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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A journalist for World Cup suffered from power failure in South Africa for a long time. When he is just about to mail the reports to the office, he found that there’s no external power supply available. This means that he had only one hour to finish all these deals with remained electric quantity of toshiba laptop battery.

toshiba laptop battery

Since the beginning of this June, the temperature dropped continuously. It is reported that the lowest temperature in Johannesburg is about 27℉. When watching the game in 8 o’clock in the evening, many people are dressing feather clothing. Fortunately, there’re heat and air-conditioning indoors which paid more pressure to electric power system in South Africa. However, at the heat moment of games, power workers went on strike.

As to the journalists, the power failure and network interruption had caused a big problem to them. Even the rapid toshiba laptop battery charger was useless to them. It suddenly came across to the US journalist that the toshiba laptop battery replacement acquired from his friend can help him get more power and time. With the 3G wireless card, he successfully transport the articles and pictures in the end.

When they celebrated with candles and snacks, they finally come to this moment of power resumption. Jubilation reigns everywhere. The unexpected failure power, within the projection, has finished with all work has been done.

Thanks to the toshiba laptop battery replacement, or he will lose the chance of the reports.

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