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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
It is certainly that internal memory is a very important part for laptop computer. Compared to many other memory device, it is really the main component to the users. In regular work, the internal memory is installed outside the hard disk with several card troughs to store some texts, games and other data.

SDRAM, Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, is a kind of storage memory that can transfer data once an hour. Up till now, SDRAM has developed into four ages, including SDR SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM and DDR3 SDRAM.

DDR SDRAM, used to be called as DDR, can transfer data twice an hour in both rise and descend period, which is a double rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. And DDR2 has double transferring ability to take charge of the whole thing.

kingstom memory ddr2/></a></div>
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DDR2, Double Data Rate 2, has lower quantity of heat and consumption to improve the running rate. Meanwhile, DDR3 has definitely brand new specifications to DDR2, which is not only the improvement in performance but output voltage and lower consumption as well.

The main frequency of internal memory is the same as the CPU, which is used to be the speed of internal memory. The memory main frequency is calculated by MHz. To some extent, it stands for the running rate of internal memory.

As is known to all, the clock speed of computer system is measured by frequency. The higher the main frequency, the faster the internal memory is. However, the memory itself doesn’t have piezoelectric oscillator. That is why the clock signal is supplied by chipsets.

Nowadays, the laptop and desktop kingston memory has already taken advantage of dual channel memory technology, which relies on chipsets memory controller. In theory, it has two memories of the same specifications. It has solved the problem of CPU and memory bandwidth, which is a solution of high cost performance.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012
Since the first iPad has pushed forward the first iPad, the tablet computer comes to enter into all kinds of the family immediately, which has many obvious advantages to PC computer. To be confronted with whole market, Dell has been called as the famous company for PC computers. However, why didn’t Dell push forward any tablet computers?

According to David Johnson, Apple and Dell are two definitely different companies of different business mode. However, the reason Dell hasn’t published any tablet computer is because of the cooperation with operation system suppliers.

Dell Inspiron 6400

Since iPad has come to the market in 2010, tablet computer has entered into all the families rapidly to replace PC computers step by step. Without external Dell Inspiron 6400 battery, they are more conveniently in portability and last time. Actually, many large brands have developed their own tablet computers.

In the past, Dell is the leader in PC market while they are always working hard to be adapted to the changes in the market. Including Lenovo, the competitor to Dell, is purchasing more and more market share and change their business range to PC computer market rapidly.

Actually, the tablet computer has brought Dell some loss in last year. However, the publishing of Microsoft Windows 8 will also be another new chance to Dell in PC market.

Johnson also said that they need to rely on Windows operation system, which is why Dell cannot push forward their own tablet computer. As for the hardware manufacturers, like Dell and HP, they have their compatible laptop battery and charger. Comparatively, Apple has made all these accessories to be integrated together.

If Dell needs their own tablet computer, they have to take control of both software and hardware in ability. And they should consider of the influence of the other parts like battery and AC adapter in the compatibility, standby time and other factors.

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Friday, October 26, 2012
Speaking of power energy, it runs into the mind that includes lifespan, work temperature, running rate and standby time. On no account can users rely on a weak laptop battery of short lifespan. However, as a matter of fact, even if from the same manufacturer and the same specifications, the laptop batteries will perform different from each other.

Macbook pro 15 battery

In regular work, Macbook pro 15 battery of 5800mAh and 10.8V is powerful enough to support the Apple Macbook pro laptop computers in running the programs, lasting for long enough, getting enough running rate and other requirements.

As for the lifespan, it is more complex that is related to many different factors. In theory, the recharging cycles are close to the lifespan while the real performance is not the same as nominal value. As the actual work will consume some cycles and too high work temperature will reduce the battery life to a great extent.

For this reason, to extend and realize the maximum lifespan of macbook pro 15 battery, it is necessary to take good care of the lithium-ion laptop batteries with suitable maintenance tips in cool and dry places with suitable remaining power energy inside.

As for the running rate, it is determined by the output power and actual demands. When the programs are of higher consumption, the standby time and running speed will be lower than before according to the proportion. Therefore, the higher output power is, the longer Macbook pro 15 battery can last for. However, it is hard to get the accurate value of standby time as the required consumption is different from each other.

As the standby time is closely related to the running rate, on no account can users ignore the influence of output power if users need higher running speed and long last time. Of course, good maintenance ways and proper usage methods can help us to realize all the above requirements to some extend even if the battery is not replaced.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
After using for a while, users will figure out that the standby time of laptop battery is no longer powerful enough than before. At this moment, there is no use to worry a lot about it while some effective ways can recover the Sony VGP-BPS13 battery performance to some extent.

laptop battery

Laptop Battery, especially for lithium-ion batteries, has its own charging work principle with certain charge and discharge curve, which need to be activated and adjusted.

As for Windows 7, in power options, it is necessary to change all the settings to be never when using the laptop battery only. In the advanced setting, remove the selection of informing when remaining power energy is low. To discharge the laptop battery output power to a certain level, we have to keep the charge curve to be accurately the same as remaining power.

After setting, users need to remove the AC adapter from the mainland laptop computer. Discharging according to the standard for several times, the difference in battery indicating can be saved effectively.

As for Windows XP, in laptop power using solution, it is preferred to change all the selections to be never when using the laptop battery. And fully charge and deep discharge the battery automatically to have a complete activation.

When charging, users should fully charge the whole Sony VGP-BPS13 battery for about several hours or the whole night and then unplug the charger till the laptop computer is shut down automatically. As for the screen protection setting, users can select none to use up more power energy rapidly. In advanced settings, put the power options to high performance or balanced while all the settings in hard disk or sleep mode to be never.

When the remaining power energy is lower than 10%, the selection is never taking any operation. Meanwhile, adjust the key power energy level to be of about 6% or sleeping. After that, set the laptop screen to the highest level. Remove the power supply before ensuring all the windows and working sheets are saved. Of course, some battery management system can help users more conveniently to recover the laptop battery performance.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012
As we have witnessed the great revolution in the whole world, the high technology has already changed our life a lot by bringing some high-tech consumer electronic products like digital camera, cell phone, printer, car, laptop computer and other machines. Actually, all of them need a powerful smart charger to supply enough power energy in the process of work. What will it be in the future?

In the latest century, the industry and technology have not only brought a great fortune but make our work and life more conveniently than before. This time, the digitization has become the most powerful weapon to help the global economy and industry with new material and craftsmanship.
sony 19.5 v ac adapter

Sony has ever published a new kind of charger that can work by hand. This USB charger is an innovative smart charger for cell phone, laptop computer and other suitable electronic devices. In only three minutes, it can stand for an about 1 minute call.

Obviously, this AC adapter part for the new Sony 19.5 v ac adapter can be connected to the mainland of the built-in lithium battery charger subject. Meanwhile, it can also work by the manual power supply part only. As a matter of fact, this kind of new smart charger can work for a normal laptop, two digital cell phones and other portable electronic devices by USB interface.

Nowadays, more and more users are not satisfied with the current nominal standby time. Nearly all the digital devices have their own special chargers of different compatibility. It is not easy to look for a suitable one immediately. Therefore, the smart universal Sony 19.5 v ac adapter for PC is important. And this new charger can also be adapted to Andriod, IOS, Windows and other regular systems well.

Only by connected to the USB port, this smart charger can start and supply enough output power smoothly. With the light and handy appearance, it will be popular and convenient in actual use in the near future.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012
Nowadays, portable consumer electronic devices have become more and more important in the market. Once out, the standby time of cell phone and laptop computer should be powerful and long enough. Most of users have fully charged them before going out. But if it is hurry, how to charge more conveniently and rapidly?

Actually, the Apple products have been troubled a lot in standby time while they haven’t got some effective solutions yet. As for the Dell 1545 charger, something powerful and updated has been created.

ubeam wi-fi charger

Last year, a female college student Meredith Perry, graduated from University of Pennsylvania, has designed a new scheme about ultrasonic electronic product charger. Through ultrasonic wave charger, the wave will be transferred by air to be ultrasonic vibration piezoelectric crystals with the effect of piezoelectric transducer. By moving, the transducer will supply output current and charge for cell phone, laptop computer and other electronic devices.

There is a kind of ultrasonic wave charger, called UBeam, with the similar work principle that will issue the ultrasonic wave and shake with piezoelectric crystal in piezoelectric transducer. According to the original UBeam machine, it can charge rapidly and stably by connected to the cell phone. Actually, it has got some improvements in some details than regular Dell 1545 charger. Meanwhile, some additional functions are also very powerful that can be connected to some other public situations and diverse devices through Wi-fi network.

At present, the application range is still not large enough in actual use. Even if this kind of laptop charger can solve many difficult problems in charging, portability, compatibility and other aspects, it has some limitation and requirements towards the surroundings. As a matter of fact, the inventor hasn’t applied it to a wide range yet.

Up till now, this magical technique is about to be published to the market with such as powerful Wi-fi charger that can charge any consumer electronic product by wireless network.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
These years, the unified standards have been more and more popular in 3C industry, including all sorts of consumer electronic products. Such as Micro USB, the manufacturer has taken advantage of the International standards in the process of design and production, such as interface, internal circuits and so on.

With time goes by, more and more new products have been published and updated while they have higher and higher requirements in power energy and other parts. As for some merchants, they have got some improvements in the interface and adapter that can provide users more convenient.

As is known to all, laptop computer has become the most-growable product in the PC market. Compared to traditional desktop computer, Dell Inspiron 1525 AC adapter has different standards in many aspects. That is to say, different laptop brands and models are of different interface, output power and compatibility. As they cannot be compatible with each other, once out of work, users have to go for a certain suitable one to meet the standards.

Comparatively, in the cell phone market, the standard has come out for many years. For the same brand, they can exchange with each other.

Normally, global compatible laptop AC adapter should be of 100V to 240V input power that can make Dell Inspiron 1525 AC adapter to be adapted to different mains supply in the world. Actually, as for the part to be connected to socket, the nations have their own standards and have been unified to some extent.

Speaking of the other laptop accessories, like LCD screen, CPU and internal memory, they are all of diverse models, types and capacity. Users can select their own requirements according to the needs and laptop configuration.

On the other hand, laptop charger and battery have different warranty to the whole computer due to their own features. BIOS also needs some activation to be adapted to indicate properly, which has also improved the requirements in the technology in manufacturing.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
After using for months and years, the standby time of the laptop computers is shortened and consumption increased. It will really bring users much trouble to have shorter last time in regular work, especially is weaker than requirement. Since so, is there any effective ways to repair and save the power energy and decrease consumption?

About Dell Inspiron 1300 battery consumption

dell inspiron 1300 battery

Any battery, including laptop computer, has its own indicated capacity like mAh and Wh. All of them are the maximum value for output current and voltage. Actually, in real performance, they won’t reach so high and will decrease with time goes by. That is to say, if a laptop battery is of 4800mAh and aging rate is of 6.25%, the real output current is of about 4500mAh. How could it happen?

The difference of lithium-ion cells or internal resistances in the internal circuits

As a matter of fact, the sole cell is also different from each other. Some of them has higher nominal value than others. For this reason, many manufacturers have provided users of diverse laptop batteries in different capacity even if of the same cells quantity. In addition, internal circuits will also be different in design and real performance.

The Dell Inspiron 1300 battery is aging with time goes by and its own consumption is increasing. It is dangerous to work under too high or too low work temperature, which will increase consumption inside as well.

Charge too frequently is actually seriously damaged while both charger and battery will be decreased rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the whole laptop battery to work under stable situations in suitable work temperature. Meanwhile, water or wet conditions are also dangerous, which may arouse fire, electric shock or other accident situations.

The simplest way to adjust the battery indicating is entering into laptop battery BIOS. In power options, users will see “Start Battery Calibration” and press “Enter”. After all, please ensure the AC adapter is plugged and the calibration will go on until it is fully charged and discharged.

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Monday, October 15, 2012
With the carrying rate of cell phone and computer is increasing, many users are complaining of the poor battery performance. After that, it is necessary to take good use of the lithium-ion Dell fk890 battery to avoid some mistakes in real work and keep it in good performance. Therefore, we will summarize some erroneous zones and tips for using the laptop batteries.

It is incorrect to use up all the power energy to recharge.

Many people are convinced that the cell phone should be recharged until it is out of power energy. Actually, it is unreasonable to deep discharge the whole laptop battery, which will make it damaged seriously.

As for lithium-ion batteries, it is suitable to charge them whenever you need.
At present, smart cell phone has been transferred from Ni-Mh to Li-ion versions. Therefore, many usage methods haven’t been adjusted in time to be adapted to the new internal structure.

At first, users need to fully charge and activate the Dell fk890 laptop battery for three times to make the BIOS system to read and adjust the indicating information inside. Actually, the best way is to use up the remaining output power to be of about 10% to 15%. If it is of 70% power energy, it won’t damage the lithium-ion battery if it is recharged again.

In addition, in the process of playing, the laptop battery can also be charged, which won’t influence on the battery lifespan, but decrease running rate to a little extent.

At last, as for used batteries or those not be in use for a long period, it is suitable to put them in cool and dry places to avoid too low and too high work temperature.

All these are the erroneous zones to play with laptop and use Dell fk890 laptop batteries, which users need to pay attention to. If so, the battery can not only avoid the dangerous conditions but can improve the lifespan and properties as well.

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Friday, October 12, 2012
With time goes by, the lithium-ion technology is developing more and more rapidly than before. For different stages for charging, the battery charger can achieve many requirements for battery power energy in good, suitable and steady situations.

Nowadays, the lithium-ion battery charger has taken advantage of CC-CV charger curve to achieve charging. The process of fully charging the lithium-ion batteries has included, precharge, activation, constant current and constant voltage, which should be accord to certain security principle.

dell vostro 1510 battery

At first, in precharge stage, it is necessary to check if the battery status is normal and well. In this process, normally battery provides power energy of about 5% to 15%. When the battery output voltage has reached to be above 2.8V, it means the battery is in good performance. When entering into activation stage, the Dell Vostro 1510 battery will supply the same output current and stand for longer. Until fully charged, the output voltage will also increase with to meet the different demands.

To complete the whole process, the charging current has to decrease with time goes by. Compared to other charge stage, it needs the maximum time to complete all the stages. When the output current has decreased to finished current, to be below to about 2%, the precharge will be finished and moved to other stage until fully charged.

Actually, the battery charger has to be composed by battery charging IC, micro control system,, indicator and other power circuits inside to achieve CC-CV charge curve. Meanwhile the designers need to be very clear about the output voltage, current, work temperature and other parameters about the battery and the whole devices like nominal value.

As for the battery charger solution, the users have two choices, one of battery charger IC and another for microcontroller. The first selection has good configuration and user interface while the other one has more options and functions to provide good power circuit system. However, these power components have lower cost than microcontroller and special charge IC.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Similar to all the electronic accessories and devices, the performance is by all means of greater significance to the configuration and specifications in the actual work. However, it is really a professional and important issue to judge if the laptop battery is of good performance in many aspects.

Normally, as for a laptop battery, the related factors for performance have included power energy, appearance, performance, specifications and so on.

Speaking of the power energy, it is closely relevant to the battery capacity. As is known to all, nowadays, all the laptop batteries are born with lithium-ion cells. The higher mAh value is, the longer it can last for. That is why battery of more lithium-ion cells inside, the longer standby time it can provide.

Furthermore, thanks to more lithium-ion cells inside, the Dell Inspiron 1501 battery of high capacity is usually larger and bigger than normal size version; that is what users need to check and decide before making the final decision.
Speaking of the appearance, it is relevant to the battery shell material, interface, and specification label. In regular work, the original version is very good design and assembled according to the requirement and condition to achieve good performance in actual use.

Comparatively, the interface and shell materials will also influence on the good contact and work temperature, which are what the manufacturer and insiders clear in the past by the experience. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the interface is closed well and shell is comfortable and fire resistant.

As for the specifications, users can use the universal meter to check the actual output voltage and current, the closer, the better. And the part number and other manufacturer information can also provide users helpful ways to learn about the battery.

As for the performance, in addition the factors as above, the control circuits and temperature indicator are of great significance, which determine not only stability but security as well.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012
As for a laptop, it is really a very terrible matter to come across battery problem that cannot be charged normally. After all, the battery has helped the whole computer to achieve perfect portability in actual work. Therefore, some simple tips will reactive the lithium-ion batteries from not being charged.

r60 battery

Reactivate the r60 battery by power management software

As for IBM laptops, there is Battery MaxiMiser and Power Management inside that can indicate the incorrect battery capacity and standby time information can provide suitable solution. By that, the laptop computer will activate and discharge the battery automatically to read and adjust the capacity differences.
In addition, the laptop manufacturer has BIOS accessory inside to maintain and activate the lithium-ion laptop battery.

In Windows 7 system, the power options interface can improve the battery performance to be high performance. Then adjust the plan settings to never and adjust the brightness to be the maximum value.

At this moment, click the options to change the advanced power setting, wireless adapter setting to be power saving mode and set the used battery to be the best performance. Open the battery indicator and inform when the capacity is low. Save the settings and close all the programs before shutting down the laptop computer and recharge the battery to be full.

As a matter of fact, the batteries need to be reactivated have similar features as follows.

The new or replaced lithium-ion laptop battery
The battery that hasn’t been used or be removed from the laptop computer for a long period
The laptop that hasn’t been opened and working for months

Of course, the actual standby time won’t be accurate the same, especially compared to the nominal value. Usually, it is necessary to charge the battery by 1-2 times each month to keep it in good work conditions.

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