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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
As is known to all, the maintenance and usage methods in actual work are very important to terminal users in actual work. If we have taken all efforts to improve the performance of Apple Macbook battery, it will bring us more effective power energy and running frequency in regular work.

The activation for the brand new Apple laptop battery for the first use
Although Li-ion laptop batteries are of only little memory effect, users need to activate it to be adapted to the new BIOS system. As a matter of fact, only a simple step can make this Apple Macbook battery cooperate well with our Apple notebook computer, charging and recharging it for about three times.

Keep the work temperature under a certain secure range
As for electronic devices, no one can ignore the influence of work temperature while we need to keep it running well under good work situations. If possible, we recommend users to get a heat radiator to cool down the whole computer, which can provide a very good condition to it to work smoothly and steadily.

The storage of Apple Macbook battery if not use for a long time
As for those batteries not in use for a long time, the correct storage ways are necessary to keep it work under good conditions. It is certainly that we need to charge it to be of about 40% to 60% in remaining power energy. After that, cool it down and remove it from the motherland computer and store it in a cool and dry box.

The correct charging ways for lithium-ion Apple Macbook battery
It is really very dangerous for us to deep discharge the lithium-ion batteries. That is to say, we need to recharge it before the remaining power energy is below 20%. For this reason, we can also keep it discharging Apple Macbook battery when the remaining is of about 80% to get it in a secure and stable running range.

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