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Thursday, August 23, 2012
For a long time to go, the laptop batteries have been talked a lot in the difficulties in getting balance between standby time and the appearance. According to the traditions, the size of the lithium-ion batteries will be changed by the capacity and standby time. Therefore, the balance between these two factors is also tested by the whole market.

dell inspiron 1525 battery

Why Dell Inspiron 1525 battery of long last time is usually larger in the appearance?

As for the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, the lithium-ion cells have made the final decision with output voltage and current. The voltage is from the cells in parallel and current is from the ones in series. The more cells inside, the more lithium-ion cells need to be installed. That is why the higher capacity batteries are of larger size.

The advantages slim battery has

As for laptop computer, nearly all the users will pay attention to the portability and compatibility in actual work. In pursue of convenience, the slim but powerful laptop battery is necessary to meet all kinds of demands in any place we need.

The advantages long life battery has

Similarly, the long life batteries can provide more output power and more work time for users who need enough standby time but don’t have charger or outlet in the suitable situations. Under this circumstance, high-capacity version is more popular than others thanks to the long life time and higher running rate. But the larger size has made many users hesitated a lot to make the final decision.

How to get balance between standby time and slim laptop battery? Actually, the issue has troubled the whole market for a long period from then on. Meanwhile, some silicon materials have been taken use of to improve the performance of lithium-ion laptop batteries.

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