hand, this kind of pin has already been confirmed to work as PD recently. With wispy pin, this high rate 1.8GHz visible laser pulse is powerful enough to response. At the same time, this technology has installed all technologies of different functions to develop the simple circuits for solar laptop batteries.

The destination goal will be inner chip of solar laptop battery that can transfer sunlight, gather processing circuit high-speed optical fiber with signal. If possible, there will also be a piece of optical fiber to realize power supply, conversion between sunlight and photoelectricity, and even optical communication.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Recently, it is reported that the Li-ion laptop battery business is possible to be purchased by NEC in core technology. Similarly, A123 system company is also purchased by a professional group this week, which is approved by Foreign Investment Committee.

sony laptop battery

A few days ago, Japanese industry innovation mechanism has also said that if Sony laptop batteries are purchased by NEC, it will also be realized in the new company. Of course, Sony is also possible to look for some other buyers. It is calculated that the asset value of this business part should be more than 578 million dollars.

In CES, Kazuo Hirai, the CEO of Sony, has indicated that the reason for Sony to sell the core business is that they cannot improve the value of this part and it has already brought some loss. At present, Sony has planned to separate and restructure the consumer electronic business, including digital camera, game machine, mobile equipment and so on. In last year, Sony has ever sold the chemical business to Japanese industry innovation mechanism that is regarded as a measure to divest the non-core business.

As the largest new energy lithium battery manufacturing enterprise in the market, A123 has ever cooperated with NASA's jet propulsion laboratory and got 250 million dollars from the government. However, it occurs to submit to the local court for bankruptcy last year just as three other companies in the industry.

With rich experience in Li-ion laptop batteries, the advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technology can prove that these purchases are valuable to the buyers. With higher and higher technologies, Sony VGP-BPS13 battery can last longer with more rechargeable cycles inside. Both A123 and Sony can complete more rechargeable cycles under suitable work temperature and it can ensure the capacity and performance in a very high level. In too cold temperature, this technology can also improve the running rate by 20% or more.

Actually, the Li-ion technique is more than lithium-ion laptop battery only but mobile car, chemistry, physics, astronautical technology and so on. We guess that the battery industry may have a great revolution or the Li-ion technologies will have great breakthrough in the future.

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In Las Vegas CES 2013, all the tech enthusiasts have come to the exhibition to see the hottest high-tech products with advanced electronic ecological system. Although CES has great influence on electronic ecological system and can bring strong popularity and technology prospective in the market.

Before the great mass fervor has reached, there are some important items to remember.

If a company will display the new products, the operation system, guideline and price information are of great importance, which can bring greater chances to users.

It is harder and harder to catch the eyes of users with simple standard equipments. Of course, as for the high-tech advanced products, they should be with the details in internal structure and design to help users to learn more clearly about the technologies, functions and performance.

HP mu06 battery

According to the experience of CES, laptop computers and HP mu06 battery could be with completed control system and circuits inside for operations. Therefore, users don’t need to worry a lot in the process of work.

It is certainly that the label of revolution is not equal to innovation just as high quality laptop batteries are not the same as high-capacity ones. After all, both quality and functions should be based on the real customer requirements instead of advertisements only.

As is exemplified by LG, in CES they have talked a lot about innovation with Google and other cooperators. Although they haven’t mentioned about the out of stock of Nexus4, the quality of their products have shown the chances of new innovative items of new functions.

CES is no longer a simple consumer electronic exhibition, but a large commercial conference. That has become the destination goal for CES to show all these cool amazing new goods while they can bring manufacturer, suppliers and even investors the new chances to get more profits. As for users, it is also a good chance to enjoy the new consumer electronic products and functions in the exhibition and decide which one to purchase in the near future.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013
Ultrabook can replace the traditional laptop computer with very high performance, extra slim, fast and very long standby time and visual sense, which will be the future development tendency. Actually, the rising of Ultrabook has driven the development of the whole Li-ion battery market while it will lead the industry into ultrathin soft bag lithium electric age.

HP Ultrabook

Compared to regular laptop computer, the thickness of Ultrabook and HP g62 laptop battery are larger with more space inside. At present, the regular versions can no longer meet the requirements in both appearance and performance. That is why it is replaced by slimmer square soft bag battery. The Ultrabook laptop needs to have square soft bag battery while a large part of them is liquid lithium electricity. With very high power density, more secure quality, liquid lithium electricity will be replaced in consumer electronic industry in long term.

The Ultrabook laptop is of the largest influence in Li-ion battery industry while in laptop computer industry, it has occupied more than 10 times of the market share at present.

The manufacturers of high assembly aided architectural design are usually of more advantages in performance and actual work. Ultrathin li-ion battery module is of lower manual assembly yield and needs automatic assembles.

The mainland module manufacturers need to improve the battery core technology and degree of automation. In all the Li-ion battery materials, three parts of them have the highest benefits, including high voltage anode materials, electrolyte, plastic film and so on.

The Ultrabook laptop computers have brought the large investment chances for lithium-ion laptop batteries. And the price of Ultrabook is of little bit descend while the shipment volume is of fast increasing with time goes by. That is why the share price comes to increase. Of course, there is still of investment risk in lithium-ion battery industry. The investors need to think hard about it before making the final decision.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013
As is reported by Brooke Crothers of CNET, the Surface Pro laptop of Microsoft is regarded as the next model of PC computer with Haswell processor while the standby time of Surface tablet computer will be improved effectively.

Actually, all the PC manufacturers have paid attention to the development tendency in PC computer in the future.

surface pro

The reason for Surface Pro to be regarded as the next generation of PC model is of two reasons. Microsoft hasn’t realized that the equipped components should be installed behind the screen instead of underneath of the keyboard, which has made the keyboard slimmer and lighter in appearance. Another reason is that Surface Pro has adopted the real processor inside to improve the system performance.

In CES, most of the new laptop computers are transformable, which means the computer screen cannot be taken apart as the key component is installed under the keyboard. And it will be more conveniently than the regular ha65ns1-00. Meanwhile, most of these electronic products haven’t been impressed in this exhibition.

As for the design, it is really hard to grasp is not only the thickness or weight but many other aspects. At lease, compared iPad, Google Nexus and other tablet computers, this new Surface Pro computer has advantages.

However, although many laptop, tablet and Ultrabook computers have great revolution in both performance and appearance, no one is bound to be regarded next PC model until the appearing of Surface Pro.

With built-in Intel Ivy Bridge chip, Surface Pro computer is of higher running rate of most of Windows 8 tablet computer with Atom processor.

Actually, the standby time of Surface Pro is not much more powerful than user expected. Microsoft has known that Atom processor will put in an unfavorable position as Atom processor cannot meet the satisfactory of important operation applications in Windows 8.

Inspired by Intel, in CES, the separated laptop computer ThinkPad Helix based on Ivy Bridge processor is put forward. The goal of Intel is a new type of Ivy Bridge chip and Haswell chip behind the screen.

With Haswell processor, the electronic products will be of improved standby time while the real Intel processor Windows 8 can last for about 6 hours in actually work. And Surface tablet computer based on Haswell will also be much more powerful.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
For a long time, the standby time of laptop computer has troubled many laptop users. Especially when there’s no power supply in travelling, it is very likely to be out of power energy, which is really nerve-wracking to users. At present, since the foot charger is available, such problem can be solved to some extent.

foot charger

This foot laptop charger is manufactured by a special peripheral company with universal interface for different laptop models. As it is very convenient and healthy to human beings, the AC adapter can self-charge in OLPC prototype. At early times, the charging process is completed by hand.

Before that, Easy Energy company has every put forward a kind of manual mobile phone and small size charger device. Recently, the company has put forward another high-tech new innovative invention. The new series product is called as Yogen series, including folding notebook computer Dell Inspiron 1525 AC adapter. The Yogen Max, the new upgraded charger from Easy Energy, can complete charging and working without the support from outside world in power supplying.

According to the CEO of Easy Energy, the special products can complete charging under conditions, including both indoor and outdoor. Ofir said that the chief engineer Alexandar Sromin is working hard to promote the new product developing progress. It is reported that these series of products can be put to the market these years.

Such special laptop chargers are fruitful in the market, such as biological charger, solar laptop charger, Mg AC adapter, fuel power supply and so on. All these are be completed by different sorts of power resources while some of them may be more powerful and healthy than the lithium-ion laptop chargers in performance, recycling, specifications, convenience, etc.

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Monday, January 21, 2013
Generally speaking, the banned products from airline company include fireworks, cigarette lighter, toxic chemical products and so on. Among them, tablet computers are not expected by many users that they are also very hard to carry and delivery thanks to the li-ion battery inside the integrated motherland computer.

As for tablet computer, it is still uncertain if it can be taken to the aeroplane and how to deliver.

Although we don’t have tablet for sale, the experience in shipping the Dell c1295 battery and charger has helped us to be clear about the rule of delivery companies. Of course, not all the delivery companies will refuse the tablet computers, which are determined by many factors.

Actually, the tablet computers are hard to deliver is not only for the reason of Li-ion batteries.
If it can be delivered is decided by shipping companies. After all, the LCD screen of tablet computers is easy to be damaged. If not packed well, the whole device will be destroyed seriously. As for the normal laptop computers, the motherland and Li-ion battery are separated with each other as the Li-ion battery is regarded as dangerous goods.

Regularly, the technicians of delivery companies have standard operation ways to pack all these laptop and tablet computers. Users can follow the instructions to complete package and shipping.
Speaking of tablet computers, some workers of delivery companies will refuse to carry as the related department will check them seriously while some of them are possible to be seized. As a matter of fact, tablet computer, cell phone, lithium-ion laptop batteries and even shaving razor have the same treatment in shipping.

Of course, some lithium-ion laptop batteries can be shipped by land transportation. That is why it needs more time to reach. Comparatively, some delivery companies of high cost can ship these products more quickly. And some promotion prices are provided if users can accept land transportation.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013
As the Pellion technology from spin-off company of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it has developed low cost high power density rechargeable Mg battery. It is reported that the current electronic mix mobile car can store power energy from the Mg batteries. If success, the project can supply the new high-tech power supply battery in the market that will be in leading position in USA.

Nowadays, Li-ion battery comes to be the primary choice for laptop, cell phone, digital camera and even new energy automobile power. With light weight and powerful functions, it has helped the car manufacturers to have high performance, precise appearance, long lifespan, and good compatibility, but very expensive.

Inspiron e1505 laptop batteries

Comparatively, in theory, Mg laptop battery can supply higher development and researching spaces than that of Li-ion Inspiron e1505 laptop batteries. Of wide Mg element distribution, the production cost of Mg batteries is much cheaper than regular Li-ion batteries thanks to the enough quantity in stock.

As the magnesium ion is of two positive charges while Li-ion ones are of only one, the power energy storage capacity is much more powerful than Li-ion ones. For this reason, both lifespan and last time of Mg laptop batteries will be better.

However, before that, the Mg laptop battery is not so cool as expected at present in work efficiency, compatibility and other factors. According to the insider experts, the business application of Mg batteries should wait for at least 10 years to reach certain level.

For both Mg positive electrode and Tin insert type anode technologies, it is a problem in choice for all these laptop batteries. Furthermore, once the technology in positive electrode, negative electrode and electrolyte has great revolution. From this point of view, it still needs 5 years to go to the commercialization stage in about 5 years.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013
The applicator of USB forum has adopted a new USB transferring standard that can support up to 100W power supply for consumer electronic devices. Nowadays, users can also take advantage of USB connector power supply for cell phone, tablet computer, media player, laptop and other kinds of equipments.

usb laptop charger

In the past, Dell adapter pa12 can only be compatible to the low-consumed devices, excluding the laptop computers. However, if the power supply can charge the laptop computer by USB cable, it means the new USB transferring standard has been released that can support up to 100W output power.

In the CES last week, the popular USB-IF has displayed in the exhibition while a new upgraded laptop computer has been charged by the latest USB power supply system.

The most amazing function for this new charging device comes to be the connection to the laptop LCD screen USB port. It can show the power supply situations in the screen. At the same time, the charging system can transfer image and video data to the screen immediately.

Although the laptop computer manufacturer will have a long-term power supply, there will need only one charger and USB cable for all these consumer electronics in the near future.

At present, even if the laptop computers, different laptop models should have their own specialized AC adapters, which have troubled the users for a long time. After researched for a long period, the technologies have been updated while the cell phone, tablet computer and other consumer electronic devices can share the same power supply with the laptop computers.

From now on, the power supply compatibility can be solved well to serve all these consumer electronics devices, including both cell phone and laptop computer. The universal USB laptop charger with standard interface ports will be the star in the market.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Based on Windows 8 operation system, deformation kind of hybrid notebook has occupied a large part of PC market since 2012. The special variant tablet computer has been published by many manufacturers. However, this new technology has not become popular in the market until the touch laptop and Windows 8 system has come.

tablet computer, laptop computer

Except for the variant tablet computer, the touch screen has become the most important factor for tablet versions to replace laptop computers in market share. Actually, before Windows 8 generation, the other operation system is hard to be compatible to this touch technology in laptops.

At this time, Lenovo has brought us a lot of surprises in CES. Among them, the hotspot comes to be the touch laptop computer with Windows 8 system. Including low-consumed Intel Ivy Bridge processor, the mixed laptop computer based on Andriod system will be on sale soon of 1024x600 display resolution.

The latest tablet computer has IdeaPad Yoga element inside based on the new Andriod system. On the appearance, the users can have high expiration. At present, the introduction of the new item is not completed with some uncertain factors, such as Intel X86 or ARM processor.

There is a built-in IBM thinkpad r60 battery inside the keyboard base of ThinkPad Helix laptop. When the basement is connected with tablet, the cooling system will work to deal with the processor with higher performance.

In addition, this new Thinkpad laptop computer also support 4G LTE network equipped with NFC network with up to 10 hour standby time. Of course, it is better to recharge after using for more than 5 hours.

To some extent, Intel has promoted the Atom processor for Android smart cell phone, which will have large revolution in the near future.

Anyway, this time, both Android and Windows 8 systems have brought us a lot of funs and surprises, especially for this touch laptop computer of 10 hour standby time. The laptop battery performance and technology have been improved effectively. Of course, as for tablet computer, it still needs some revolution with better Android and IOS system.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, January 13, 2013
An obvious exhibition stand has appeared in CES from Intel that has showed us the touch notebook computer. It means the age of touch devices has come while it will be more amazing than tablet computer and traditional laptops in many aspects. The touch notebook computer will be more conveniently and multi-functional.

touch notebook computer

In the exhibition stand of touch notebooks, it has included HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony and other laptop and tablet computer manufacturers with Windows 8 system. As a matter of fact, this new technology has already become the new surprises to users in CES.

To ensure the touch technology can play well in the terminal devices, Intel has also claimed the PC cooperation association in the exhibition about all the Haswell chip for next generation based on the new technologies that have to support touch functions.

The next laptop will be the age of touch notebook computer that has included many types on show. Such as HP EliteBook Revolve and Lenovo Yoga, the touch notebook computer can rotate but cannot separate with the motherland system.

The key point is that Intel processor and related electronic accessories that are listed below the laptop keyboard while the design of this new processor can also improve the performance of laptop system rapidly.

The standby time of lithium-ion a1185 battery is unreasonable while the new Ivy Bridge chip need high effective cooling fan. As for tablet computer, it has already got the separated Windows 8 version, including HP ElitePad 900 and Dell Latitude 10.

As for the completed Windows 8 based on Intel chip and Windows RT based on ARM chip, the tablet computer has longer battery standby time, light weight, precise design and lower running speed. Of course, not all the laptop computers have touch versions in the market. Some high-end game equipments and business laptops have adopted non-touch screens. From this point of view, the touch notebook computer won’t replace the main stream PC computers these years.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, January 10, 2013
When the whole industry has come to the hotspot in fast development, the lifespan and real performance of lithium-ion laptop battery have become the features on the basis. To get this goal, both selection and maintenance are of great significance to make the laptop batteries live longer in real work.

Dell d630 battery

Some users are asked to charge the lithium-ion batteries for more than 12 hours at first use. It is truth that this method is applied to Ni-cd and Ni-mh versions, which can settle down the problems of memory effect and other issues in last time.

However, this traditional activation ways are not suitable to Li-ion laptop battery while it may add more consumption and harmful to them. After all, with protection circuits installed, overcharging is also dangerous.

After all, each Dell d630 battery has its own nominal value according to original specifications in output voltage and current. When the real output power has reached a certain value, the protection circuits will work and cut down from the mains supply.

Even so, if it hasn’t reached the certain nominal value, the continuous overcharging will be harmful to all the laptop batteries due to too much consumption, high work temperature and more internal resistances by self-charging.

Generally speaking, when the remaining power energy has reached about 10%, it is time to recharge the lithium-ion laptop battery. Comparatively, it is unreasonable to recharge when the remaining power is of about 30% or more. Of course, if users are about to out for months, the remaining power energy should be more than 40%. After all, the internal accessories will consume the output power inside even if the laptop computer doesn’t work.

As for most the laptops, the power control circuits have the same feature. The whole lithium-ion laptop battery will recharge automatically only when the remaining power is below 90%. It is calculated that the batteries come to consume all the power energy by self charging for about two weeks to a month. That is to say, the most harmful way to lithium-ion laptop battery is not in use for more than a month.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
In these days, the manufacturers in CES have displayed a large amount of wireless charging devices from cell phone, laptop computer to motor vehicles. These multi-functional chargers have many advantages to cell phones, tablet computer and so on. All these wireless charging devices will be wildly used in the whole market.

wireless charging

The first global wireless technology standard association has released about 35 new wireless chargers for smart cell phones while some of them will be on sale soon. In CES, the new Qi wireless charging technology standard has been applied and will be sold in 2014.

The new wireless charging has higher output power and can supply power energy stably by a special charging indicating light on the base with certain charging district all around. The sold price for this kind of new charger is possible to be 302 dollars.

The global top sound brand JBL has displayed a new portable loudspeaker in this CES exhibition. This new loudspeaker has applied the Qi charging standard technology and NFC short range wireless communication technology. Therefore, when using the laptop or cell phone devices, it can help these consumer electronics to play music, movie or other media players to have better sound performance.

Franc's has also displayed some versions of new Qi 2.0 generation product with upgraded wireless charging technology. The wireless charging chipset can support short range wireless communication technology when transferring by the data. The HP pavilion dv5000 adapter will be more powerful and conveniently in actual work.

JBL has also planned to display a mobile loudspeaker based on the new NFC chip. It can not only charge well but play music on the devices at the same time. It is reported that the higher capacity wireless laptop charger will be released soon for both laptop and tablet computers.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
As the wind vane of the industry, the International Consumer Electronics Show has opened that has become the hot topic for major manufacturers. In this exhibition, the accessories have also become the hotspots in the market while the threats from mobile phone obliged them to develop faster than before.

laptop accessories in ces

When more and more manufacturers are pursuing for larger screen in laptop and cell phone, Apple is still insisting on the ergonomics while 4 inch iPhone 5 is considered to be a kind of market compromise. It is certainly that Apple is still the cell phone manufacturer of the highest profits in the market. But will it be challenged by other suppliers by larger screen later like Samsung?

Recently, the manufacturers have developed the technologies in specifications and accessories to catch the eyes of users. Previously, Samsung has performed well in the market thanks to the new released note series that has won more and more eyes. Although QX Quad-Core Extreme is not bound to be the tendency in the near future, large screen has already been the main stream while the difference between smart phone and tablet computer will be smaller and smaller.

Sony has also published their 56 inch OLED 4K Ultra-High Definition Television which is said to be the first version in the world. OLED is oganic light emitting diodes that will be the next major technology for screen display while the 4K TV resolution is four times to traditional high definition television resolution of 1080p. The CEO of Sony has also told us that Sony will expand the battle array of high definition television with 55 inch and 65 inch versions.

In addition, Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and other screen manufacturers have also improve the size for cell phone, laptop computer with higher image resolution to catch more eyes in the market. Similarly, the laptop battery and Sony 19.5 v ac adapter are also improved in standby time, lifespan, compatibility and other properties.

This time of CES has started and USB Phone World will follow up to see more new high technologies in laptop accessories and other new performance, functions for all these consumer electronic products.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, January 7, 2013
With the new electronic devices have won more and more ratification and dependence, the PC computers are confronted with the threats from smart cell phones and tablet computers. However, when they have brought us more and more convenience and benefits, the standby time comes to be the key point to settle down in normal use.

Lithium battery that can breathe air

Among all the batteries, Lithium-ion laptop batteries comes to be the most popular ones as they are of high output power, small size, light weight, high energy density, little memory effect, long lifespan and environmental protection. Here, we will introduce some other popular batteries on the market in the future.

Soft solar laptop battery

These years, the solar and PV are the hot topic in the industry in both cell phone and laptop computer devices. However, the ideas of soft screen and solar charging have limited in using places and standby time.

Tritium battery with 20 years lifespan

The most obvious advantage for Tritium battery is the long lifespan, super compressive seismic capability and low temperature high temperature resistance ability. Except for 20 years lifespan, it can also resist the low temperature to be below -60 to -150 degree, which is applied in science research.

Lithium battery that can breathe air

Lithium-ion Air battery is a new battery solution from IBM that can breath and release enough oxygen gas to supply power energy. This kind of Lenovo thinkpad x41 battery can also have chemical reactions with the lithium-ion cells in cathode electron and product lithium oxide to supply electronics. This new battery will be more powerful than regular ones by 10 times.

At present, there are also some other special batteries like low cost sugar battery, environmental wooden battery and other ones. They have taken use the natural materials to supply electronic power energy with low cost.

Actually, all of these laptop batteries have their own advantages and properties in technology and performance.

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by: USB Phone World
Saturday, January 5, 2013
When the cell phone and laptop computer come to be lack of power energy, have you ever thought that a part of the body? Maybe someone has seen such a situation in the movie, but it has become the truth in real life at present, which can be charged by the ear of human beings.

charging, lithium-ion battery, ear

In the last century, the scientists have discovered that there is a kind of weak Li-ion current in human cochlear. However, some scientists worry if the power energy in human cochlear will influence on the health that they haven’t found the right way to take advantage of the bioelectricity.

Last month, the researchers from MIT, MEEI and HST have had some professional tests in the ear of mammal animals about this new kind of natural Li-ion battery for implanted electrical continence device to supply power energy, which is proved to have no affect to human hearing.

In the experiment, the cochlea of a little guinea pig has become a wireless launcher and supply power energy for more than 5 hours. After connected to the electrode, it can also be a low-consumed launcher and transfer data by wireless way.

This experiment has proved that the imaging has been realized after more than half a century.

As a matter of fact, many feeding animals, including human beings have natural power supply in the ear. After receiving the voice from outside work, the mechanical force from eardrum vibration will destroy the balance of potassium ion and sodion and produce a new special carrier protein to be an automatic voltage regulator.

Nowadays, the difficult points to be fixed are the stability and durability of cochlear power. A German scientist thinks that the space of ear is small. If electrode or clip is implanted, the overall output power will also be limited.
From this point of view, the natural charger for iPhone, Dell laptop or other electronic devices cannot be realized according to current technology. The scientists need to have a new upgraded way to store more power energy by new mode to optimize and produce updated effects. Of course, this new technology has already been applied to the medical community to supply medical basis clinically.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, January 3, 2013
Everyone comes to have more and more dresses in this cold winter. At this moment, the laptop computers also need to pass the strict test of cold weather to keep the performance well. In this aspect, there are some items need to be care in using laptop in winter.

The weather difference to influence on work temperature

laptop bag

It is known to all that the appearance of devices can generate large temperature difference to evaporate to form water vapor and condensate water when contacting with the air.

Especially for the laptops with metal shell, it is easily to have such condensate phenomenon in motherboard, CPU and other important part inside. If the appearance of these parts is filled with liquid, it will be hard to turn on the laptop or destroy the internal accessories seriously. That is why we have to take good care of these consumer electronic devices with good protection tips.
Of course, as for laptop users, it is not recommended to play with the computer outside as the too low temperature outside will produce condensate phenomenon and reduce the laptop battery lifespan.

On the other hand, even if users don’t play with them outside in winter, it is inevitable to carry the computer outside from home to office to conference, business trip or other using places. In the process, how can we protect the appearance and performance of laptop, battery, charger and other external devices?

If a suitable laptop bag is available, it can save us a lot of time and provide more protections to solve the problems in freezing to be with waterproof functions. Thai is why we should have a high-quality bag to have a sealed and well-protected place to store the laptop computer.

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