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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Value gap of hp laptop battery

It was the rigorous cost control and blind pursuit of market share that concealed potential problems in traditional manufacturing industry.

Indeed, many manufacturers have suffered from quality problems before, such as sony laptop battery. Coincidentally, GM has been charged for the fuel tank was too close to the bumper. Even if it took action to recall, it wouldn’t help it out of quality problems. Actually, the quality problems reflect the lax quality control system in manufacturing industry from one side. It is really dangerous to pay more attention to cost saving instead of making higher value added products.

Nowadays, a new pressure has emerged to the manufacturing industry, that is, appreciation. As for electronic manufacturers, just as hp, it is sensible to separate the price from value. The phenomenon of Japanese manufacturers has proved it perfectly, who is steadily losing ground in the present of South Korean firms. In 2006, samsung surpassed sony in terms of sales volume. In 2009, with the technology of organic light-emitting diode, Samsung won in high quality LCD TV. In financial crisis, the market share of nokia and motorola decreased rapidly while samsung and apple increased with unique design and personalized consumption experience.

At present, quality is not only the business of the product itself but the experience and service as well. As for hp, it is significant to increase the value of products by advanced functions and persistent service. In my opinion, all the large enterprises should rethink the deep meaning of quality.

In fact, just as hp battery, what customers unsatisfied with are not the price but the products value. How to fill the gap between price and requirements of customers seems to be a new challenge to business owners.

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