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Thursday, July 12, 2012
In many cases, the batteries have played the very important roles in laptops. However, not all the users have realized the influence and the significance to taking good care of them in regular work. Actually, with only some key points, users can make your Lenovo t60 battery perform well in many aspects.

The control circuits with suitable nominal value can ensure the whole battery working steadily in good conditions.

Many users should have acknowledged about the output power in specifications in voltage and current. Actually, these values are also related to the control circuits in controlling the actual performance. When the actual output power comes to be higher, the system will cut down and avoid providing power energy any more to keep the whole computer in secure situations.

Activation is necessary nearly once two months, which can adjust the data in BIOS.

Although the lithium-ion Lenovo T60 battery is of little memory effect, the activation by charging and discharging for several times can improve the battery performance seriously. Of course, please keep the remaining power energy within about 20% to 80%, which is the most suitable and comfortable range for lithium-ion laptop batteries.

Please use the Lenovo T60 battery regularly even if it is only a backup.

Actually, the batteries no in use will be weaker in performance, especially for those not being used for a long period. Thereby, users need to plug the battery in at least once a month even if the laptop AC adapter is available. Otherwise, the batteries will be short in standby time or even dead rapidly.

Please try to make the battery keep fully contact with the air to get good heat dispersion.

As is known to all, the heat is the most seriously killer to the electronic products. Therefore, in some cases, the high-capacity Lenovo T60 battery is a good choice that is of longer last time and larger size, which can help the laptop to have some spaces to contact with the air.

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