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Thursday, January 17, 2013
The applicator of USB forum has adopted a new USB transferring standard that can support up to 100W power supply for consumer electronic devices. Nowadays, users can also take advantage of USB connector power supply for cell phone, tablet computer, media player, laptop and other kinds of equipments.

usb laptop charger

In the past, Dell adapter pa12 can only be compatible to the low-consumed devices, excluding the laptop computers. However, if the power supply can charge the laptop computer by USB cable, it means the new USB transferring standard has been released that can support up to 100W output power.

In the CES last week, the popular USB-IF has displayed in the exhibition while a new upgraded laptop computer has been charged by the latest USB power supply system.

The most amazing function for this new charging device comes to be the connection to the laptop LCD screen USB port. It can show the power supply situations in the screen. At the same time, the charging system can transfer image and video data to the screen immediately.

Although the laptop computer manufacturer will have a long-term power supply, there will need only one charger and USB cable for all these consumer electronics in the near future.

At present, even if the laptop computers, different laptop models should have their own specialized AC adapters, which have troubled the users for a long time. After researched for a long period, the technologies have been updated while the cell phone, tablet computer and other consumer electronic devices can share the same power supply with the laptop computers.

From now on, the power supply compatibility can be solved well to serve all these consumer electronics devices, including both cell phone and laptop computer. The universal USB laptop charger with standard interface ports will be the star in the market.

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