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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What kind of way have you taken to discharge your laptop battery? Do you know who to charge and discharge the lithium-ion batteries properly? Today, we will provide users some popular misunderstandings in these aspects. Please check if you have run into any of them.

discharging, laptop batteries

According to the Tom Hartley, a professor worked for NASA, the more fully you have discharged your laptop batteries, the more spoilage they will have. So is fully charged. The best work situation for it is within a certain range of remaining power energy, which can also extend the standby time and lifespan to in a great range.

As is known to all, just like extreme work temperature, too high or too low power energy inside is regarded as the most dangerous factors to reduce the shelf life of lithium-ion laptop batteries. Comparatively, the remaining recharging cycles are less important than it. Have you ever seen the recharging cycle reference specs on the battery package? In fact, they have come out by discharging until about 80% power energy left. If these batteries are always with low battery or lack of power, the internal resistances are increasing with time goes by so that the capacity is reduced. Similarly, long-term 100% power energy is also very dangerous.

If you have taken advantage of external power supply in regular work, we recommend users to remove the AC adapter when it is indicated to be of 80% power energy. Then please adjust the alarming power options to raise the alarm when there’s only 20% power energy left. As to some less-consumed devices, such as cell phone, we had better unplug the chargers when lithium-ion batteries are fully charged.

As to all sorts of consumer electronics with lithium-ion batteries, it is unreasonable for us to discharge them too fully. If you need to go out for a business trip or conference, the best way for you is carrying with your laptop AC adapter. If there’s any socket or outlet, please recharge the laptop computer when power energy is within 20% to 80%.

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