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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
With the technology developed, the solar and universal chargers have become more and more common in the market to work for all sorts of consumer electronic products and different requirements in regular use. As for the performance, the traditional power supply comes to be more stable and conveniently in normal use.

solar universal charger

For travelling, the solar charger can work more effectively than before.

Actually, compared to traditional power supply, the solar version is of greater portability and power energy. Therefore, it seems that the solar charger should be a better choice to users to use in the process of travelling. From this point of view, it is really necessary for travelers or field workers to select a proper solar charger.

However, traditional power supply has its own advantages in some common factors.

Even if the compatible laptop AC adapter cannot be adapted to many different work conditions, it can help users to get enough power energy and provide stable work situations. Compared to universal charger, it is specialized designed for certain laptop models and original part numbers with certain output voltage, current and other specifications.

As is known to all, universal chargers can be compatible to many laptop models but not all of them are good in portability.

Usually, the suppliers will have several USB or other connector ports for these chargers, such as different interface, output power and so on. All these ones can save users the cost in purchasing replacement and other accessories.

From this point of view, the solar universal charger can replace the traditional power supply to some extent. Of course, the stability and compatibility are the more important features to terminal users in regular work.

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by: USB Phone World