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Thursday, June 7, 2012
At present, there are about three sorts of laptop batteries in the world, including Ni-cd, Ni-mh and Li-ion versions. Actually, they have played the important role through the industry with time goes by. Gradually, the former two batteries have been substituted by Li-ion ones.

Generally speaking, the Dell d620 battery is composed by battery shell, protection circuits and lithium-ion cells. Usually, the mAh is the unit for battery capacity while the X-cell is also equal to the cells quantity inside. By these two values, we are able to figure out the last time of laptop batteries very conveniently.
The internal circuits are mainly established by protection circuits, secondary protection circuits and capacity indicating circuits, which can manage the charging and discharging of these Li-ion laptop batteries in actual work.

The last time of Dell D620 battery is determined by mAh value and cells quantity. Rated at 11.1V and 4400mAh, this 6-cell Li-ion laptop battery can last for about 2-3 hours as the average. When the cells quantity increasing, the last time is longer and the sales price will be higher. As for usual users, it is suggested to have the standard version, just like this 6-cell battery for Dell D620 series.

The lifespan of Dell D620 battery is determined by recharging cycles while these 6-cell versions are of about 500 to 600 cycles. Of course, it can stand for about 2-3 years and comes to be aging since that time. At that moment, the standby time will decrease rapidly and influence on the laptop running speed. That is why replacement batteries are necessary to these laptops.

Nowadays, the laptops have played a more and more important role in our daily life while a large amount of them are Li-ion batteries with suitable last time. As to Dell D620 users, the recycling of old ones is also another important item to Dell D620 laptop battery.

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