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Friday, June 25, 2010

From June to August of 2006, all kinds of laptop battery accidents become the world news in focus. It is reported that one day someone found his truck fired when he came back home. After investigation, the root cause of this accident was the dell inspiron 6000 in it. Besides, the rifle, GPS, mobile phone, digital camera and other devices are also damaged which cost about 5500 dollars in all. The accident was said to the fourth one of dell laptop.

On July of 2006, a series of blasts and fires have spread to the sites that were possible to have laptops in them. Some airline companies have regarded the laptops of certain brands as time bombs which are forbidden to be taken into the airplane.

On October 26th of 2006, sony disclosed for the first time the cause of recalling plan and the accidents of sony laptop battery. Sony said that a series of overheat and fires in dell and apple apple laptop batteries were caused by the battery cells which were produced by sony. In the process of manufacturing, there’re some metal powders between anode and cathode which were likely to cause short circuit, overheat or even fire.

After these four accidents of dell laptop battery, dell declared to recall about 4.1 million laptop batteries in the whole world. It is said to be largest mass action in the field of electronic products. Meanwhile, the recalling has caused a large stock in a period of time.

Actually, the technology is developed with these uninterrupted trials. After the crisis, the enterprise who takes remedial action for the first time is most likely to minimize the damage. In the presence of crisis, the cost is a contradiction to the brand.

Anyway, these events have exposed the problems of li-ion batteries in quality standard which will cause a new round of battery revolution.

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