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Sunday, August 12, 2012
Recently, according to Professor Elizabeth from University of California, the normal laptop computer can be a part-time seismograph if an accelerometer or transducer is installed. When users are playing with the laptop, the system will check and detect the special work situations. Once happened, the indicator will catch the details and transfer the data to computer system to avoid the damages.

As is exemplified as the Salton in California, the earthquake is frequently happened while the laptop computer can get the information at the early times just as the seismic experts do.

If it is a big earthquake, the earthquake tracker can save more time and r60 battery power energy from users to withdraw from the dangerous conditions more quickly. Meanwhile, the signal can be transferred to the disaster area as soon as possible the relevant department to have fully prepared.

The laptop can be seismic sensor very easily according to the work principle like iPhone and other electronic products with a detected miniature accelerometer.

In Chile earthquake, the application in laptop has saved many people while such examples have occurred to many other places.

With the expansion of network, some potential problems have emerged from the water, such as misstatement. To improve the accurancy, some relevant programs will work out while users need to ensure the laptop battery like r60 battery is of enough power energy inside to perform normally.

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