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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How importance is a replacement laptop battery for you? What do you think your next lithium-ion battery for laptop will be? There’s no denying that it is a key point for users to select a suitable replacement battery while how can we judge if the certain device is the right one? Here, let me give you some tips on selecting laptop batteries in USB Phone World.

laptop battery, usb phone world, specs

If you are not about to get a universal AC adapter, the specs are of great significance.

It is certainly that before you have considered about any other factors, the most pioneer thing to do is checking it the certain battery is of the suitable compatibility which includes compatible laptop model, old battery parts number, the interface, battery shell, size, shape, protection circuits, nominal values and so on. To be more conveniently, users can also take use of compatible laptop model or battery parts number to search for your own laptop battery replacement.

Followed by compatibility, it comes by to be the specs. As to most of laptop batteries, there’re several versions for your reference with different output power. As to those who need to get longer standby time, the higher capacity version is supposed to be a good choice.

As a matter of fact, it is the regulations to lithium-ion battery that the output voltage value is fixed while we are able to increase the output current to expand the capacity and output power. That is why some users have seen that the wattage and current are different from the original batteries they have used before while the output voltage is the same.

Except for the specs of destination batteries, the specs of your laptop AC adapter are also vital in actual work. As a rule, the output voltage and current is bound to the higher than that of laptop battery. Otherwise, it is likely to reduce the charging rate or running speed to some extent.

Some additional tips that users need to pay attention before making decisions.

As is frequently asked, our high-capacity laptop batteries are usually a little bit bigger than the standard versions. Installed with more lithium-ion cells inside, to expand the capacity, we have to enlarge the battery in size. Even so, they can also fit with laptop computers well with precise interface and good contact. On the other hand, users can regard the extra part of high-capacity laptop battery to be a base support that can help users and their computers to contact with air fully to cool down.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What kind of way have you taken to discharge your laptop battery? Do you know who to charge and discharge the lithium-ion batteries properly? Today, we will provide users some popular misunderstandings in these aspects. Please check if you have run into any of them.

discharging, laptop batteries

According to the Tom Hartley, a professor worked for NASA, the more fully you have discharged your laptop batteries, the more spoilage they will have. So is fully charged. The best work situation for it is within a certain range of remaining power energy, which can also extend the standby time and lifespan to in a great range.

As is known to all, just like extreme work temperature, too high or too low power energy inside is regarded as the most dangerous factors to reduce the shelf life of lithium-ion laptop batteries. Comparatively, the remaining recharging cycles are less important than it. Have you ever seen the recharging cycle reference specs on the battery package? In fact, they have come out by discharging until about 80% power energy left. If these batteries are always with low battery or lack of power, the internal resistances are increasing with time goes by so that the capacity is reduced. Similarly, long-term 100% power energy is also very dangerous.

If you have taken advantage of external power supply in regular work, we recommend users to remove the AC adapter when it is indicated to be of 80% power energy. Then please adjust the alarming power options to raise the alarm when there’s only 20% power energy left. As to some less-consumed devices, such as cell phone, we had better unplug the chargers when lithium-ion batteries are fully charged.

As to all sorts of consumer electronics with lithium-ion batteries, it is unreasonable for us to discharge them too fully. If you need to go out for a business trip or conference, the best way for you is carrying with your laptop AC adapter. If there’s any socket or outlet, please recharge the laptop computer when power energy is within 20% to 80%.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

As is known to us, the lithium-ion laptop batteries have relied on nanotechnology to develop in performance. All of us have realized the importance lithium-ion cells and relevant nanotechnologies. Recently, it is reported that IBM and Intel has invested on Nano technology startup computer with more than $4 billion dollars.

Have you ever thought that you can make an embedded to be a very large solar laptop battery? Actually, it is just the powerful functions of nanotechnology. From now on, we need only a few seconds to fully charge the cell phone batteries that should be charged for hours before. It is also said that it is likely to beat the cancer cells.

nanotechnology, lithium-ion batteries

In the area of nanotechnology, the primary challenge is related to how to apply it more economically and efficiently. Essentially, nano devices can complete self-construction, whose system has great difference from the traditional manufacturing technologies.

Last month, an IEEE Nano conference is held in Portland, Oregon. A great number of insiders from the whole world have gathered here to discuss about the development tendency of nanotechnologies in new areas and functions.

A processor of California University has said that they are having researches in control electronic and photonic interactive aspects. Thereby, we can produce solar and lithium-ion laptop battery more efficiently with lower production cost. It can not only improve the solar power technology but will change the mains supply resource thoroughly as well. Supposed it is applied in business areas and residential buildings.

These years, the performance of lithium-ion laptop batteries has developed very rapidly and will be more evidently from now on. Can you imagine that your laptop computer and cell phone can be fully charged by only a few seconds? It is really impossible before, but it can be realized by unique nanotechnology applied in graphite that can expand the storage capacity. As these materials have larger surface, it will be a backup proposal that is more economic and environmental friendly than fossil fuel.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, September 26, 2011

I believe that the laptop computers are of great significance to businessmen. To complete your work more efficiently of high quality, we believe AC adapter is another important factor users shouldn’t ignore other than laptop battery. Therefore, we need to remind users of the certain details about laptop AC adapter that will influence on the actual work.

businessmen, laptop computer, ac adapter

Mains Frequency

As to all the laptop users, they can ignore the battery capacity and standby time, but it seems to be hard for them to ignore the running rate of your laptop computer. If so, mains frequency is a key value to normal users if they work with laptop charger.

At present, the mains frequency of AC adapters are distinct from each other, ranging from 45W, 60W, 65W to 70W, 90W, 120W and even 130W. Of course, not all the laptop models have got so many versions while they can select the most suitable one according to OEM specs, requirements and sales price. Usually, higher output power will provide you higher work efficiency.

Switch mode power supplies

If the mains frequency is regarded as the output power value, the switch mode power supply has more relevance to the input power. Usually, to be worldwide compatibility, USB Phone World will install such a switch mode device to expand the input power to be of 100V to 240V. If so, businessmen just don’t need worry about the mains supply of destination.

In addition to the mains supply, there’s something more important, that is stability. Users may be confused why switch mode power supplies can be connected to the business work. Actually, as the input power in some cases is not so stable as we thought. Thereby, we need to have a switch mode for laptop AC adapter to adjust the output power automatically. Then users won’t be troubled by fluctuation when the input power comes to be changed.

Cooling fan and control circuitry

We have learned that lithium-ion batteries are of protection circuit and cooling fan, but rare of us have ever considered about it for AC adapters. In fact, the laptop charger is usually of the highest work temperature among all the laptop accessories. Under this circumstance, we are unable to ignore such a factor as overheating is really very dangerous. Except for cooling fan and control circuitry, some maintenance tips and proper operations are also of great significance to reduce the work temperature and optimize the performance of laptop AC adapter.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, September 25, 2011

At present, more and more come to purchase their laptop computers. It is certainly that such a consumer electronic product has already occupied a great part of life and business work. However, no matter what the configuration is, it is really hard to get rid of damages in the process of use. Recently, a customer has told us about his experience of repairing the laptop computer by himself.

repair laptop computer, laptop lcd screen

What will you deal of your laptop if it has come across something wrong? Will you go to the maintenance center, leave it behind or repair by yourself? And it is also a problem for users to find a right place to repair. Actually, there’s no need for us to be troubled by laptop computer damages. If it is still under warranty, we recommend users to go for the official maintenance center to repair it.

Recently, we have received an e-mail from an old customer. He said that he had successfully saved his broken laptop LCD screen. As a matter of fact, such a problem has occurred to many other customers before. Some of them have ever asked about the right place to repair it while others are confused if they need to do some processing to those little damages.

As to that customer, after checking by highlight, it seems that the LCD screen has been broken into three parts. Although it seems to be normal by the appearance, the internal structure has already come across something wrong.

After that, he has gone to get screwdriver and tweezer to remove the laptop screen. As to this step, we recommend users to operate with gloves. After all, it can get you rid of the troubles like static electricity. After unscrew the screw, the screen shell can be removed very easily by hand.

Then users can see the whole LCD screen at that moment. As to this step, we also recommend users to twist the screw and remove the screen carefully to avoid any mistakes happened to screen line and camera line. At this time, go for a nipper to unplug the flat cable and then the LCD screen can be departed away from the motherland smoothly. At last, we need to take the new laptop screen and install it carefully according to the steps as above.

In my point of view, such a process of maintenance seems to be simple but will come across many problems if you are not familiar to the internal structure or not so good at repairing and replacing. Therefore, contact with us or go to the official maintenance centers to deal with your damaged laptop computer if you need any help.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, September 22, 2011

Since iPad has born, the tablet computer development has aroused great attention from the whole industry. However, according to the analysis report, tablet computer is possible to be replaced by PC and laptop computer in the end.

The user quantity of tablet computer is still not high enough with demands shortage.

Many people can see that the sales volume has reached a very high value while the whole market has held an optimistic attitude towards it. In fact, Apple has never located iPad as a computer but only a portable tool for entertainment. From the technique factors of view, the performance in business work is still weak. Except for iPad, Android and other tablet computers have also got the similar problem.

tablet computer, ipad, android pad

As a matter of fact, tablet computer hasn’t become the daily necessities up till now. Some of users just use it to kill the time or deal with more entertainment movement in the process of journey. Thanks to the reasonable price, iPad has beaten many other tablet computers in the market.

Most of tablet computers are weak in the business performance.

At present, you just cannot computer your business work if you just take a tablet computer with you, whether it is Android Pad, iPad or other version. As is mentioned above, it is just regarded as a tool to kill the time, see some movies, play with games or other simple operations. Comparatively, such a narrow usage range has limited the development of tablet. That is to say, any personal or business user of tablet needs to have got another laptop or PC computer of his own. It seems that tablet computer is just an additional device that is not essential.

Tablet computer will be only the transitional products.

There’s no denying that portable network devices will be the primary products in the market. However, tablet computer is just a part in the process of evolution. Although we don’t know clearly about the future devices, it is certainly that multi-functions are necessary by all the terminal users.

Since Win 8 has appeared, more and more manufacturers come to pay more attentions to it. If there’s a new laptop computer that can be divided into two parts, the one with LCD screen can also be used as tablet computer, are going to buy another tablet like Android Pad?

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is nearly more than 20 years since the first laptop computer has emerged. At first, we just want to get rid of the limitation of desktop computer power supply. To work more conveniently, more and more users come to the laptops to deal with business work and other relevant items. With time goes by, customers seem to be not satisfied with the current situations any more, which makes the laptop computer to be in the process of revolution.

slim, light, laptop computers, macbook air

Have you figured out that the development tendency of laptop computers is to be more slim and lighter? At present, when Apple is leading the market with Macbook Air, it seems to be another revolution closer and closer to us.

In the last few years, IBM and Thinkpad have won a great market share in business laptops. To be sure, high technologies are still the core values to this industry while we are hard to ignore the importance of good appearance and other related factors.

Under this circumstance, the large brands, such as HP, Dell, Acer and other large PC manufacturers come to think more about it. After the supremacy position is surprised to be occupied by Macbook Air, more of them come to be not calm any more. In particular, HP has declared to give up their PC division.

Recently, more and more laptop suppliers come to release some slim laptop versions of light weight and powerful functions. Some of them are even lighter than Macbook Air, such as Intel Ultrabook, with latest Sandy Bridge platform with lower consumption. As a matter of fact, they have also possessed some additional functions and improvements in sound effect, screen, disc, and even power charger. Some other laptop computers for Sony, Asus and Samsung have also got more custom designed services and high cost performance.

According to the current situations, the user age of laptop computers has ranged wider in all walks of life. Therefore, there will be more and more different versions released with unique functions and advantages. The only one thing we can ensure is that the laptop computers are in the process of revolution.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Have you already considered about your laptop battery last time? Recently, Dell has released their new product, Dell Vostro V131 laptop computer. As the youngest and most slim laptop, it has won great attentions from the industry. However, do you know that the most attractive factor is its very long standby time? According to a Dell insider, this new Dell Vostro laptop battery is likely to last for nearly 10 hours.

Dell vostro laptop battery, last time, 10 hours

With time goes by, users come to have higher and higher requirements on consumer electronics. Under this circumstance, manufacturers have taken all efforts to improve the configuration and other performance. Nowadays, we need to meet with all sorts of challenges in business.

Sam Burd, the VP of consumer electronics and small and medium-sized enterprise products division said that we just hope to supply more high-quality products of high work efficiency and multi functions. Finally, we decided to release this powerful laptop computer. The excellent performance, good appearance and portability will make us more conveniently in use. In addition, this Dell V131 laptop will also provide more fruitful solutions in service and software that can keep the data more security.

Standby time is the most challenged problem to small and medium-sized enterprise users. And it is very urgent for them to fully charge and get more power energy from laptop batteries, especially for those who need to go outside frequently.

Actually, limited by chemical sciences technology, it is not so easy for us to expand the capacity and increase the last time. Therefore, such a powerful Dell Vostro laptop battery is really a great revolution as to this industry. Although I have no idea if all the Dell users can get such a long standby time 10 hours, it has shown us the possibility of electrochemical properties development for lithium-ion batteries. Whether you are going to buy this Dell Vostro V131 laptop or not, it is a developing tendency to us and such a bright future is closer and closer to us.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, September 19, 2011

It is nearly a month after HP had declared to give up their PC division. When everyone in this industry comes to worry about it, Dell has finally made the decision to take such a great market share from HP.

dell ceo, michael dell

Today, Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell, has announced in the Cloud force conference of 2011 that they will try their best to develop in PC industry while they are also facing with the challenge of tablet computer and cloud computing technologies. It seems that the personal business area is still with great development space and profits although more and more manufacturers come to these new areas.

As the largest PC supplier in the world, many people are so sad to hear that HP is going to leave the PC market while it has provided Dell a good opportunity to win a larger market share in PC industry. Micheal said that they were still hard to control the current situation of this industry.

As a matter of fact, the strategy of Dell is definitely different to HP in many aspects. Micheal also told us that they had supplied many sorts of solutions to their customers more than selling hardware only. The whole industry is composed by hardware, software and service. It is obviously that the software is in the process of fast developing. However, it depends on the support of hardware to complete all these new programs and functions. That is to say, although we will come to get more values from software, it is impossible for all of us to give up or ignore the hardware.

The status in quo is that the PC computer market share seems to be reduced compared to last year and the year before last year. The decision of HP has shown us clearly about such a current state. Even so, the space for development is still large and we have got some effective ways to improve and to be more efficiently. According to the data from Gartner, till 2014, the volume of customers will reach about 2 billion.

As to many insiders, they consider that the business of software and cloud computing has owned greater profit ratio than PC, smart phone and tablet computers. Whether it is true or not, it is evidently that no one can ignore the influence of PC desktop and laptop computers, especially for those who need to develop more rapidly in computing system. Therefore, I am firmly convinced that Dell has made a correct decision in PC industry.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, September 18, 2011

It is the advantage of lithium-ion laptop battery to enjoy recharging and portability with little memory effect. Under this circumstance, if you can take good use of these laptop batteries, it will be a great honor for you to become master-hand and get more amazing effects from your laptop computers.

As is known to all, the laptop batteries are composed by shells, lithium-ion cells and protection circuits. Generally speaking, cells quantity is indicated in the specifications of laptop battery that can show us about the output power, voltage and electric current, figured by Watt, Volt and mAh.

internal structure, laptop battery

The internal circuit consists of protection circuit, also called secondary protection circuit, and capacity instruction circuit. It is produced to handle with the charge-discharge and security.

The standby time is determined by the value of mAh. In most cases, the quantity of lithium-ion cells can show us the value accurately according to the properties of sole cell. And the lifespan of laptop batteries are determined by the cells recharging cycles.

lithium-ion laptop battery, rechargeable batteries

Except for the characteristics of lithium-ion laptop battery, it is of great significance for users to master some unique usage skills.

Enter into sleep mode more rapidly. If possible, we can adjust to reduce the standby time before entering into the sleep mode, which can not only save more power energy but can optimize the performance as well. In addition, we are also able to get into sleep mode directly by closing the LCD screen. Please figure out the switch button of laptop screen and you can get more useful power energy.

Speaking of the laptop LCD screen, diming the screen is supposed to be the most common way. According to the research, the value between 6 and 8 is regarded as the most reasonable range. In BIOS, there’re also several energy-saving modes for your reference, such as Standby Mode of Idle Mode. So, please read the indicating information on the screen seriously.

At last, something in regular use has also related to the performance of rechargeable laptop batteries. For example, we can set the alarming mode to increase or reduce the alarming time while most of users prefer to 10% remained. If possible, please activate your laptop battery by charging and recharging for several times. I believe you will be a master-hand rapidly if you have acquired and figured out your own unique usage method in your daily life.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do you know how to figure out the performance of your laptop charger? Actually, the specifications of AC adapter in reality have really got great significance to laptop users. There’s a part inside the charger that can show the utilization ratio of electric energy, PFC, power factor correction.

laptop charger, pfc, power factor correction

As to most of laptops, this PFC is very helpful for us to judge if certain consumer electronic is wasting the power energy. When the power factor comes to be higher, it means the electronic product will be also very high in energy utilization ratio.

According to industrial rule, all the laptop chargers in the market need to pass the industrial certification and installed PFC circuit. The location of this equipment is between the second filtering and full bridge rectifier.

There’re two types of PFC, one with power resource and another is active. The passive PFC has adopted inductance compensation ways to improve the output power factor in both voltage and current. Usually, the utilization ratio is about 0.7 to 0.8. The advantage is its simple circuit, low cost and little electromagnetic interference.

Active PFC is composed by LC and electron components. Thanks to the small size, it is able to adjust current waveform by appropriative IC that can also compensate the phase difference between current and voltage. Compared to the passive version, this active PFC can reach more than 98% in power factor, but the production cost is relatively higher. In addition, it can also be regarded as auxiliary power supply. In the process of use, we usually don’t need standby transformers. The advantage is the wide voltage accommodation and high power factor.

If you are about to get a laptop charger replacement, please take the PFC type and performance into granted. If you need to work under high pressure, active version is more reasonable. However, as to most of terminal users, passive version is of the highest cost performance.

To be simply, whether you need a passive or active PFC, we need to consider of our actual work and potential requirement. Of course, if your laptop computer is of high configuration or updated system with additional functions, the active PFC is necessary.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

With the Tablet PC has become more and more popular, the whole industry is filled with all sorts of competitors. At present, laptop computers are still widely used by terminal users while the whole market share is in the process of fast developing. Accordingly, the requirements of laptop AC adapter have become higher and higher to be smaller, lighter, more powerful, cheaper and so on. Today, we will have a look at the internal structure and work principle about it.

laptop ac adapter, internal structure

As to most of users, laptop computers will be underloading or standby conditions for a long period. Compared to the higher loading conditions of 25%, 50%, 75% or more, it needs more improvements to deal with low loading circumstances, which has higher requirements on power supply and other parts.

In fact, to perform well, a laptop AC adapter needs to be good in these following characteristics.

Short circuit protection – We need to ensure if the output power is possible to handle short circuit or other damages. When the problems have been solved, the AC adapter should be recovered from protection mode in time and provide enough output power once again.

Over voltage protection – Under the conditions the loop circuit is broken, the AC adapter has to stop working and keep in this condition before users have restarted.

Over temperature protection – If the temperature of laptop AC adapter has surpassed a certain value, it is at a very high risk. To avoid such a condition, we need to monitor temperature continuously by thermal sensor. As long as the temperature is over the nominal value, the adapter will keep closed and will recover when the temperature comes to be reduced.

Over power protection – As to some laptop chargers, we also need to confirm it won’t be short-circuited in reality if the consumed loading electric current is over the nominal value while the maximum current can be controlled.

All these parts are distinct in laptop chargers of different output power, such as 65W, 75W, 90W, 130W and so on. Thanks to these characteristics in circuits and components, we are able to handle the work situations well with high work efficiency. That is why users can charge smoothly by these high-quality AC adapters in USB Phone World.

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by: USB Phone World

Recently, Bizrate has announced their 2011 Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award and USB Phone World is fortunately enough to be the winner. As an online retailer in US, it is really a great honor for us to win this prize, which means we are proved to supply outstanding online customer experiences as rated by our customers.

2011 Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award

“We have worked hard to get this prize from Bizrate since 6 years ago and it has proved that we have met the satisfaction from our customers.” said Steve, the CEO of USB Phone World.

Bizrate announces their annual awards to online retailers each year at this time. All the users who have become the winners are those with the best customer service and products of higher cost performance. This year, only about 1.7% of all the online retailers on the Internet are able to be nominated by Bizrate, within the Bizrate Insights North American retailer network.

“It is also a good opportunity for us to learn more about the potential requirements of our customers and we will work harder to satisfy more users and provide our customers more in pre-sale, after-sale service and products.” said Steve.

USB Phone World specializes on laptop battery and AC adapter for HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, IBM, Acer, Gateway and many others. Nearly all the users can get a satisfied device for their laptop computers. All the orders will be shipped within a business day after users have completed and paid for them.

USB Phone World servicemen are always at your service if users need any help about selection, checking or solutions about their laptop accessories. As long as you have any confusion about the compatibility of laptop batteries and AC adapters, specifications, performance or technique support, please just call us at 1-800-631-8153. Meanwhile, our online chatting customer service is also available in

It is of great significance for us to be the excellent winner of 2011 Bizrate Circle and it will be a new start for USB Phone World to be better and better in satisfying all sorts of customers and requirements.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When the debt crisis has restriken the USA recently, the whole industry comes to worry about the development tendency and world economy. Under this circumstance, there’re two Intel technology centers have been established thanks to the investment funds with 30 million dollars.

Just as the CEO of Intel said that they needed more investment, especially in the process of crisis. In 5 years, the project of Intel technology center has invested about $100 million dollars to cooperate with America's great universities, including secure computation, visual computing, cloud computing and so on.

intel technology center

As a matter of fact, expect for investment, the more important core value of Intel technology center is their open cooperation pattern. In my point of view, such a pattern should be learned by other companies of our industry, the patents and technologies in particular.

The Intel technology center has adopted a pattern to share the intellectual property and related technologies with the public. Meanwhile, they have also invited the organizations and submitted the projects actively. Since so, more and more developers and investors have participated into this project and more creative insiders will come here to contribute more about patents and technologies.

It is really a very good example to the consumer electronic industry. Recently, the cases about the patents and new technologies are increasing, even between the large brands. They just want to beat the others who have already become their primary competitors. Actually, these technologies are similar to some extent, but they have different contributions and locations in the market. If we are pursuing for the patents and intellectual properties only, it is bound to obstruct the development tendency and come into being cutthroat competition.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, September 8, 2011

The whole industry is always developing with time goes by while the magnate is also changing between several large brands, such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM and so on. However, it is really hard to say who has contributed most to the whole world.

According to a report from business insider, more than 50% terminal users consider that Microsoft has more contributions to Apple to change the world. Some insiders also consider that such an opinion is likely to fill many other nations.

microsoft, apple

Recently, Microsoft has come to an agreement, including some patented applied to Acer and View Sonic Android tablet computer and smart phone. They said that it can solve the problems of property rights for Acer and View Sonic in Android devices. In 2003, Microsoft has released their new projects of intellectual property rights authorization. Up till now, they have already got more than 700 items in agreement and continue to help customers, cooperators and competitors to take use of the patents of Microsoft.

Comparatively, Apple is always working hard to change the whole world and industry by all sorts of revolutions in technologies and concepts. However, from the influence point of view, Microsoft can win more. The contributions can be divided into two parts one for software and another for PC.

Someone has ever considered that Microsoft has seized the innovation of Apple, such as graphical user interface. However, in fact, this interface of Apple is also learned from Xerox PARC. On the other hand, it is mostly that those who have changed the world are not the one has put forward ideas but executor. In this aspect, Microsoft has got more advantages that they have updated their software and hardware frequently.

At present, the scale of Apple is very large and with high work efficiency and they can get the best price from suppliers. Such as Macintosh, Model T, they have released great revolution to the whole world.

Although Apple has initiated to strike back, the influence of Microsoft is greater than Apple in the whole world. We can be fond of Apple products, but there’s no doubt that people have realized the magic power of software and PC that has brought Microsoft to thousands of households.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Speaking of the advantages of laptop computer, many users will consider of the portability. To be sure, the funs we get from laptops are usually come from the portability. Wherever we are, we can connect to the Internet, communicate with our friends and play with more interesting games by such a consumer electronic. However, have you ever thought about the key point of laptop computer? In my point of view, a qualified laptop battery is just the one that can bring users more standby time.

laptop battery

Among all the parts of laptop, batteries don’t rank high. Even so, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t played an important role. Just as the supporting role in a movie, although it seems to be pain, the importance will stand out at a crucial time. It is directly related for notebook to lack of DC power that if a battery has got a good work situation. Actually, proper maintenance ways have become the key points to increase the battery standby time even if we haven’t expanded its capacity.

From the common laptop batteries point of view, most of them are lithium-ions while they can be recharged for many times. The lithium-ions move between anode and cathode in the process of work. In the process of recharging and discharging, Li+ arrives and departs between the electrodes. Generally speaking, the materials with lithium are regarded as the electrode.

The reason why lithium-ion laptop battery has substituted Ni-mh and Ni-cd ones is not only relevant to the memory effect but the recharging cycles as well. However, it will still reduce the shelf life of batteries if users have got improper operations. According to the current test result, usually, a laptop battery can be recharged and discharged for about 1000 times.

Then, what kind of influencing factors has influenced on the laptop battery lifespan? As the current market conditions for example, the design concept and configure have both got very high requirements. But too high configuration is also dangerous to users in regular work. In addition, some useless external device switches will also reduce the lifespan. The last factor comes to be the work temperature and the electrochemical properties will be reduced to some extent if it comes to be overheating.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HP, as the largest PC computer manufacturer, has occupied a large market share for a long time. Faced with such a big cake, I believe no one will ignore it. As to Dell, it is really a very good opportunity to catch up with the times and occupy the advantageous situations as soon as possible.

Dell, pc computers, laptop

According to the columnist of MarketWatch, John C. Dvorak, HP has already given up the business department of before while it is time for Dell to take over the hegemonic position. As a matter of fact, such a position and market share is very easy to Dell according to the current situations. However, they have to solve their own problems first and accept the suggestions from outside world instead of insisting on the tactical errors.

With high cost performance desktop and laptop computers, their products are popularized in many areas of the world. Dell is able to beat HP and even Apple to catch the marginalized regions, such as Asia, China and other nations.

To be sure, the attitudes of Apple and HP have come to have some changes while they are considering to bid farewell to the PC computer industry. Whatever, as to Dell, this is a chance once in a blue moon. Under the high pressures from the whole stock market, the share price of Dell is supposed to be with some discounts in a time if they haven’t got any revolution in business or technologies.

About 15 years ago, an insider of business circles has got some evaluations on Dell and founder Michael Dell. He said that the root cause for Dell to achieve success is because he had never made any strategic error before. Even so, he is not a lead filled with imagination and charms, but he is really such a great strategist.

However, these years, the development and situations of Dell come to be not so good as before. Once, Dell has considered iPod as a flash in the pan while their tablet products have the similar failure with a depressed market.

Meanwhile, among the major works of Dell, the PC computer and some laptop products haven’t aroused great interests in the market. If Dell is still such a great strategist as before, it is unreasonable for him to make such a mistake while some relevant remedial measures are necessary. That is to say, to take over the market share of PC industry, Dell needs to find a new way with proper development tendency.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, September 5, 2011

The day to school is coming. How much have you prepared to back to school? Since so, it is possible for us to get rid of burdens with some effective measures? Let us give you some tips on selecting a lightweight but powerful charger to get more power energy.

laptop charger, back to school, without burdens

First of all, please consider about your laptop computer and school environment.

As is known to all, charger is a part of laptop that can transmit the external power energy into the motherboard. Due to such a work principle, the first step for us to select a suitable laptop charger is judging the compatibility and the socket situations in school.

Of course, the precondition is that you have replaced your notebook or just want to keep the old one. After all, it is impossible to judge the charger before you have got the laptop model. Meanwhile, the socket type is also closely related to the charger in power cord and switch mode. In USA, we don’t need to consider of the mains supply.

How to get a high-quality powerful laptop charger replacement with light weight?

In fact, the chargers have their own nominal values in output power. For example, HP G71 AC adapter is rated at 18.5V in output voltage while the electric current is likely to be different from each other with different sorts of versions. At the same time, some slim chargers are also available to users with light weight and high energy density. For this reason, you’d better consider if you need to improve the work efficiency or reduce the burdens from charger devices. After all, it depends on you to judge the most important factor in actual work. If you have selected a high-capacity AC adapter, it means you can get rid of the limitation in running rate while users can be relieved from heavy burdens if you need to take your notebook and charger to anywhere at any time.

No matter what is your ultimate choice, I recommend users to think hard about the most important factor for your school life and what has bothered you most. After you have got a suitable answer, I believe such a powerful laptop charger is very close to you in USB Phone World.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, September 4, 2011

- Apple Sues Android for Its Creation Concept

Recently, the Android system is indicted by Apple that Andy Rubin, the founder of Android has copied the concept of Apple system. As a matter of fact, Andy has been working at Apple once upon time. No matter what the truth is, it seems that the concept has become more and more important. Will it be of greater significance to technologies?

apple, android

Apple has already sued HTC by International Trade Commission. They said that HTC has infringed many patents of Apple. According to HTC, Rubin has been engaged into some work of mobile platform. At that moment, Rubin is work for General Magic.

As to this issue, Apple has got distinct opinion. Although Rubin has actually worked for General Magic and Danger in last century, he has become a member of Apple later. As a junior engineer, he needed to report to his inventor about his 263 patent while this patent has fulfilled already. Without doubt, Android system has just taken advantage some subsystem technologies of this 263 patent.

Although it is a case between Apple and HTC, it is evidently that such an operation has shown that Apple is initiating to have a war with Google. That is to say, the primary technology of Android system has great influence in the market. If Apple has successfully won the case, it means Google has to stop to release the old or new updated Android system.

Subsystem technologies of this 263 patent are a part of work for Apple. Even if it hasn’t taken a great part of IOS system or other products, the concept of this patent has been paid more attentions by Apple. Obviously, they don’t care what the technologies are, but they need to ensure if such a great concept has been applied to other devices and brands.

As is known to all, both conception and technology are core values of Apple. Especially for iPhone and iPad, the succeess of these new items has occupied a large market share. Actually, as long as you have acknowledged the internal structure or purchased the patent, other manufacturers are able to take the technologies. Comparatively, the updating rate and concepts of Apple are hard to imitate. In my point of view, that is the root cause for Apple to sue Android system.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nowadays, the development of cell phone, tablet and laptop computer is faster and faster so that the new laptop system and updated versions come to be out of our imagination. Accompanied by such a development tendency, the IT industry is in a rapid development stage. However, batteries are hard to catch up with this pace of laptop and cell phones.

Batteries, technologies, fundamental chemistry

As is exemplified as iPhone, someone has made fun of Steve Jobs that he is so powerful that a cell phone that cannot last for more than one day is very popular in the whole world. In fact, the applications and iOS system have developed in a high speed while many more users come to rely on iPhone. However, it is really a big problem to Apple even more seriously than the updates of internal memory and chip.

What has blocked the evolution of cell phone, tablet and laptop battery?

laptop battery

To be sure, lithium-ion batteries are by no means the parts of IT technology while they have distinct work principle and manufacturing skills to other parts and hardware. Actually, the laptop battery has more relationship to basic chemistry technologies. Especially for lithium-ion cells, electrode and electrolyte structure and materials are unable to be optimized so fast as the computer chips and internal memory do.

Although some new nanotechnologies have been taken into application, it seems that the charging and work efficiency has only been improved in a limited range while we have to increase the production cost in a large range.

Under this circumstance, the regular reaction of laptop and cell phone manufacturer used to reduce the consumption of new chip and other additional functions. After all, if the laptop battery cannot last long enough, it is hard for these applications and hardware to perform well.

Anyway, compared to high configuration and improving charging efficiency, the most important factor for lithium-ion batteries has come down to the security and other basic features. Otherwise, hidden troubles will bring us more potential dangers.

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by: USB Phone World