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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It is frequently asked if the universal laptop battery for dell inspiron 6000 is compatible with other laptop models. Although the compatible models list is available, many users are still worried about it. In my opinion, it may be caused by the habits in use of original laptop batteries.

Normally, a universal laptop battery can be used to many other laptop models. The dell inspiron 6000 battery is also compatible with dell precision m90 which is with different laptop series. The examples of this kind are common for laptop batteries.

How to check if the battery is compatible?

The first and the easiest thing you should do is to check the brand of universal battery and your laptop. Even if different series can share the same one, it is impossible to different laptop brands.

Next, you can check the compatible list of a certain laptop battery. To save time, you can search for what you need by Ctrl + F. As to the second-level laptop model series, they are not available sometimes. On this occasion, you can go to dell official website to find the first-level series for your laptop.

In addition, check the appearance. Improper appearance means the battery doesn’t fit to the interface. Not to mention to supply power energy. Besides, out of the consideration of blazonry, the appearance of universal laptop battery is also important. Dell inspiron 6000 has its own color, surface and tactile impression. Although the performance and compatibility is good, a laptop with difference appearance factors will influence the user experience. Of course, if it occurs to be an emergency, they can forget these factors for the time being.

Usually, a universal laptop battery is of a certain output voltage which is designed for laptop requirements. Any battery of higher output voltage is dangerous while one with higher capacity is considered to be better.

Although the universal laptop battery seems to have a wider sphere of application, the compatibility should be checked carefully. Otherwise, even if maintained properly, it will have a short battery life or other accidents.

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by: USB Phone World

According to the data from apple, the acceptable temperature for running apple laptop battery is from 50℉ to 200℉. Meanwhile, the temperature from 50℉ to 95℉ is good for running laptop. Of course, if possible, it is best to keep the apple laptop close to the temperature of 70℉.

appropriate temperature for apple laptop battery

As to storage, the extended acceptable temperature ranges from -13℉ to 113℉. If you will leave your apple laptop unused for more than half a year, you’d better removed the battery with about 40% of power energy remained. Fully discharged and charged conditions are dangerous to the battery. Overcharge will wear down a little battery capacity which may reduce the standby time. Similarly, overdischarge will make the battery be accustomed to the empty condition. Then it may be unable to bear any electric charges.

Apple laptop battery life

If used properly, about 80% of power energy can be kept after 300 recharging and discharging cycles. Of course, it varies from each other for different habits and operating environments. For example, the internal apple g4 battery for MacBook Pro can get about 1000 recharging cycles before the capacity come to be 80%.

To get a good replacement laptop battery for apple, you should go for a reliable retailer or manufacturer. Otherwise, even the laptop will damage seriously.

It is really hard to distinguish the battery for apple with surface phenomenon only. To maximum the performance of apple laptop battery, it needs more patience and care in daily work.

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by: USB Phone World

With distinguished features, apple laptop battery is always facing tremendous pressure. Today, we’ll show you an official use method of the battery. With only a little care on it, it can get to the maximum condition with extended laptop battery standby time and life span.

apple laptop battery

New apple laptop battery

If you have just bought a new apple laptop, remember to full charge the battery before starting up. After that, you can run any new software in the laptop at will. Furthermore, apple will regularly issue some additional software to improve the battery performance.

With the help of other accessories

Control panel of Energy Saver has provided several setting opinions to control the power consumption of apple laptop battery. It runs automatically as long as the laptop is on. Under the circumstances of power control, laptop will dim the screen by itself and save energy from other programs. Without it, the power may be consumed in a short time.

When you are at home, you’d better turn off all the light sources around. Therefore, you don’t need to lighten your screen, which can protect the battery to a certian extent. Besides, the wireless network of AirPort, Bluetooth, some applications and external devices will also cost you a lot of power energy. If not in use, please close them.

As to the maintenance of li-ion batteries, apple suggests that avoid keeping the laptop with the charger. For example, when off doing business, I always have a replacement m9326g/a with me. If in the office, I usually remove the battery and use the charger only. Furthermore, apple suggests that the battery should be deeply charged and discharged at least once a month. Then you can enjoy the apple laptop and additional functions as much as you like.

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by: USB Phone World

Level 8 technology and usb phone world are both newly developing online retailer in the industry of laptop accessories. It can also be seen that they share the same products in many laptop models, such as hp laptop battery, cheap laptop ac adapter and apple laptop battery.

Although these two retailers seem to be similar with each other, there’re still some differences in some aspects. In Nex Tag, a popular comparison website, usually usb phone world ranks first while level 8 technology follows. In my opinion, except for user experience and after-sale service, the primary contributor is the price.

Certainly, the products of level 8 technology are of reasonable price, however, those of usb phone world are even cheaper. It is said that to further the market share, usb phone world gets little profit from users at present. I think it is really a good chance to buy more laptop batteries or ac adapters in usb phone world.

In addition, usb phone is a distinguishing feature of usb phone world. For laptop users, any bright spots will attract more attention, especially for those new products to save money and improve work efficiency. Comparatively, level 8 technology seems to be simpler. But maybe it will help it to win sales from targeted clients.

Furthermore, in usb phone world, users can get a further three-year warranty with a small expense. Though return in 30 days from level 8 technology is attractive, but the condition of laptop accessories makes it different. As is known to all, laptop accessories will suffer from many accidents after one year. Without the further warranty, it means that users should buy a new replacement whose expense is much more expensive than that to warranty.

The result is obvious. In financial crisis, more Americans come to kick the unnecessary products away from their shopping lists. Price and cost have been considered seriously by them. I think it is for this reason that usb phone world will win more customers from now on.

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by: USB Phone World

After the releasing of Windows 7, Microsoft has set out to research and develop a subsequent product, Windows 8, which is a common secret in the industry. Earlier reports suggest Windows 8 is said to improve laptop battery life a lot.

What is interesting is that a marketing promotional document of Windows 8 was revealed by internal employee. It is seen from the document that Windows 8 may be released in 2012 with revolution and brand new products which are entirely different from the former ones. Of course, most of the details about Windows 8 are still kept by Microsoft.

Although we cannot confirm the authenticity of these documents, the resource of the information increased the credibility. It is got from Ecosystem Forum held by Microsoft. It is seen from these documents that some additional functions include USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0, face recognition, real-time startup, 3D solid technology, etc.

windows 8, extend laptop battery life

Furthermore, Microsoft has prepared to take full advantage of transducer in Windows 8, such as HID, accelerometer, distance sensor and so on. For netbook and laptop computer, the GPS function is available, which is realized by new motherland system and WWAN. Therefore, with the great acceleration of start up and power off time, the life span of laptop computer battery will be improved obviously.

Meanwhile, Windows 8 is also said to copy Apple Mac with prior to apple laptop battery. The effect of extended laptop battery life remains to be proved later. As to the operating system, no matter what kind of new additional functions they are, the most important thing is the open attitude.

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by: USB Phone World

As to the accidents of lenovo laptop battery occur recently, many users, especially for lenovo users, keep close on the event. To meet the requirements of users and defend the company brand image, lenovo has made an instruction.

After the report, Lenovo contacted sony to inspect the samples of certain laptop batteries. According to tests, the damage is related with the user habit which is of low probability. However, as the accidents have influence a large range of users, Lenovo also has taken some concerted steps.

Lenovo said, the battery lenovo F41 can get two years warranty. If anyone who suffered from the accident of rapid discharging or battery dead can contact lenovo service stations to have a test. If it is confirmed, he can get a free replacement laptop battery with a further one year warranty. So are those who have got the replacement from lenovo customer service.

With regard to the solution of lenovo, we think it is reasonable if the result of inspection is exactly true. The factors of user habit and battery quality are both the primary cause of this kind of accident.

As we’ve told that the laptop battery life will be reduced rapidly if not maintain properly. The work condition, running programs and charging method can all influence the battery a lot. Therefore, even if with the same laptop battery, the life span comes to be different from each other. We suggest that if someone who needs to work with external power supply for a long time, it is best to unplug the laptop battery to get the maximum performance and life span.

However, with more accidents emerged in the market, sony battery cells are doubted by many people. The veracity of sony inpection is really hard to say. Furthermore, the relative standard is still in the bud. Although the li-ion battery has benefited us a lot, the quality and stability need a further control.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With global environment worsened, many countries have regarded the energy development as an important issue. As a popular electronic product, the energy efficiency of laptop is an important part of environmental protection. Meanwhile, the technology of extended battery life (EBL) has been talked a lot by many laptop battery manufacturers.

Recently, Toshiba has released a new laptop model, L600-05S, with Intel Core i5 430M processor. The battery for toshiba laptop is said to with extended battery life technology. As to the laptop market, it is really a new innovation.

Nowadays, many laptop manufacturers have mainly used the EBL technology which is led by Intel, Many chip design companies and manufacturers. It realized energy conservation by the following three ways. First, the LCD converter, with 1/4 of total power consumption, fluorescents light efficiency through optimizing the design. Second, the LCD screen works with non-vertical refresh. Last, Device Performance States,DPS, to get balance between performance and consumption. The technology has been proved to be great. Except for toshiba laptop battery, many products of those large laptop manufacturers are with this energy saving technology.

However, the technology is not only aim to laptop battery but the LCD as well. As is known to all, LCD screen is the largest power-consumed component. With the widely spread of LCD screen, the optimizing and power control become an important topic. With the development of laptop core clock and discrete VGA Chip, the technology is not enough which is urgently researched by professionals.

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by: USB Phone World

A journalist for World Cup suffered from power failure in South Africa for a long time. When he is just about to mail the reports to the office, he found that there’s no external power supply available. This means that he had only one hour to finish all these deals with remained electric quantity of toshiba laptop battery.

toshiba laptop battery

Since the beginning of this June, the temperature dropped continuously. It is reported that the lowest temperature in Johannesburg is about 27℉. When watching the game in 8 o’clock in the evening, many people are dressing feather clothing. Fortunately, there’re heat and air-conditioning indoors which paid more pressure to electric power system in South Africa. However, at the heat moment of games, power workers went on strike.

As to the journalists, the power failure and network interruption had caused a big problem to them. Even the rapid toshiba laptop battery charger was useless to them. It suddenly came across to the US journalist that the toshiba laptop battery replacement acquired from his friend can help him get more power and time. With the 3G wireless card, he successfully transport the articles and pictures in the end.

When they celebrated with candles and snacks, they finally come to this moment of power resumption. Jubilation reigns everywhere. The unexpected failure power, within the projection, has finished with all work has been done.

Thanks to the toshiba laptop battery replacement, or he will lose the chance of the reports.

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by: USB Phone World
usb phone world

Atbatt is a leading online retailer of laptop accessories. As a great competitor of usb phone world, it has a lot of bright spots, such as well-designed appearance and fruitful product varieties. However, compared to usb phone world, these advantages seem to become weakness.

Usb phone world specializes on laptop battery, ac adapter and cheap laptop ac adapter for all major brand laptop. Comparatively, atbatt has more product varieties, such as laptop battery, digital camera battery, cell phone, power tool battery and so on. Of course, atbatt has a comprehensive coverage of batteries. However, as to laptop accessories, the specified products like laptop battery and laptop charger seem to be more professional.

As to certain laptop models, the research of the structure is very important. Therefore, users more believe that the laptop batteries in usb phone world have a better compatibility and stability. Although atbatt have speciality in all the batteries, it couldn’t have paid more attention to the laptop performance.

Just as a football player, he has a strong ability in football skills, but he couldn’t be good at all sporting events. People will commemorate him as a professional football player more than an athlete. For the same reason, if someone wants to buy a laptop battery, he won’t get the retailers of mobile phone batteries and radio batteries. So is the laptop ac adapter.

Furthermore, except for someone who pursues for beauty, such as sony laptop users, well-designed appearance will lose the users’ trusts in quality and performance.

Anyway, atbatt has its own advantages in all kinds of accessories. However, the professional services have made usb phone world dominate in laptop accessories.

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by: USB Phone World

When people are more concerned about the laptop performance, the recycling of laptop accessories has largely been ignored. Actually, there’re chemical substances exist in laptop charger, laptop battery, hard disk and so on. All these substances have seriously pollutes the environment, which is said to be more dangerous than acid rain or even oil spill.

For example, a laptop charger, composed by laptop power cord and ac adapter, is filled with chemical substances. The basic principle is to convert chemical energy into electricity while the electrolyte stored in the container and pumped into battery cells.

To improve the performance, many manufacturers have put more energy into the laptop accessories. According to the structure, we have learned that that a bigger capacity needs more chemical substances which have greatly increased the probability for pollution. Nearly everyone has experienced the dry battery leakage or corrosion. Have you think of the consequence?

Except for overheat of ac adapter, the empty laptop charger and other accessories are both the sources of pollution. If they were thrown away casually, the leaking polluted substances will impregnate into all corners of the earth gradually. Even our drinking water will become poison.

As the theme of 2010 World Expo is life with low carbon, all of us should take efforts to protect the environment. Otherwise, even if 2010 is only a rumour, the crack of doom is close to us. Meanwhile, as to the laptop accessories, what we should do is to recycle properly. At present, there’re recycling sites in many neighborhoods. Besides, many retailers have plans for users to change to a new one at a lower price by the recycles while the government has established the related regulations.

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by: USB Phone World

In most cases, the original laptop battery is said to be better than the compatible one. Even if it is much more expensive, the original battery has earned more trusts and loyalty from users. Maybe someone who is the fan of a certain laptop brand has more faith in the original manufacture. However, with many accidents occur to all these large laptop enterprises, such as hp laptop battery recalling, more and more doubts are provided in the market.

Actually, as the original manufacturers have a solid understanding of their laptop products. It is observed that the original battery is designed uniquely for a certain laptop model. Therefore, it is no use to worry about the compatibility.

Nevertheless, the quality and performance of laptop battery should be more than that. Many other factors include battery capacity, cells, safety, stability and so on. If any of them is with defects, it will affect user performance with the laptop or even accidents.

Nowadays, many laptop manufacturers come to pay more attention to the additional functions and the appearance than the quality of laptop accessories, which allows the compatible suppliers our opponents. The compatible compaq laptop battery becomes more popular than that from the original hp manufacturers.

To gain more market share, the compatible suppliers have researched the performance of laptop accessories from various sources. Compared to attract more attention from the market, they attach more importance to user experience. Therefore, it is hard to judge and to distinguish one from another.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, June 28, 2010

After that, all of the information about lenovo laptop battery was faxed to Lenovo customer service department. Then he received a call from Lenovo customer service that he could get the maintenance with a lower price. As the laptop of Mr. Jiang was not in the warranty period, one year warranty, it couldn’t be repaired or replaced free.

However, Mr. Jiang wasn’t satisfied with the answer.

He said that the problem of Lenovo F41 laptop battery had become a public issue instead of individual. Why couldn’t the Lenovo laptop battery be recalled just as hp laptop battery, sony laptop battery or the former lenovo laptop battery?

To get more information about the problem, we researched for the related regulations and international standards. We learned from computer quality testing center that all the laptop batteries are different from each other as the use conditions and individual habits. For example, someone may raise the voice from the horn or play video games and movies for a long time, which will reduce the laptop battery life.

For this reason, it is really hard to develop a series of standards on laptop battery. With more accidents happened, the experts are just getting on with the standards urgently.

Until now, Mr. Jiang still insists to ask for replacement and recalling from Lenovo. He believed that as there’re established cases before, it should also be solved in the same way. Of course, the popular problems in the market will lead to a further processing method. We will stay focused on this event.

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by: USB Phone World

Mr. Jiang’s battery for laptop Lenovo Tianyi F41 cannot be charged in use of one year and several months. When he contacted Lenovo to ask for a replacement laptop battery, he was rejected.

Mr. Jiang said that he bought the laptop on April 14th, 2008. After one year and several months, the lenovo laptop battery cannot be charged again. However, the serviceman in Lenovo maintenance station said that it was natural wastage.

For this argument, Mr. Jiang was doubted as he had paid much attention to the details when using the laptop and laptop battery charger. How could the natural wastage happen so early? Regarding the question, the serviceman said it was an accident and resisted that it couldn’t be replaced.

Mr. Jiang told us that he had searched on the Internet and found that there’s really something wrong with the battery for laptop Lenovo Tianyi F41. For this reason, he decided to contact Lenovo once again. Many users on the Internet complained that the batteries can last for only one year and several months. Nowadays, a group against Lenovo F41 to protect rights has been established on the Internet.

The statement from Lenovo was negated while the users stick to their own views.

As is known to all, in normal, a laptop battery can last for nearly two year. If maintain properly, it will be longer. Of course, if not, it will also be reduced rapidly. As to the life span one year and several months, it is possible. However, as to the common conditions, it is really hard to say if it is the problems of users.

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by: USB Phone World

Someone complained that his dell latitude d620 laptop battery not charging again. He said a few days ago, although the battery was indicated to be fully charged, the energy is dead in less than 10 minutes. But today he found it was absolutely out of work. What’s wrong with the battery?

Normally, if you have used the laptop battery for a long time or the recharging cycles has reached about thousand times, the damage of the battery is considerable. If not, it is most likely to be damage in charging components of motherboard. Then it needs to repair by professional agencies. To avoid that, the maintenance is necessary which can be applied to mobile phone batteries.

Laptop battery life is calculated by recharging cycle, however, many users have little understanding of the problem. A regular laptop battery can be charged for nearly 500 times so that it is considered to have two year life span.

As a matter of fact, even if not in use, dell laptop batteries will discharge themselves. Once being laid aside for too long, the battery may be suffered from overcharging. Then it is afraid that the battery won’t be charged again even if it was only used for several times.

That is to say, the battery should be stored properly if it won’t be used for more than three weeks. It is best to pack the battery with a bag and put the whole in a cool and dry place.

Although li-ion batteries are advanced in technology, there’s still some memory effect exists. You’d better charge and discharge the battery deeply once a month to keep it fit. Of course, the charging time should be kept in 12 hours for overcharging will reduce the battery life rapidly.

As to judge if the battery performs normal, it is relatively easy. Usually, with the recharging cycles increase, the standby time reduces gradually. Once it is less than half of the dominant standby time or not stable, you should be alert to the battery. A replacement laptop battery should be prepared before the former one dead.

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by: USB Phone World
lighter in ac adapter

It is reported that someone who hid a cigarette lighter in the ac adapter for laptop was arrested. He wanted to muddle through the security screening checkpoint but failed.

On June 16th, a Korean passenger was seized airport security staff. When performing the duty of security screening, they suddenly found a thin black line in a package by X-ray apparatus. The line seemed to be cylindrical and irregularly shaped. With the knowledge of lighter ignition devices, the operator was sure that there must be a lighter in it. Then he asked to make open-package inspection.

According to the normal inspection, they didn’t find any lighters in the package. At this moment, the operator considered that if it is hidden in the laptop charger. Then he took out the charger from the package and checked separately by X-ray apparatus. In the presentation, he could clearly see that a cigarette lighter in the picture of the laptop charger. To find out the lighter, he had a close-up view of the charger and felt something strange with the charger. It turned out to be a layer of cellulose tape in the ac adapter. After uncovering the tape, a lighter emerged on the side.

Upon inquiry, the passenger admitted it was to escape the safety inspection that he wrapped the laptop charger with cellulose tape. In accordance with the relevant provisions, security staff will take over the passenger to the public airport security organs. The result of transaction is under discussion.

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by: USB Phone World

Usb phone world, an online laptop accessories supplier, has ranked first in Nextag for nearly a full year. The products in usb phone world include laptop battery, ac adapter, usb phone and other accessories.

NexTag is a major products comparing website which includes electronic products, travel agencies, education, finance and so on. Nowadays, hundreds of businessmen, online retailers and suppliers regard it as one of the most important online marketing channel while more and more users begin to search for the products information before purchasing.

The core value of NexTag is the comparison technology by quality of products, after-sale service, prices and so on. All these can make the customers get the cost-efficient one rapidly by ranking. According to figures, more than 17 million users search and compare the products and services in NexTag every month.

That is to say, it is so hard for usb phone world to rank first for a long time. As the comparison technology developed, NexTag has paid more attention to the users comments. If without good quality and service, not only will the merchant be in the top but also be removed. Normally, NexTag crunches data from the original websites once a day, which provides the customers the latest information.

Usb phone world has always been committed to serve the users better on the basis of providing high quality, safe, stable performance products. After having researched the technology and improved the services and quality with the lower prices, usb phone world has remained in first place since last year. No matter what kind of products, usb phone adapter or batteries, they are popularized by users.

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by: USB Phone World

It is reported that in a digital products blog, Gizmodo, a new dell mini 9 laptop was complained by customers. It happened that the laptop battery was overheated which caused the wooden floor burned seriously.

laptop battery burnning, dell laptop battery

According to the complaint record, after turning off and plugging the dell mini 9 netbook from the ac adapter, the user put the laptop to the wooden floor. Then he walked out of the door, and there followed a series of crashing explosions. When he came back to the room, he found that it was full of smoke and the laptop continued hissing with a large scorch-mark marred the floor.

The user said that the netbook was bought in November 28th of 2008. In more than one year, everything was OK with the laptop. Everything performed normal to the laptop and the accessories before the accident. He was confused if there’s something wrong with the laptop battery for it was also burned.

The website, Gizmodo, then helped the user to contact dell. After learned this information, dell provided a free dell laptop replacement battery to him. But about the cause of the accident, dell would have a further research and statement as soon as possible.

Recently, the accidents of laptop batteries happen continuously. From mobile phone to laptop, many large enterprises are influenced seriously. Some companies have recalled batteries frequently which made the users worry about the battery safety.

Actually, with all these events happened, not only a certain enterprise was injured but the whole battery market was faced a big challenge.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, June 25, 2010

Recently, the new ac adapter comes to be in short supply mainly compatible with dell inspiron 6000. The high demand on the adapter has surprised us a lot. And it is caused by all sorts of factors.

As released early, dell inspiron 6000 has been discontinued which cannot be available to many sellers. However, with the advantages of balanced deployment, easy to carry and appropriate price, these two laptops has been popularized for a long period.

Unexpectedly, as the discontinued models, Dell has not enough adapters reserved for dell inspiron 6000. And it leads to a shortage of the original supplies. For this reason, some compatible adapters become a hot product in the market.

To meet the additional needs, usb world phone has increased the supply for these new AC adapters compatible with dell inspiron 6000 and some other models. As is seen in the product page, the adapter is designed strictly conformed with the nominal voltage and current. Followed the good performance of Dell, the adapter is safety and even exceed the original one.

With the universal input of 110V-220V, business trip to any countries like Britain, Germany or China, the new adapter will play well with your dell inspiron 6000 or other compatible models. The adapter is sure to get you avoid considering the mains supply of the terminal countries.

Although in the state of tight market and good performance, the new adapter occurs to be with a low price. For its warranty of 1 full year, the adapter is really a new one instead of a refurbished one. For the further 3 years warranty, it costs you only $39.95. If you happen to be the user of dell inspiron 6000, you may just as well buy the new compatible adapter. And you may enjoy the condition it provides.

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by: USB Phone World

Rechargeable apple laptop battery has exhibited a good performance with the help of li-ion technology. Nowadays, you can find many li-ion batteries for other electronic products with the same character of apple laptop battery. However, these batteries will all come to an end one day.

Standard techniques of the industry

Li-ion batteries are prior to mh-ni batteries on power density. As the lightest metal, li-ion is with low weight and long life span. You can charge the li-ion batteries by laptop battery charger at any time while the mh-ni batteries should be fully discharged and recharged each time to get maximum performance. With time goes by, it will present the crystal in mh-ni batteries which will prevent you from fully charged or even damage.

charging stage of li-ion laptop battery

Standard charging

For most of li-ion batteries, a method of rapid charging has been adopted which will fill 80% of the capacity in a short time. Then it will be converted to the way of intermittent charging. For example, the apple laptop battery m9326g/a can reach 80% in about two hours if not in use when charging.

However, for all li-ion batteries, recharging cycles are limited. A recharging cycle is calculated by run out of all the power energy instead of a charge. For instance, if you play ipod for several hours with half of the power consumed and then recharged. It doesn’t mean that it has cost you a recharging cycle. If you do this again tomorrow, it is calculated as one recharging cycle instead of two. Each time a recharging cycle is finished, the battery capacity is reduced.

What are the best ways to make use of battery capacity

Standby time provided by your apple laptop battery is determined by use method. For example, DVD drives will cost you much more power than documents. If you follow the proper steps, the standby time of laptop or iPod can be used at maximum efficiency.

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by: USB Phone World

Efficiency and sincerity

Since the outbreak of hp laptop battery problems, hp suffered from the largest crisis in 2010. In prospection of development, it is dangerous for enterprises to neglect customer interests.

When Mark Hurd took over as the CEO of hp in 2005, he had talked with management of layer about how to build a perfect company in five years. He also said that every dime paid by hp would be checked carefully. Several years after that, Hurd really gained success while hp Back at number one in PC computer. However, soon after, the accident emerged again.

Compaq was taken over by hp in 2002, which had brought tremendous benefits to hp. However, as is seen from the recalling list, compaq laptop battery is also in it. As a victim of cascade effect, Compaq also faced severe difficulty at the same time.

Whether this crisis of hp is caused by cost saving policy or not, the cost and profit really have laid great pressure on hp under the circumstance of market competition.

Since 2007, many quality problems have been put forward by users, including grainy screen, overheat video card and nearly 40 models involved. On July of 2008, the provider of hp accessories, Nvidia, admitted that some video cards were of poor quality and had paid personal-computer makers to solve the problems.

Out of the consideration of cost control, many laptop manufacturers farm out the after-sale service to the related providers. However, as to customers, the quality of service is closely related to the brand image. Extending the warranty of laptop battery or replacing the hp adapter will both cost them a lot.

With the development of information technology, customers come to be more intelligent. For them, the service has been an important part of the product value.

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by: USB Phone World

Vicarious way of self-defense and counterattack

On May 8th of 2009, in China, a college student, Huang Jing, got about 4300 dollars as compensation from acer. Previously, the girl was held for 295 days. She said that the greatest significance for her is to clean name and prove innocence. After that, she also donated the amount to the charity organization.

On February 2rd of 2006, Huang Jing bought the acer laptop in Zhongguancun of Beijing, praised as China's Silicon Valley. After testing, there’s something wrong with CPU and acer laptop battery. Therefore, she claimed for about 5 million dollars from acer, which made her being held for months as offence of extortion by blackmail by acer.

Actually, no matter how good the after-sale is, customers are always at a disadvantage against these large enterprises. According to the legal rule in China, Consumers whose legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon in their purchasing or using commodities may demand compensation from the sellers concerned. Moreover, what customers get is the double compensation which is to restrict the manufacturers. However, if someone applies for more, is that illegal? Of course, in US, there is nothing new in this kind of events.

In 1981, in US, a man who was driving a Ford Pinto suffered from explosion on the road and his kid was serious burned. After investigation, Ford had learned about the problems of his cars before but no actions. Therefore, they cost 125 million dollars in the accident as compensation. However, all these won’t get them the health and security.

As to acer, he should pay more attention to the details of products, such as acer laptop power cord . Any detail will do tremendous harm to customers and himself.

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by: USB Phone World

From June to August of 2006, all kinds of laptop battery accidents become the world news in focus. It is reported that one day someone found his truck fired when he came back home. After investigation, the root cause of this accident was the dell inspiron 6000 in it. Besides, the rifle, GPS, mobile phone, digital camera and other devices are also damaged which cost about 5500 dollars in all. The accident was said to the fourth one of dell laptop.

On July of 2006, a series of blasts and fires have spread to the sites that were possible to have laptops in them. Some airline companies have regarded the laptops of certain brands as time bombs which are forbidden to be taken into the airplane.

On October 26th of 2006, sony disclosed for the first time the cause of recalling plan and the accidents of sony laptop battery. Sony said that a series of overheat and fires in dell and apple apple laptop batteries were caused by the battery cells which were produced by sony. In the process of manufacturing, there’re some metal powders between anode and cathode which were likely to cause short circuit, overheat or even fire.

After these four accidents of dell laptop battery, dell declared to recall about 4.1 million laptop batteries in the whole world. It is said to be largest mass action in the field of electronic products. Meanwhile, the recalling has caused a large stock in a period of time.

Actually, the technology is developed with these uninterrupted trials. After the crisis, the enterprise who takes remedial action for the first time is most likely to minimize the damage. In the presence of crisis, the cost is a contradiction to the brand.

Anyway, these events have exposed the problems of li-ion batteries in quality standard which will cause a new round of battery revolution.

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by: USB Phone World

All alone, although customers can get free maintenance, changing or refunding, the quality problems really have a great influence on the manufacturers.

On October 29th of 1999, Toshiba has provided 1.05 billion dollars to American users as the compensation. Actions like this really have taken a great effect on the reputation of enterprises. Anyway, the root of Toshiba products, including toshiba laptop battery and toshiba laptop battery chargers, is to improve the technology and quality.

As is seen from these examples, what saved from the cost before is equal to the expenses to deal with the consequence. Hp intended to save money on the after-sale service of laptop battery which caused great financial losses. Besides, it is so hard for hp to back to the top one in the laptop market.

As to customers, after all, precautions are better than remedial actions. More money won’t get the recognition of product quality by users. As a matter of fact, for all enterprises, it is hard to establish loyalty among consumers.

Of course, even if with the same quality, cheap laptop ac adapter may attract many customers for a short while. It is necessary for manufacturer to make the brand wins customer approbate to occupy more market share. Just as ipod to mp3, nokia to mobile phone and Google to search engine, the brand is no longer a pure name but the pronouns of certain products.

From the gate of hp, many problems hidden from those largest enterprises emerge in the market. As an industry, reasonable policy standard is good to both enterprises and itself. As a rapid developed industry with advanced technology, growing trend should be considered seriously.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, June 24, 2010

Value gap of hp laptop battery

It was the rigorous cost control and blind pursuit of market share that concealed potential problems in traditional manufacturing industry.

Indeed, many manufacturers have suffered from quality problems before, such as sony laptop battery. Coincidentally, GM has been charged for the fuel tank was too close to the bumper. Even if it took action to recall, it wouldn’t help it out of quality problems. Actually, the quality problems reflect the lax quality control system in manufacturing industry from one side. It is really dangerous to pay more attention to cost saving instead of making higher value added products.

Nowadays, a new pressure has emerged to the manufacturing industry, that is, appreciation. As for electronic manufacturers, just as hp, it is sensible to separate the price from value. The phenomenon of Japanese manufacturers has proved it perfectly, who is steadily losing ground in the present of South Korean firms. In 2006, samsung surpassed sony in terms of sales volume. In 2009, with the technology of organic light-emitting diode, Samsung won in high quality LCD TV. In financial crisis, the market share of nokia and motorola decreased rapidly while samsung and apple increased with unique design and personalized consumption experience.

At present, quality is not only the business of the product itself but the experience and service as well. As for hp, it is significant to increase the value of products by advanced functions and persistent service. In my opinion, all the large enterprises should rethink the deep meaning of quality.

In fact, just as hp battery, what customers unsatisfied with are not the price but the products value. How to fill the gap between price and requirements of customers seems to be a new challenge to business owners.

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by: USB Phone World

The problems of those large enterprises

From the events of hp laptop battery and Toyota Moto, it is the problems of those large enterprises. Looking back into history, we can see that there’re striking similarities in hp and Toyota. Both of them succeeded by smart execution and cost control method. In 2006, according to annual income these years, hp passed ibm as the global largest high-tech enterprise. In 2007, hp surpassed dell as the top PC manufacturer in the world.

As to Toyota, it passed GM as the world's biggest car manufacturer in 2008. For hp and Toyota, too fast expansion may cause indigestion. That is to say, no matter it is the car or laptop battery, both of them are not accidents.

Therefore, someone attributes the problems to the common fault of large enterprises in the process of development. That is to say that they have paid too much attention to the speed of expansion, market share and more profits which led the enterprises to overstaffing, sluggish information, falling quality and public relations crisis.

Tell from another angle, as to hp, what the quality problems bring about is not only the deficiency of confidence and trust from customers. Lenovo seems to be an excellent example. After merger, from ibm thinkpad battery to lenovo thinkpad battery, high-end corporate image of thinkpad has been hurt badly.

Although the vast merger has helped lenovo to gain a part market in the international market, it is hard for lenovo to change the thinkpad into a real treasure. Some professionals even said that the only way for lenovo is to exploit new series while appropriately sacrifice some functions with lower price. However, the way may land lenovo in an awkward situation. It is the high-end of business laptops that hp took advantage of the weak point.

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by: USB Phone World
hp laptop battery

When the golden brand of HP and sacrosanct Toyota are doubted by accidents, we begin to wonder if the former definition of product quality and service. A series of accidents happened, such as quality gate of hp laptop battery, recalling gate of Toyota and claim indemnity gate of Acer with whopping price. What’s behind the gates? How’s the operation mode these enterprises?

With the spread of product functions and transition of service, how could consumers safeguard their legitimate rights and interests? In the process, what’s the relationship between customers and enterprises?

Behind the heavy burden of quality problems

On March 15th, 2010, hp put forward a plan of HP Customer Care which is to apologize to customers who have suffered from the problems of products and service. Hp claimed that if your laptop computer model is in the list, it can get a free maintenance in the mainboard. In addition, guarantee period of the board can be extended by two years since the date of maintenance. The primary laptop models in the event includes hp compaq presario v3000/v6000 and hp pavilion dv2000/dv6000 which makes laptop battery hp pavilion dv2000 cheap.

Due to the quality problems, such as the flashing screen, grainy screen and overheat of mainboard, these laptops have been complained by customers continuously in recent three years. Meanwhile, hp hasn’t found out an efficient way to solve these problems.

After that, some legal campaigners pointed out that the root of the problem is the quality and design instead of after-sale service. If not recall laptop battery but only extend the guarantee period, it is perfunctory. Since creating numerous first in the market, what caused hp and other similar enterprises come to a standstill? It really should be considered seriously.

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by: USB Phone World

Moreover, some cheap laptops don’t have this kind of battery management software which is installed as a power management IC. However, universal power monitoring software can have the similar action to laptop computer battery.

With the software, lenovo laptop battery, for example, will extend its standby time from two and half hours to nealy three and a half hours. It is controlled by brightness of screen, running speed of CPU and radiator fan, which really have done a remarkably good job.

Proper charging method of laptop computer battery

For most users, laptop is always connecting with laptop battery charger. It should be noticed that it is really dangerous to the battery. If the situation lasts long, the standby time must be short and laptop battery life is greatly reduced.

As is known to all, laptop battery life is determined by charging cycles. If no sooner after fully charged is the battery recharged again, the power capacity of li-ion battery will be accelerated reduction. We recommend that it is better to charge when it is indicated to be less than 10% power in it. Furthermore, it is still harmful to keep the battery capacity too low. Under normal circumstances, the range from 3% to 10% is the most reasonable choice.

For this reason, you can set the alarming limit to 10% instead of 3% which is not enough for laptop computer battery to supply enough power of starting up.

Is discharge necessary to laptop computer battery?

If the laptop battery capacity reduced rapidly after a long time use, it is best to save it by deep discharge. Of course, the method cannot have effect all the time. The easiest way is to keep programs running until the remaining power is less than 3%. Then restart and enter BIOS with empty operation until it shuts down automatically. As to recharge time, 8 hour comes to be the best while more than 12 hours will be harmful.

Any laptop batteries, including dell laptop battery and gateway laptop battery, needs to be maintained carefully and patiently. Or it is most likely to be the first part to damage.

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by: USB Phone World

If you are using a laptop, how much knowledge do you think you’ve learned from laptop computer battery? As to the laptop which is long-standing connected to ac adapter, how to maintain the battery properly is still a big problem. Actually, it is the incorrect way of use that makes the battery life reduced.

Use direction of laptop computer battery

For most laptops, they have the function of automatic CPU down-conversion which is to extend the battery life to the most extent. Many users will be confused that if the laptop doesn’t have this function in it, does it mean that energy saving for laptop computer battery is unavailable? In fact, CPU is only a part of power consuming components. Sorted by power consumption, the result appears to be LCD, CPU, video card, wireless card and radiator fan. To reduce power consumption, all these components should be taken into account.

In the control panel of windows, there’s a power management options of the system. You can set the options according to your requirement. Here, we recommend that it is best to set idle time of LCD screen to 10 minutes while that of hard disk to be more than 15 minutes. As the starting of hard disk will consume much power, it is harmful to stop and restart the disk frequently.

To further save energy for laptop computer battery, it is also necessary to adjust the running state of system which is unavailable to windows xp. To take ibm thinkpad battery as an example, it has its own battery management software. Normally, a laptop screen has brightness adjusting of 8 grades. Although you may feel good under the brightest state, it really will cost you much power energy.

Therefore, if you are just editing some documents or other normal applications, the 6th and 7th grade are enough. Meanwhile, the CPU can also be set by options. For example, it is reasonable to set the state of CPU radiator fan to balance. Otherwise, not only the standby time but also laptop battery life will be reduced rapidly.

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by: USB Phone World

Replacement laptop battery

In some cases, there’s no external power supply available, such as on a business trip, rainy day, power failure or some other accidents. At this moment, you should be thankful for one or more replacement batteries in the bag. For anyone who travels for a living, delays happen all the time in bad weather conditions. If the ac adapter or even solar laptop charger doesn’t help, replacement battery is the last one to supply power energy to you.

Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset is the application of bluetooth technique to hands-free headsets which can relief users from cables. It is the light-hearted way that makes the headset popularized soon. Since it was invented in early times, it is always praised as a great tool to improve work efficiency.

Usb Phone

usb phone

With the development of VOIP, usb phone becomes more and more popular. Especially in financial crisis, the low expense makes it to be one of the new favorites for businessmen. Normally, usb phone can be used in both computer and VOIP network only.

Generally, usb phone is also called skype phone. That is to say, any skype calls can be achieved if connected with computer. We recommend it to work with a skype mate which can be downloaded free in usb phone world. Therefore, the operation will be more convenient.

Wireless cards and Netbook

Nowadays, network has become a necessary part of our life. Especially for a businessman, network is of greater importance. With time goes by, traditional cable internet can no longer meet the needs of users. To have a network more conveniently, wireless card and netbook comes to be a good partner. Although the technology of netbook is still immature, it has been widely used by many businessmen.

In brief, the essential equipments above are commonly used for work. Of course, everyone should take his own habits into account.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
essential equipments, laptop charger

As a businessman, there’re all kinds of affairs for them to settle down. Just as the laptop battery, the number of running programs cannot be determined by its capacity or protection circuit. He may have a busy schedule, several conferences and some emergencies. Without good arrangement, either of the accident will destroy him thoroughly.

Making providence is better than taking precaution after suffering a loss. Today, let’s go for the package of a businessman to see the essential equipments. These tools may not be used frequently but are really necessary.

Nowadays, businessman is hardly to do without the help of laptop. So I don’t want to talk more about the importance of laptop. What I want to say is the laptop charger.

The normal charger for laptop is enough in office or at home. However, as to a businessman, some more advanced ones seem to be better. We used to say that the primary indicator to a charger is the output power. That is to say, under the premise of same voltage, a higher capacity replacement is normally better the original ibm thinkpad battery. Except for a longer standby time, a higher capacity charger seems to be more steady and safer.

Besides, solar laptop charger and vehicle-mounted become more popular among businessmen. Therefore, even if there’s no wall socket or outlet available, it is OK for you to get enough power energy. As to the vehicle-mounted, it provides a new working place, motor vehicle. Just as the saying goes, time is gold. A new creative plan is just produced in the car which may bring you a great fortune.

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by: USB Phone World

gateway laptop ac adapter

gateway laptop ac adapter

Gateway is a local laptop brand in US which has been emerged by acer. With good quality and performance, gateway is a dark horse in the laptop market. It is even said that gateway is better than ISUS and Lenovo thinkpad series. Some government officials are also using gateway laptops.

As many accidents happened to laptops, there must be an enormous change taking place in the near future. The high quality notebook ac adapter gateway may stand out from the crowd. All of these have provided gateway a golden opportunity to occupy a leading position in the market.

Besides, there’re still more for gateway to improve, such as after-sale service. As is developed continuously, what the manufacturers provide is no longer a pure product but a package including service, derivatives, design, brand and so on. In my opinion, gateway should think seriously about these additional factors instead of paying more attention to the price.

Anyway, the high quality of ac adapter is a primary contributor to have a great FIFA World Cup day. Just like a secretary, you may think little of her role in the company, once she’s not available you are likely to have trouble in your schedule and some other affairs. It is the ac adapter that provides power energy to your laptop silently.

Of course, ac adapter is only the basic factor for watching games. On the basis of the adapter, many other components, such as LCD screen, network and business schedule, still should be taken into account. We have our own way to take part in it here.

FIFA World Cup has only a short journey to us while the high-quality ac adapter will be with you for several years.

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by: USB Phone World

hp laptop ac adapter

hp laptop ac adapter

Since the accidents of hp laptop batteries happened really, many users are worried about if their batteries will be added into the recalling list later. At this moment, hp laptop ac adapter comes to be the primary patron.

In usb phone world, there’s a 120W hp ac adapter available to you. It is unnecessary for you to worry about its safety. Instead, it is said to be much better than others. Unfortunately, the 120W adapter is only compatible with several compaq series. Anyway, the 90W one is just enough to meet your needs in normal. Actually, most hp ac adapters have a wide compatible range.

Besides, if you want to have your hp laptop battery replaced, there’re some battery/adapter bundles for you. Therefore, you don’t need to consider the factors of compatibility and specifications.

acer ac adapter

acer ac adapter

The same as ISUS, acer comes from Taiwan. Although acer is not so popular as other laptop brands, its quality and performance have been approved by users. With more advanced functions added, acer laptop becomes more and more popular in US.

As a matter of fact, acer ac adapters in usb phone world are all good in the details. The acer laptop power cord is well designed by strict inspection. Like many other power cords, there’s some internal resistance in it. To produce more power energy, acer laptop power cord has tried hard to be more smooth and good in electrical conductivity. Without high quality laptop power cord, you may suffer from the accidents of poor contact or even electric shock.

The replacement acer ac adapter, LC.ADT01.005, can meet the needs of nearly all acer lapop users.

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by: USB Phone World

dell laptop ac adapter

dell laptop ac adapter

Dell is famous for high quality and cost performance. Therefore, if you have an original dell laptop, in most cases, it is no use to worry about the safety and stability. However, as to the FIFA World Cup, output power comes to be the third key factor. When watching the soccer game online, both stability and loading speed are important while the speed is closely related with the output power of ac adapter.

In usb phone world, the capacity of dell ac adapter can get to 90W or even 130W. Especially for 130W, it is really a high value to an ac adapter which is more than double of a normal one. Except for the output power, the compatibility is still good. As is seen from the compatible lists, many laptop models are included. That is to say, you can share it with your friend if his laptop brand happens to be dell.

sony laptop battery charger

sony laptop battery charger

Speaking of sony, you may think of good appearance instead of high performance. However, in usb phone world, the situation is different. To be safer, sony has decreased in capacity, functions and other related performance. But it is not enough for users, especially for those who seek exotica and fashion.

Sony viao vgp ac19v19 ac adapter is a good choice to you. It is a 90W ac adapter which is a relative high capacity one. Besides, the compatible laptop model list is so long that you can find yours only by pressing Ctrl and F. Then you can enjoy the high-definition games without worrying about overheat.

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by: USB Phone World

2010 FIFA World Cup has raised its curtain in South Africa. As a big fan of soccer, definitely doesn't want to miss any games. Therefore, to watch the soccer game smoothly, it is important to have a high quality ac adapter for laptop. Image if a fantastic goal emerges just after the laptop shutting down automatically due to overheat or unstable power.

Normally, the games proceed in the morning and work time. No matter you are in the office, car or home, the stability of ac adapter is closely related to the visual effect. Especially when in the way to the office, if no replacement battery available, it won’t be enough to finish a game. Therefore, a car charger may be the last savior to you. It is so cool that you can enjoy the World Cup when suffering from a traffic jam.

In the office, besides watching the games, you have something more to deal with, such as checking e-mails, searching for some materials and contacting with others. With the higher upload program added, it leads to higher requirements to the laptop and the ac adapter. As is known to all, more running programs will increase the actual current. Once the adapter capacity is not enough to them, it is at the risk of overheat or even worse. Then what you lost is not only the soccer game but also your business work.

In addition, if it occurs to be a power failure, a high capacity replacement laptop battery is necessary to you. Otherwise, you’ll be annoyed.

Anyway, although these laptop accessories may be ignored before, it is the right for all the soccer fans to pay attention to. Here, we’re going to comment on some major ac adapters.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dell laptop batteries own a large market share with high cost performance. In the United States, dell is one of the biggest laptop manufacturers. However, if it comes to be the whole world, the situation is not optimistic. Today, we’ll discuss its prospects for development.

Reviewing the course of dell laptop batteries, from ni-mh batteries to li-ion batteries, dell has developed a lot in technology. Compared to many other manufacturers, the quality of dell has been recognized by most users with rare accidents.

However, with time goes by, only the quality and performance don’t meet the requirements of terminal users any more. Normally, the capacity of the original dell laptop batteries is far from sufficient. As to dell inspiron 6000, a replacement battery of may have double capacity than the original one. With more and more programs added to the laptop, the development of the batteries is facing a severe challenge.

In usb phone world, even if it is more expensive, a higher capacity battery comes to be more and more popular. Let’s have an explanation with practical examples. As far as dell inspiron 1525 laptop battery, the output power of the 6-cell one is nearly half of the 9-cell one while the price discrimination is only about $10.

Except for the capacity, the appearance is another important factor. Although the quality of apple and sony may not so good as dell, it is the well-designed appearance that makes them predominant in the market. Speaking of dell, it is always connect with the phrases like ponderosity. To have a brilliant prospect, not only the developed performance but taking more hommization into account is necessary. Otherwise, the out of fashion appearance will really make dell out of sight.

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by: USB Phone World

Speaking of laptop battery, it occurs to be a mixed emotion of love and hatred. Normally, mobile phone can last for 3 days or even a week. Comparatively, although they are all li-ion batteries, laptop battery life is limited by 10 hours. However, it is said that a new record will come into the laptop battery with 10 times lifespan.

On basis of the research of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it is the application of nanotechnology that makes the battery life much longer. As is known to all, the laptop standby time is determined by the output power of the battery and actual power of laptop. If a layer of carbon nanotubes added to the former battery electrodes, there’ll be more power provided from the battery.

It is said by a scientist that the new material can produce more output power whose principle is to increase the electric capacitance. With more oxygen groups and pores, a mass of li-ion will be stored in the battery. Therefore, the output power can be updated rapidly.

Although the li-ion is produced from the battery cell, with the nanotechnology, the number of battery cells is no longer the symbol of output power. For example, a 9-cell toshiba laptop battery used to have more power than a 6-cell one. However, with the added material, the 6-cell battery will win.

Besides, just like the laptop power cord , there’s some internal resistance exist in the laptop battery. It is really hard to have the theoretical value output power while the materials will reduce the power energy. As to the carbon nanotubes, the internal resistance is hardly any which can also improve the efficiency of battery power.

Nowadays, the production of carbon nanotubes is still limited. Mass production is hard to achieve under the circumstances of current technology. However, the advanced technology has really helped the batteries to enter a new era.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, June 21, 2010

With the popularity of usb phone, more requirements in the technology have been put forward. Therefore, the usb cordless phone has been released. Today, we’ll recommend you this 160 feet usb cordless phone for skype.

160 feet usb cordless phone for skype

From the name we can see that it is a cordless phone with talking distance of 160 feet, equivalent to 50 meters. Then we’ll be relieved from keeping around the computer but to move in a certain range. Although the distance is limited, it is enough for you to have drink, search for some materials on the bookshelf and so on. Besides, the long distance conference will be more convenient. Even if a large amount of staffs, it can supply the enough room for them.

As to the character of the usb phone, it is with fashion look and human design. With time goes by, any electronic products are not only the outcome of advanced technology but the symbol of modernization. Therefore, it calls for higher request on the class design and humanity usage.

As to the functions, 160 feet usb cordless phone for skype has noise reduction, digital echo cancellation, caller ID function, etc. Besides, both base and handset have ringing for all incoming calls. All these designs are on the basis of taking the users habits into account.

Compared to the normal phone, the correspondence fee is low while some calls from skype are free. If you are just suffering from the high correspondence fee, it can get you rid of it. Besides, whenever you are beside the phone or computer, you can receive the calls easier.

Compared to the Wi-fi phone, it is much cheaper with working on both wireless network and broadband network. It is convenient to use for a conference call. Except for skype, it is able to work with multi-soft phones and firmwares such as msn messenger, VOIP buster and yahoo messenger. You can also download skypemate.

In usb phone world, 160 feet usb cordless phone for skype is available with the price of cheaper than a laptop battery. You may as well have a taste of the facilities and interestingness of the usb phones by Internet introduction and actual using.

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by: USB Phone World

Sony is said to be the symbol of fashion trends. Especially for sony vaio series, the shape design is largest selling point with many young girls have been attracted. Therefore, for sony vaio laptop battery, both quality and appearance should be taken into account by the manufacturer. Except for apple, sony has a strict requirement in the appearance of all parts.

As is known to all, laptop batteries are complicated in the internal structure. Above all, the output power is the primary factor. For the laptop, all components including CPU and protection circuit gain the power energy from the battery. Once it cannot meet the needs of these components, it is dangerous to get risk of overheat. So is sony laptop battery.

In addition, the fine workmanship is also important to the quality. In fact, the interface has determined the stability of power supply. Without fine workmanship, even with the best battery cells, it won’t be used in the laptop properly.

Certainly for most sony users, the compatibility in the appearance is even more important than the quality. They don’t want the laptop battery to spoil the sight of the whole laptop. The factors contain color, planeness, glossiness, tactility and so on.

Comparatively, the sony ac adapter seems to be less important. In usb phone world, vgp ac19v19 is the most popular sony laptop battery charger. With the high capacity of 90W and low price of only $21.26, the adapter is praised to be the most valuable one. Besides, it is also good in compatibility which can be fit to many sony vaio series.

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by: USB Phone World

The ac adapters required for your business trip includes ac adapter for laptop, digital camera, mobile phone, PDA, usb phone, etc. When packing for these adapters, you’ll find that the power cords have entangled with each other. How to pick up the right one has become a big problem to you.

Most of people will think of sharing the ac adapter with colleagues. As to the products such as mobile phone and usb phone, it is OK as long as the interface is fit. As to the laptop, it comes to be more complex. Although many laptops share the same interface with each other, the ac adapter may not compatible with each other. For instance, hp compaq nc6000 ac adapter cannot be used in dell laptops or even some hp laptops.

It is said that replacement laptop batteries is usually prior to the original ones on the compatibility. In theory, they can be fit to several laptop models even for other brands. However, you’d better follow the indication of the compatible laptop models list. As the internal structure for laptop ac adapter is so complex that the components are designed special for a certain laptop model. Of course, you can have a universal ac adapter to keep away the trouble from laptop power cord .

Actually, as to mobile phone, it is the same. As the interfaces are usually different from each other, it is hardly to share the same ac adapter. At this moment, the adapter transducer will help you to fix it. In my opinion, the usb telbox, a new product in usb phone world, is a best choice to you. Usb phone, mobile phone or even fixed telephone can be switched into computer. Then no matter how many phones you own, you can figure out the phones and calls from the LCD screen.

To have a perfect business trip, many details are usually the primary contributor. Even if these tools would be ignored before, they have influenced you a lot for both personal life and business work. Ac adapter is only a part of them while many others should be considered seriously before departure. Wish you have a good time!

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by: USB Phone World

As a businessman of frequent trips, all kinds of electronic products should be packed before leaving, such as laptop computer, digital camera, mobile phone and so on. Therefore, how to deal with the ac adapter becomes a primary problem to you.

First of all, learn more about your schedule of business trip. The details of schedule include departure time, flight time, hotel, conference and so on. All these are related with the usage of the electronic products. For example, if you’ll have a long flight time from New York to New Zealand, you should check if there’s an external power supply for you on the airplane. Normally, it is available in first class, business class and parts of tourist class.

To be on the safe side, you’d better have a replacement laptop battery with you. The long time on flight is enough to take care of something regarding business. Once there’s no power supplied to you, the replacement battery will be the last line of defense. If not, image how much time or even money will be lost for it.

Besides, you’ll be asked to check these products when passing the safety inspect door and customs. To save time, you’d better turn on the laptop before checking which inquires you to get enough power in it.

Furthermore, to save money, you can have an usb world with you. With it, you can finish a business call by free from both computer and VOIP. In addition, the conference can also be achieved by skype or usb phone. Therefore, an usb phone adapter is also necessary. Not only the money but also more time will become a God's gift to your business trip.

As to the ac adapter, many kinds of ac adapters will make you confused. If not settled down properly, these cables may drive you mad in the end.

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by: USB Phone World

dell inspiron 1525 laptop battery

dell inspiration 1525 laptop battery

The part number of this laptop battery is RU586 which is compatible with several models of dell inspiron 15 series. The greatest advantage of the battery is the compatibility. That is to say, it is nearly the same as an original dell laptop battery in quality. To do this, we have done the test by those compatible dell laptops to reach the maximum effect. Besides, the safety and performance are also perfect which makes the battery popular in usb phone world.

compaq evo laptop battery

compaq evo laptop battery

As a member of hp, the largest laptop manufacturer, compaq laptop batteries own numerous faithful customers in the world. As is seen in the compatible laptop models list, the laptop battery can also be used in many other compaq laptops and even hp laptops, such as hewlett packard pavilion dv4-1000. In addition, it is of high capacity while the dominant output power has reached 95W. Therefore, all the components can get enough power energy from it and the standby time will be longer.

ud260 of dell laptop battery


The battery is popular both for personal and business. The good quality and high performance will meet your needs in any places. You’ll find that it is a 9-cell dell laptop battery with the capacity of 6600 mAh or 7200 mAh. As a replacement, it has a great compatibility and a marked improvement in lifespan while the price is half of the original one.

Anyway, these laptop batteries are for your reference. If you really want to get a replacement battery, you should consider the character of the laptop seriously. Of course, you can check the compatible laptop models list of the batteries above if yours is included. Furthermore, you are still welcomed to call us for any help in purchasing or other information about the products in usb phone world.

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by: USB Phone World
Friday, June 18, 2010

ev089aa of hp laptop battery


It is really a high-effeciency and low-cost laptop battery. You’ll find that it is a 12 cell 8800mAh battery which is no less than $100. As a feedback to users, especially for those who have suffered from the accidents of original hp laptop batteries, the battery costs about $69. As is known to all, the higher capacity and lower actual power will attribute to a longer standby time. Meanwhile, it is still with the distinguishing feature of hp laptop battery, that is, compatibility.

gateway mx8710 laptop battery

gateway mx8710 laptop battery

Like hp laptop batteries, gateway mx8710 laptop battery can also be compatible to many gateway laptop models from Gateway 6000 Series to Gateway T2330. Normally, most gateway batteries are of high voltage, which makes the protection circuit of high requirements. Furthermore, there’s a bundle for this battery which is well-designed to maximum the laptop performance.

dell latitude d620 laptop battery

Dell latitude d620 laptop battery is a classic one in our website which has been sold for a long time. Due to the high-quality battery cells, it has received great praises from users. In fact, damage of either battery cell will cause the whole to be scrapped. In addition, there’s still a higher capacity one released, a 9 cell 7200 mAh battery, to meet the increasing demands.

m9326g/a of apple laptop battery


As we all known, apple laptop is definitely different from others. So is the apple laptop battery. M9326g/a is designed for Apple PowerBook G4 17-inch Series. Thanks to the popularity of this apple laptop model, the battery sells well in our website. However, it should be noticed that any part of apple laptop is with high demanding. Among them, the appearance is the top factor. Therefore, we’ve concentrated our efforts on all the details, such as smooth surface and attracting color.

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by: USB Phone World

As to laptop batteries, there’re always many disputes. Since the accidents of hp happened, the quality of original batteries has been doubted by many users. Actually, the battery is a complicated product whose performance is related with all kinds of factors. According to the sales figures in our website, we’re going to introduce the top 10 batteries worth to buy.

dell inspiron 6000 battery

dell inspiron 6000 battery

As a replacement laptop battery, except for dell inspiron 6000, it is compatible to many dell laptop models, such as dell inspiron 9200, dell inspiron e1705 and dell inspiron e1705. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a new battery if your laptop has updated in this range. Furthermore, the battery capacity is about 7200mAh. Compared to some original batteries, it is a relative high value.

battery for ibm t30 laptop

battery for ibm t30 laptop

For many laptop users, ibm is the symbol of high quality. As a replacement, battery for ibm t30 laptop is still of high quality requirements. As to its particularity, the battery can only be fit to ibm t30 laptop. Any other laptops, even another ibm laptop, is out or order. Nevertheless, you’ll find that the sales volume of this battery is not less than others but much more. Thus it can be seen that the quality and performance of it is pretty good.

hp pavilion dv9000 laptop battery

hp pavilion dv9000 laptop battery

Among all laptop batteries, hp laptop batteries are of high cost performance while hp pavilion dv9000 laptop battery is a rather good one. In usb phone, a configured high quality battery is available. Double capacity will provide you even more run time on your laptop. If you do not over-price factors to consider, it is really a good choice to you.

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160 feet cordless phone for skype

160 feet usb cordless phone for skype is one of the most popular products in our website. From the title, you may find that it can be used in the distance of about 160 Feet. After connecting the base to the computer, the usb phone can be used in the range of 50 meters. Compared to a Wi-fi phone, it is prior to work on both wireless network and broadband network with only one-third off the price while it is able to work with multi-soft phones.

Certainly you can connect it to the usb phone adapter. Therefore, it will gain more distance from it and don’t need to connect to computer by usb interface. Just like a router, it will separate a part of network to the phone. Does it mean that even the usb phone is also useless?

To some extent, the point is right. In our website, there’s another valuable product, usb telbox, which can convert a normal phone into a Skype phone. Furthermore, even voice mail, Skype calls forwarding, 3-way conference, record functionality and many other brilliant functions are available.

Nearly everyone hope to spend less on the call expense, especially in financial crisis. For most of the users, more convenience and less cost are the goals we have been pursued for a long time. How to get the balance from these two factors should be considered seriously by the operators.

As a matter of fact, the service quality improvement of VOIP is essentially a business of users’ actual demands. Any great inventions won’t last long if they haven’t taken the users habit and experience into account. For VOIP suppliers, it shouldn’t count on only a low price to meet the demands of users. From the users’ actual requirements, with continuous innovation and advanced functions, VOIP is bound to attract more and more users.

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by: USB Phone World