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Thursday, October 18, 2012
Nowadays, portable consumer electronic devices have become more and more important in the market. Once out, the standby time of cell phone and laptop computer should be powerful and long enough. Most of users have fully charged them before going out. But if it is hurry, how to charge more conveniently and rapidly?

Actually, the Apple products have been troubled a lot in standby time while they haven’t got some effective solutions yet. As for the Dell 1545 charger, something powerful and updated has been created.

ubeam wi-fi charger

Last year, a female college student Meredith Perry, graduated from University of Pennsylvania, has designed a new scheme about ultrasonic electronic product charger. Through ultrasonic wave charger, the wave will be transferred by air to be ultrasonic vibration piezoelectric crystals with the effect of piezoelectric transducer. By moving, the transducer will supply output current and charge for cell phone, laptop computer and other electronic devices.

There is a kind of ultrasonic wave charger, called UBeam, with the similar work principle that will issue the ultrasonic wave and shake with piezoelectric crystal in piezoelectric transducer. According to the original UBeam machine, it can charge rapidly and stably by connected to the cell phone. Actually, it has got some improvements in some details than regular Dell 1545 charger. Meanwhile, some additional functions are also very powerful that can be connected to some other public situations and diverse devices through Wi-fi network.

At present, the application range is still not large enough in actual use. Even if this kind of laptop charger can solve many difficult problems in charging, portability, compatibility and other aspects, it has some limitation and requirements towards the surroundings. As a matter of fact, the inventor hasn’t applied it to a wide range yet.

Up till now, this magical technique is about to be published to the market with such as powerful Wi-fi charger that can charge any consumer electronic product by wireless network.

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