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Monday, September 26, 2011

I believe that the laptop computers are of great significance to businessmen. To complete your work more efficiently of high quality, we believe AC adapter is another important factor users shouldn’t ignore other than laptop battery. Therefore, we need to remind users of the certain details about laptop AC adapter that will influence on the actual work.

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Mains Frequency

As to all the laptop users, they can ignore the battery capacity and standby time, but it seems to be hard for them to ignore the running rate of your laptop computer. If so, mains frequency is a key value to normal users if they work with laptop charger.

At present, the mains frequency of AC adapters are distinct from each other, ranging from 45W, 60W, 65W to 70W, 90W, 120W and even 130W. Of course, not all the laptop models have got so many versions while they can select the most suitable one according to OEM specs, requirements and sales price. Usually, higher output power will provide you higher work efficiency.

Switch mode power supplies

If the mains frequency is regarded as the output power value, the switch mode power supply has more relevance to the input power. Usually, to be worldwide compatibility, USB Phone World will install such a switch mode device to expand the input power to be of 100V to 240V. If so, businessmen just don’t need worry about the mains supply of destination.

In addition to the mains supply, there’s something more important, that is stability. Users may be confused why switch mode power supplies can be connected to the business work. Actually, as the input power in some cases is not so stable as we thought. Thereby, we need to have a switch mode for laptop AC adapter to adjust the output power automatically. Then users won’t be troubled by fluctuation when the input power comes to be changed.

Cooling fan and control circuitry

We have learned that lithium-ion batteries are of protection circuit and cooling fan, but rare of us have ever considered about it for AC adapters. In fact, the laptop charger is usually of the highest work temperature among all the laptop accessories. Under this circumstance, we are unable to ignore such a factor as overheating is really very dangerous. Except for cooling fan and control circuitry, some maintenance tips and proper operations are also of great significance to reduce the work temperature and optimize the performance of laptop AC adapter.

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by: USB Phone World