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Sunday, March 17, 2013
With iPhone, iPad, HTC, and other smart phones, tablet computers become more and more popular in the market, external battery is considered by more and more terminal users to get more power energy outside. However, as there are many kinds of external batteries of different capacity and brands, it is not easy to select a high cost performance one.
Actually, just like many other lithium-ion batteries, the important elements to determine the external power supply quality include lithium-ion cells, protection circuits, interface, connector tip, battery shell, etc.
As a matter of fact, lithium-ion cells are the most expensive part for external battery. That is why the higher capacity, the higher sales price. In USB Phone World, there are 3000mAh, 5000mAh, 7800mAh and 10000mAh versions for selected.
Lithium Polymer battery cells usually select three parts of internal structure, including Aluminum soft packaging, lithium-ion intermediate layer, and other accessories. As for those very slim versions, they select lithium-ion polymer cells external battery that can work flexibly. iPhone 4 has also taken advantage of it.
In theory, lithium Polymer battery cells are more securely than other cells in the market. Of course, as they are more expensive, some normal manufacturers don’t supply such versions inside.
On the other hand, users can also distinguish them from each other from the shape, size, color, brand, capacity, price and so on. Lithium Polymer batteries have higher capacity in size when it can last longer. Of course, users can fully charge it, and discharge to check if the external battery can last long enough as is indicated in specs.
A high-quality External Power Bank should also have got a qualified control circuits to switch output power and keep the whole external battery work in secure and stable conditions. And they are also working as internal resistances to protect it from hurting.
When selecting a new external battery, users should need to learn if they need to charge for tablet computer more than smart phones, and how often will it be charged later. Then it will be easy to determine if a higher capacity one is needed.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013
Recently, many new laptop computers with Windows 8 system have been released in the market, which has caught many eyes already. Among them, Acer Aspire Ultra M5-581T series is a star version of 6 hour standby time which is 21Kg super laptop with 15.6 inch screen. However, comparatively, Macbook pro laptops have longer standby time.

laptop standby time
Actually, many Windows 8 laptop system computers have shorter last time than this Acer one while Advent Monza T20 can last for only two hours.

If seeing movies from local hard drive, this Acer super laptop can also last for four hours and a half, which is more than one hour less than Macbook pro.

Another awesome computer of Windows 8 system is Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. However, as it is severely relies to the Internet, the standby time is of only 3 hours and three quarters.

On the average, these 18 Windows 8 laptop computers have about half an hour longer than regular versions. In some cases, some laptops can last longer when playing the movies or music.

It seems that Win 8 is of higher efficiency than Win 7. So is the standby time after upgraded. According to Which laboratory, more than 50 laptop computers have been taken part, it shows that the longest is of 7 hrs while the shortest is of only 1.5 hr.

A famous British magazine “Which” has also found that Macbook 13 inch replacement battery with Retina screen has much longer standby time than other laptop computers tested.

When surfing on the Internet to browsing the websites, Acer Aspire M5-581T is the best Win 8 laptop with satisfied standby time. The second one comes to be Samsung Series 3 Chromebook, which hasn’ used Win 8 is of peer performance in the show. In standby time, this 13 inch Retina Macbook Pro will become the winter of this season.

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Monday, February 25, 2013
For a long time, the last time of laptop battery has always been a key barrier for laptop computers in the process of development. Actually, many amazing functions cannot be realized due to the limitation in last time. However, Japan has produced a new laptop battery recently than can last for about 15 hours.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has issued a new lithium-ion laptop battery VOLTANK whose maximum output power can be about 500W. This product has been displayed in Tokyo that is regarded as a great revolution in the industry. Actually, this new product has already been sold to some corporate customers while it will be open to normal users later.

laptop battery of 15 hours
They have also issued announcements that the battery is also of very good portability, compatibility and conveniently in stock. As a business backup power supply for enterprises, it can also supply enough power energy for field work and other wide use, which will be popular with large sales volume.

Since 2011, Japan has suffered from great earthquake and guaranteed to sell some important equipments for enterprises. To supply more output power, it has invested more in production and operation to meet the increasing demands in laptop and other consumer electronic products.

With lower than 500W output power, the laptop battery can last for up to 15 hours with connected to laptop and mains supply. On the other hand, this VOLTANK battery can rarely self discharge even if it is not in use for a long period. Comparatively, the normal Li-ion discount laptop batteries will be consumed in performance if laid aside for more than 3 months. In some urgent situations, it can even product the whole computer from overcharging with better secure performance.

Normally, the input power of this VOLTANK laptop battery from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is only of AC 100V. As for charge time, it also needs about 3 hours to fully charge. Although it seems to be amazing in functions, the size of this long lasting laptop battery is bigger than normal ones and of 13KG weight. It looks like it still needs a long way to go to take advantage of this new device in actual work.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
It will be more conveniently to use mouse on the finger, which can not only save more space but can move more smoothly than before. Only a simple action can lead the laptop system to complete the task or run other useful programs in normal use.

As a 3D mouse on finger tip, it seems to have great help on dealing with the tasks on using the laptop while the fingers can move continuously among the keyboard, mouse or touch pad to decrease the work efficiency of laptop.

3d mouse

Actually, this 3D mouse product has been put forward for a while while it is finally appeared in the market with a suitable price. Actually, this amazing laptop accessory has surprised the whole market a lot in many aspects.

In terms of the function, this equipment can take advantage of 3D technology and space recognition technology without moving the whole right arm. It can conveniently navigate the mouse direction to anywhere users need on the laptop computer.

The details for 3D mouse functions include built-in battery by USB port, battery last time of up to 8 hours, equipped banjo splint of two sizes. Actually, it can last longer than most of computer batteries. On the appearance, it is also small enough as bluetooth headset and lightweight for users to carry and move smoothly.

Of course, the shortcomings of this device come to be the applicability. As a matter of fact, users are used to play with traditional mouse even if it is not very conveniently. In addition, when working in public sites, it will be strange to take advantage of this 3D mouse with a new way. After all, most of users are not clear of this special device.

Connected to the computer by Bluetooth, the maximum distance can be of 30 feet, which means it can even be used to play PPT. And this 3D mouse also supports iPad, iPhone, Andriod, and other smart phones and tablet computers in all places. Someone even said that it is similar to Xbox.

At present, this 3D mouse cannot work for left-hander that can be put forward soon. Of course, if it is suitable, users need to try it by yourself in actual work.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
The research group associated by the Pennsylvania state university and British university of Southampton has successfully produced a pin of concentric circles shape silicon semiconductor composed by SiO2. With good photoelectric conversion functions, once it is exposured, it can produce the same output power as solar batteries. If they have become dresses, they can also be fibrous solar cell or quick response optical detector.

solar battery, dress

Actually, the solar laptop battery and charger have become popular in the market as they are also universal ones for all the consumer electronics of different series. As is a special external power supply, they can be more conveniently in carry and smaller in size.

Comparatively, a1185 battery can save more space and more conveniently in use when it can also be a kind of dress. Aside from the beauty of solar battery dresses, practicability has already got great improvements after advanced mended.

The detail operation is to blow silane gas into inner side of hollow fiber by high pressure chemical vapor deposition method with suitable work temperature to be crystallized.

In terms of cylinder type solar cells, there will also be some other developed examples. And this time, the diameter of pin comes to be very small of only 13μm. At present, the length is longer and can even longer than 10m.

This kind of optical fiber type solar laptop battery is very soft and can be weaved to be dresses to supply power energy. Some of them can also be solar batteries just like mobile phone shell. Limited by flat solar battery power light irradiation angle, this optical fiber type solar laptop battery has no reliability to the sun light irradiation angle.

However, at present, the optical fiber type solar laptop battery hasn’t improved the technology from pin to get built in to get power wiring while Badding and others have already gathered the circuits in the fiber. Therefore, solar battery dresses have become closer and closer to us.

On the other hand, this kind of pin has already been confirmed to work as PD recently. With wispy pin, this high rate 1.8GHz visible laser pulse is powerful enough to response. At the same time, this technology has installed all technologies of different functions to develop the simple circuits for solar laptop batteries.

The destination goal will be inner chip of solar laptop battery that can transfer sunlight, gather processing circuit high-speed optical fiber with signal. If possible, there will also be a piece of optical fiber to realize power supply, conversion between sunlight and photoelectricity, and even optical communication.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Recently, it is reported that the Li-ion laptop battery business is possible to be purchased by NEC in core technology. Similarly, A123 system company is also purchased by a professional group this week, which is approved by Foreign Investment Committee.

sony laptop battery

A few days ago, Japanese industry innovation mechanism has also said that if Sony laptop batteries are purchased by NEC, it will also be realized in the new company. Of course, Sony is also possible to look for some other buyers. It is calculated that the asset value of this business part should be more than 578 million dollars.

In CES, Kazuo Hirai, the CEO of Sony, has indicated that the reason for Sony to sell the core business is that they cannot improve the value of this part and it has already brought some loss. At present, Sony has planned to separate and restructure the consumer electronic business, including digital camera, game machine, mobile equipment and so on. In last year, Sony has ever sold the chemical business to Japanese industry innovation mechanism that is regarded as a measure to divest the non-core business.

As the largest new energy lithium battery manufacturing enterprise in the market, A123 has ever cooperated with NASA's jet propulsion laboratory and got 250 million dollars from the government. However, it occurs to submit to the local court for bankruptcy last year just as three other companies in the industry.

With rich experience in Li-ion laptop batteries, the advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technology can prove that these purchases are valuable to the buyers. With higher and higher technologies, Sony VGP-BPS13 battery can last longer with more rechargeable cycles inside. Both A123 and Sony can complete more rechargeable cycles under suitable work temperature and it can ensure the capacity and performance in a very high level. In too cold temperature, this technology can also improve the running rate by 20% or more.

Actually, the Li-ion technique is more than lithium-ion laptop battery only but mobile car, chemistry, physics, astronautical technology and so on. We guess that the battery industry may have a great revolution or the Li-ion technologies will have great breakthrough in the future.

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by: USB Phone World
In Las Vegas CES 2013, all the tech enthusiasts have come to the exhibition to see the hottest high-tech products with advanced electronic ecological system. Although CES has great influence on electronic ecological system and can bring strong popularity and technology prospective in the market.

Before the great mass fervor has reached, there are some important items to remember.

If a company will display the new products, the operation system, guideline and price information are of great importance, which can bring greater chances to users.

It is harder and harder to catch the eyes of users with simple standard equipments. Of course, as for the high-tech advanced products, they should be with the details in internal structure and design to help users to learn more clearly about the technologies, functions and performance.

HP mu06 battery

According to the experience of CES, laptop computers and HP mu06 battery could be with completed control system and circuits inside for operations. Therefore, users don’t need to worry a lot in the process of work.

It is certainly that the label of revolution is not equal to innovation just as high quality laptop batteries are not the same as high-capacity ones. After all, both quality and functions should be based on the real customer requirements instead of advertisements only.

As is exemplified by LG, in CES they have talked a lot about innovation with Google and other cooperators. Although they haven’t mentioned about the out of stock of Nexus4, the quality of their products have shown the chances of new innovative items of new functions.

CES is no longer a simple consumer electronic exhibition, but a large commercial conference. That has become the destination goal for CES to show all these cool amazing new goods while they can bring manufacturer, suppliers and even investors the new chances to get more profits. As for users, it is also a good chance to enjoy the new consumer electronic products and functions in the exhibition and decide which one to purchase in the near future.

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