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Friday, September 28, 2012
As for most of the users, long lifespan is the one users pursue for, which is not only good to the laptop, but can save the cost and energy as well. However, even if with the same laptop battery, the laptop will get different output power from power supply and different lifespan. Actually, it is caused by diverse usage habits.

Charging and recharging the battery or replacement at the first use.

Dell c1295 battery

Of course, users can use up all the power energy inside the new batteries. Before leaving the factory, the manufacturer has completed a cycle of activation. The remaining power energy is for the Dell c1295 battery to use up in the process of transportation and other processes. As for users, fully recharging after consuming all the power energy inside is necessary and good to all the parts inside.

Avoid overcharging and high work temperature in regular work. If possible, the remaining quantity of electricity should be within 20 percent to 80 percent.
The best way to charge the battery is after shutting down the laptop computer. After all, in the process of running, the laptop will consume power energy and release some heat with time goes by. That is why overcharging, especially when playing, is really very dangerous to the whole computer.

If not in use for months, we have to have the battery unplugged and stored in cool and dry box after cooling down.

In most cases, the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries is determined by recharging cycles that are not the theoretical value but the actual performance. Actually, incorrect usage methods are able to decrease the effective recharging cycles. Meanwhile, indicator will also be with wrong information and data inside to influence on the battery actual performance. Activation can help users to get back something corrected. Therefore, maintenance is the most important dealing ways to laptop batteries.

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