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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mr. Jiang’s battery for laptop Lenovo Tianyi F41 cannot be charged in use of one year and several months. When he contacted Lenovo to ask for a replacement laptop battery, he was rejected.

Mr. Jiang said that he bought the laptop on April 14th, 2008. After one year and several months, the lenovo laptop battery cannot be charged again. However, the serviceman in Lenovo maintenance station said that it was natural wastage.

For this argument, Mr. Jiang was doubted as he had paid much attention to the details when using the laptop and laptop battery charger. How could the natural wastage happen so early? Regarding the question, the serviceman said it was an accident and resisted that it couldn’t be replaced.

Mr. Jiang told us that he had searched on the Internet and found that there’s really something wrong with the battery for laptop Lenovo Tianyi F41. For this reason, he decided to contact Lenovo once again. Many users on the Internet complained that the batteries can last for only one year and several months. Nowadays, a group against Lenovo F41 to protect rights has been established on the Internet.

The statement from Lenovo was negated while the users stick to their own views.

As is known to all, in normal, a laptop battery can last for nearly two year. If maintain properly, it will be longer. Of course, if not, it will also be reduced rapidly. As to the life span one year and several months, it is possible. However, as to the common conditions, it is really hard to say if it is the problems of users.

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