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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
After researching for three years, a new kind of AC adapter is in volume production that can provide higher output power for laptop batteries. It is reported the high output power charger can supply enough power energy to about 15 laptop batteries. Meanwhile, some solar versions are also in the process of research.

In last week, they are also looking for a power supply Lenovo 65w AC adapter that is of high work efficiency and supply more output power to laptop computers. In interface, connector tip, control circuits and other parts, this adapter can also perform well to run smoothly.

Through some special power equipments, the researchers are also developing a new kind of power charger for higher requirements, such as pasture. Each laptop battery can last for about three hours in the process of experiment. Meanwhile, a new kind of AC adapter getting power energy from cows is also in research, which can also work for laptop batteries.

The new upgraded Lenovo 65W AC adapter is of low consumption and can work for about 5 years even if working under high work temperature and other severe environments. It is known to all, usual laptop batteries and power supplies are unable to work steadily and smoothly under such circumstances.

In addition, the research institution is also about to devote some effective high-quality Lenovo 65W chargers and solar versions to public schools in US. Thereby, the researchers need to ensure the security and stability of these AC adapters to be taken into mass production.

On the other hand, the suitable Lenovo 65W AC adapter should be not only qualified in internal structure but appearance and portability as well to meet the increasing demands.

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