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Monday, September 3, 2012
Recently a Korean scientist in Weishan national KAIST developed successfully a new kind of lithium battery which could be full charged within a few minutes. And the related thesis has been published on the international periodical “practical chemistry”.

The conventional Dell 1545 battery is made with nano particles. Although new batteries are made with that also, this material should be dissolved in the liquid containing graphite and then carbonized the tight conductor network spreading all over the electrodes. Thus, all particles which could accumulate power could be charged again at the same time, so this could save the time.

On the contrary, the particles in the conventional Dell 1545 battery is charged in proper order from the outermost to the innermost layer. That is why the charging time is much slower. According to the test, the new battery charging time only occupies 1/30 to 1/120 of the time compared with conventional batteries.

When you charge the battery, it is even to supplement the electrons which are released during being discharged. That is why conventional batteries need to be charged for several hours because of its releasing power that is too slow.

Scientist improved the material formula, surface structure and production process (heat treatment) on the batteries so that the release and suction speed of the lithium electron has been up to 100 times.

With the development of quick-charged batteries, it could also be widely used in laptop batteries, camera batteries and mobile phone batteries. I can convenience our life a lot. For example, your laptop could be recovered by charging several minutes during the rest of the meeting.  If you need go outside abruptly meanwhile your mobile phone has almost little power by chance, you can charge it within several minutes. It will not delay your time at all.

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