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Thursday, November 29, 2012
As the important part for laptop computer, on no account can we ignore the performance of the Li-ion battery to influence on the laptop system, last time and stability. If it is possible to protection the batteries well, it can not only perform better but can last longer and longer as well.

Dell d410 battery

At first use, it is dangerous to overcharge the Dell d410 battery for too long time while it can be activated by fully charging and discharging for three times.

As is known to all, the merchants usually ask users to activate the battery or charge the battery at the first time of use for over 12 hours. Actually, it is the habit for Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries while we need to solve the problem of memory effect. For this reason, we need to adjust the BIOS system to indicate the remaining capacity properly. Comparatively, Li-ion batteries haven’t got such problem while it can be charged normally at any time.

If users hope to take advantage of the laptop battery longer, some factors should be paid attention to, including work temperature, running speed, specifications, lifespan and so on.

Maintenance is the only way to extend Dell d410 battery life and performance to a great extent. That is why we need to pay great attentions to these factors.

In regular use, we should keep it work in cool and dry places and it is impossible to have a battery last long enough if the consumption of laptop system is very high. Of course, high-capacity battery versions can meet the requirements for those who need longer last time that is of higher output power in voltage and current.
If the Dell d410 battery is not used for a long period, users should activate it by charging and discharging to make the BIOS recognize it again.

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In most cases, battery and charger have influence on each other in performance, running rate, work temperature and so on. As a matter of fact, it can meet most of requirements in laptop system in many aspects if users have suitable and high-quality laptop battery and charger of good specifications.

First of all, we need to check the specification of output power of original Dell Inspiron 1300 battery.

dell inspiron 1300 battery

If you haven't ever replaced your battery before, your Dell laptop battery should be of OEM specifications in output voltage and current to be of 14.8V and 2400mAh. If so, any laptop chargers can fit with it well. If not, it must be high-capacity extended life version battery for Dell Inspiron 1300.

After learning clearly about the battery specifications, it can provide users more specific direction to get a suitable laptop AC adapter so supply enough power energy.

Normally, the output current of charger should be higher than that of the laptop battery as it needs to supply enough to both battery and laptop system at the same time. For this reason, the output voltage should also be higher than the OEM nominal value to meet the internal structure requirements.

What do the specifications mean to laptop and users in the process of running?
For Dell Inspiron 1300 battery, the specifications have great significance to laptop users in standby time and running speed. Actually, the speed has more relevant factors to the Dell AC adapter than battery. Therefore, if users hope to fully charge the laptop and battery more rapidly, it needs higher rate adapter while battery can ensure laptop to last longer in the process of use.

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Monday, November 26, 2012
The advanced technology requirements are increasing everyday with time goes by. As a matter of fact, the existed resources are no longer powerful enough to us while we need to develop and exploit more new power energy by new technologies just like we have seen in science fictions and movies.

The alien civilization is confronted with increasing power requirements at present while we have to maintain the increasing population. The scientists guess that the closing planet can be the suitable situations for human beings to live. Just like what in science fiction, the most popular idea to get more power energy is developing and constructing the nature conditions to establish the power station.

black hole battery

The researchers guess that mini black hold Dell c1295 battery can be achieved to create power energy more conveniently by ourselves to be portable power supply.

By this black hold battery, the solar power energy will supply radial line power to collect and give out enough power energy. Once it is achieved, it will be very powerful technology to achieve self-power supply to be a new power resource.
Someone also put forward that it can be an interstellar stamping the power of the engine system to take advantage of thin hydrogen air to transfer the power energy to the system. And the black hold power energy will also create and supply more other energies.

This new positive technology is also a kind of way to look for extraterrestrial intelligence creatures by relevant signals. And we can also get some substitute resources to take good use.

The scientists have obtained a spherical shield field to find the black hold power energy resource to establish opening and closing system for them, including special gamma ray and solar power energy. Furthermore, the cost to create black hold battery is lower than regular primary materials and it is still being tested by physics research with interstellar navigation power solutions.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012
Have you ever used to charge your cell phone by USB connecter to be plugged into laptop computer? Recently, Intel has claimed in their official blog that they are cooperating with a chip manufacturer Integrated Device Technology, can be also called as IDT, to develop the new wireless charging technique for laptop computer.

new charging technique

According to the traditional Intel developing ideas, when the cell phone is about to be out of power energy, there should be mains supply or laptop computer beside to recharge if there’s little remaining power inside the cell phone.

Only in an hour, the users can fully charge their cell phones and it can last for nearly half a day. Although it is possible to connect to laptop computer to complete charging for cell phone at present, Intel think it is hard to achieve without USB connecting cable. And this new technology has already been completed in Ultrabook computer from Intel.

They also claimed that this new wireless charging technique can charge as fast as the USB charging connector cable. Actually, Dell adapter pa12 has a wireless transferring passageway to supply power energy more rapidly and steadily on laptop and cell phone.

Of course, this new charging technique is still in the process of beginning development stage. Traced back to 2008, Intel has first communicated with their cooperators about this wireless charging technique.

The Integrated Device Technology also said that they will prepare to have a new press conference to display their completed accessories for this wireless charging technique. However, as for the date to publish their new charging device, it is still uncertain. After all, the technique should be checked by more laptop computers and cell phones in actual work.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012
It is really a great revolution to have a smart cell phone and tablet computer to make the communication and work more conveniently. Even so, something in typing and writing is an obstacle for them to replace the laptop computer. Therefore, the Bluetooth keyboard has been the assistant for users to solve the problem well.

bluetooth keyboard

In some places, iPad is also classified to be a netbook computer. However, hand touch is just not so comfortable like the keyboards for all the letters. However, a large keyboard like desktop computer will also be another drag to iPad.

To meet the both requirements, mini Bluetooth wireless keyboard will be a good choice to be both shelf and keyboard.

The features for Bluetooth keyboard includes built-in wireless bluetooth function, ultra slim and fashionable, space-saving layout, energy saving sleep mode, low distance meters with new design square key shape, rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, 10 meters operation range, full coverage protection and so on.

With very good aluminum and ABS material for Bluetooth keyboard shell, it is not only good in appearance but very practical and firmed in performance. After connected to the tablet computer and cell phone, users usually need to set the options at the first time of use. Of course, it is necessary to be carefully when removed or plugged the device in. And the shelf design can also help the users to be more comfortable to see the movies or other programs without holding.

Usually, the standby time of Li-ion battery inside the Bluetooth keyboard is long enough to last for days, which is even longer than the main device, including iPad, iPad2, New Pad, Samsun Galaxy Tablet, Google Nexus, iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPhone5 and so on. Thanks to the wide range, the new Bluetooth wireless technology will be more and more popular in the near future.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
For both last time and charging rate, we are all troubled with the process of charging and the time for us to play with laptop battery only. However, it is hard for the battery to perform the same as the power adapter while it needs external power supply to run normally. Recently, a new technology is released, which is said to solve the problem well.

hp mu06 battery

It is reported that the researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology has published out a kind of new Li-ion HP mu06 battery that can be compressed or curved to supply power energy to complete self-charging. The whole process is completed by the chemical materials inside to have switching reaction automatically.

The researchers have put away the contained fuel cell electrolyte, a kind of jello plastic container to store power energy with chemical ways. As a replacement, a new layer of pressured electrical carbon nanotubes is applied to transfer the movement to power energy. Therefore, it has been developed to use moving to complete the whole chemical power transformation to get more power energy for Li-ion and Hybrid Fuel Cell batteries.

Generally speaking, piezoelectric positioning equipments can convert the kinetic energy to power energy well. And then it can also convert to chemical energy by standard charging circuits inside the Li-ion HP mu06 battery. This new Hybrid Fuel Cell technology can influence on the ion current inside the device directly.
Thereby, the researchers can completely skip the charging circuits inside to catch the more efficient way to get mechanical energy. Although it refers to physical movement, but the shape and size is smaller that is hard to see. At present, a kind of biomechanical device that won’t be an eyesore can supply an effective configuration solution to solve the moving devices to meet the increasing demands on power energy.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012
Recently, we are talking about the power energy saving, laptop performance, lightness, and other relevant features for computers. In these aspects, the laptop is different from each other when it is plugged with laptop charger or not. As a matter of fact, the running rate and power energy are also different with battery and Sony 19.5 v ac adapter.

sony 19.5 v ac adapter

In theory, as long as the output power of AC adapter is high enough, it can support the whole laptop computer well to play with the internal and external devices and programs in the process of use. Especially for those who have upgraded the configuration of laptop, it is not powerful enough to run with laptop battery only.

Under power solution equilibrium mode, the laptop computer is always working with low loading, the output voltage and running frequency will also be decreased to save more power energy. When it is under high loading, the system will improve the core voltage to be of high frequency.

When the power option is of high performance, the laptop computer can reduce voltage and frequency automatically to play with the best performance.

Without AC adapter, the laptop balance mode will run different from each other with the mode with battery only. If it is only tested by the processor, the different is tiny. Actually, it is caused by the requirements of other laptop parts.

Even so, in auto mode, the processor will adjust the power option from balanced to high performance and the laptop graphic core is also enhanced. From the laptop battery point of view, the maximum output power cannot meet the regular demands if working with battery only. However, in the aspect of integrated graphics card, the performance is similar.

In high performance mode, the laptop code will be of high running frequency to support the upgraded power options and other programs. That is why laptop computer needs a high rate AC adapter instead of laptop battery.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012
How long does your laptop need to fully charge the laptop battery? Have you ever imagine that it can be charged successfully in one minute? Actually, in Korea, a national science and technology college has developed a new kind of charging technology to shorten the charge time to be nearly only one minute.

hp g62 laptop battery

It is reported that Ulsan national institute of science and technology has successfully decomposed and carbonized nano particles in the Graphene Oxide and it can cover lithium-ion HP g62 laptop battery by the whole electrode conductor network.

By this new technology, all the particles can be resolved and effected in at the same time on a very high rate. As a matter of fact, this new technology can be applied into many other consumer electronic products with lithium-ion battery, including laptop battery and cell phone battery.

As is exemplified by HP g62 laptop battery, with 9 cells inside, it can last for about four to five hours in regular work while it needs longer to fully charge the whole battery and 9 lithium-ion cells.

If charged by a normal 65W HP G62 charger of 18.5V and 3.6A, it costs about 2-3 hours to fully charge this 9-cell laptop battery in most of time. Compared to this new conductor, it has wasted a lot of time in charging and other fields.
As a matter of fact, this new technology can resolve the internal iron-phosphate particles and other parts inside to upgrade the ways to react in chemical properties and transfer the mains supply to nominal output power value more rapidly than before. That is why it can complete fully charging in only one minute and run steadily and smoothly.

Of course, the new technology is only in tests in Korea to have some certified experiences on real HP G62 and other consumer electronic devices before taken to mass manufacturing.

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Monday, November 12, 2012
Compared to many other regular laptop batteries in the market, this 9 cell e1505 battery for Dell can last longer of powerful functions in performance. As they can be compatible to the same laptop models with the same internal structure, why does this 9-cell version has longer last time?

9 cell e1505 battery for Dell has three more lithium-ion cells inside and higher output current.

9 cell e1505 battery

As a matter of fact, the cells quantity has determined the last time and capacity of the laptop and battery inside. The parallel cells have combined into the one side of the battery to supply output voltage according to the original nominal value. At this moment, the series part cells have combined into the other side of the lithium-ion cells to be the output current, which determines the standby time of certain laptop battery.

In most cases, the more cells for 9-cell Dell e1505 battery have more cells in series to increase the output current value. That is why the last time of this 9-cell version is longer.

Of course, to ensure the compatibility, security and stability, the manufacturers need to have some tests in performance and quality. The compatibility concerns about the interface, connector, shell materials, control circuits and output power. All these are of great significance to check if certain laptop battery can fit your Dell E1505 or other laptop models well.

As for the security and stability, the control circuits in design, structure, primary materials and assembling have decided the whole performance. That is what users should check before making the final decision. A good credible merchant of long experience is a good choice while after-sale service can make users more satisfactory and reassurance.

On the other hand, of poor contact, the 9 cell e1505 battery for Dell won’t have long enough lifespan, even if it can last for more hours at early times. Therefore, we should get to a reliable battery supplier and get the certain laptop battery according to your laptop model and requirements in last time.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012
How powerful the radiation is when laptop is connected with the charger and mains supply? Under thus circumstances, according to the calculator, the radiation is of 3771 microwatt per square centimeter, which is really very powerful to human beings.

Recently, the world health organization has reported that the cell phone is possible to be carcinogenic according to some researches. With the popularity is expanded in cell phone and other electronic device market, the discussion of laptop computer and laptop charger is also going on seriously.

Dell 1545 charger

As is known to all, under different conditions, the radiation of consumer electronic products are different from each other. By different output power, voltage and current, the requirements and consumption will be changed to different levels for cell phone and laptop computer.

In nature, as long as the absolute temperature is above the zero assoluto, the laptop can supply power energy and heat continuously in the form of electromagnetic wave, which is called as radiation.

The key point for Dell 1545 laptop computer is the radiation while it is created the most from the Dell 1545 charger. Especially when users are playing on the computer when being charged, it will be stronger and stronger when the consumption is increasing.

Yesterday, we have had an experience on a laptop computer. The electromagnetic radiation from laptop computer is of low frequency. After taking use of this kind of low-frequency electronic device, the radiation of the whole computer, including screen and motherland can reach about more than 3000 microwatt per square centimeter. However, when the Dell 1545 charger is removed, the radiation decreases rapidly to zero.

From this point of view, users had better use the cell phone or play on the laptop computer when they are fully charged and removed the charger from the outlet and motherland computer to reduce the influence of radiation.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012
No matter how long users are about to work on their laptop computer, they all hope they can last long enough with long lifespan in good performance. Actually, this requirement should be rely on the standby time and configuration of the lithium-ion HP g62 laptop battery.

hp g62 laptop battery

Activate the laptop battery for new users.

Each time users are going to purchase a new laptop computer, the merchants will tell them to fully charge and discharge the batteries for at least three times. Actually, it is a kind of way to activate the battery to improve the performance. Actually, the laptop batteries have been activated in properties and viability before leaving the factory. To reduce the consumption in power energy and work efficiency, there is no use to charge and recharge the new battery for many times but just use it normally.

Discharge the HP G62 laptop battery to some extent.

To ensure the battery power energy, it is necessary to activate it about once a month to adjust the data in BIOS and CPU running programs. Especially for those who have high consumption on the laptop, it will use up the power energy rapidly in the process of work. Of course, please keep some remaining power energy inside in regular use with about more than 10% power energy inside.

There is no need to unplug the laptop battery when charged by the AC adapter.
Many people think the AC adapter will damage the batteries if they are plugged and recharged for many times. As a matter of fact, there’s protection circuit inside to protect the battery performance and properties. Meanwhile HP G62 laptop battery has its own setting in recharging level. And not use for a long time is more dangerous to the lithium-ion laptop battery.

Learn how to take advantage of the battery management system.

In some operation system, there’s a kind of built-in intelligent power capability that can set and adjust according to different requirements in power options, which can not only save more power energy but decrease the battery consumption obviously. It is certainly that this power plan can extend the laptop and battery lifespan to a great range.

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Monday, November 5, 2012
With the requirement of mobile officing is increasing and increasing, the performance of laptop should also be improved with time goes by. Compared to the desktop computer, laptop has great advantages in portability and mobility. If abstained from the lithium-ion batteries, the laptop is only a portable PC computer. That is to say, the laptop battery develop technique is an indispensable and important part for notebook computers.

At present, the real limited development for laptop computer is not the configuration in hardware but the last time and environmental protection factors. Someone from Intel has ever said that nine of ten users who play on laptop are not satisfied with the last time of the laptop battery.

At the same time, the other accessories like chip, storage memory, lcd screen and other devices have much faster developing rate than that of the batteries. From this point of view, the difficulties of battery technique improvement are on a very high level.

fuel cell laptop battery

Developed from Ni-cd and Ni-mh, to be lithium-ion ages, nowadays, Gateway battery as09a61 can last for 2-6 hours, which is still not long enough to solve the problem in charging and playing. Of course, it is impossible to work by battery only to get enough power energy.

Recently, some kinds of fuel cell technologies are in the process of developing in last century. This new battery is of little pollution, high work efficiency, to be a kind of clean and environmental power supply. Compared to the regular lithium-ion and Li-Polymer battery, the new laptop battery has higher power energy density. Under the same capacity, the battery can be thinner and lighter and more powerful performance.

Actually, some manufacturers in Japan have already producing this kind of laptop battery in the factory to test the properties and other factors to keep it work more steadily and securely.

Of course, in actual application, it still needs a long time to develop, research and testing. If possible, the laptop battery can last for more than 8 hours in the future if the technique is proved to work normally.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012
With the new product release meeting of Apple is held on not long ago, they have brought us a new type of laptop computer with retinal screen. This laptop is born with 13 inch retinal panel for the new Macbook pro series. The volume of the whole device is light and handy that is only 1.9cm in depth. Compared to the old Macbook pro series, it is close to thinner by 1 time, which is more conveniently to carry for business trip, travelling or other requirements.

Here, we are about to open this new MacBook Pro 13 laptop to see the internal structure more clearly.

Before opening the laptop computer, let’s see the configuration of this Macbook Pro 13 inch laptop more clearly. Adopted with 13.3 inch retinal screen of 2560×1600. The CPU of the laptop is of 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 dual core processor and 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L internal memory. Actually, it has also got 128GB and 256GB flash memory versions with Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 and HDMI I/O interface to be integrated with the latest Intel HD Graphics 4000 image processor.

The first step is to cut off the connection between battery and the whole laptop. As the connecting way is definitely different from each other, this macbook 13 replacement battery is installed with some fixed screw connector and PCB is only the bridge between battery controller and logic board.

It is obviously that there’s a layer of similar sponge iron wafer above two speakers on screw to fasten, reduce noise, or only package for Apple Macbook Pro laptop.

Meanwhile, the arrangement of battery pack for this 13 inch Apple Macbook Pro laptop is the key point, which helps the Apple designer to arrange the SSD touch board device.

As a whole, this MacBook Pro 13 laptop can contain 2.5 inch laptop hard disk of 5mm or 7mm space inside to connect the both. Of course the macbook 13 replacement battery is still sticked on the top of the device and can be pulled out more conveniently. The disadvantage of this laptop is difficulty in upgrading. Anyway, this new Macbook pro computer has great improvement in the hardware and brings us a lot of amazing changes in configuration, appearance and other aspects.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012
Since the tablet computer is published, laptop computers have taken all kinds of challenges from the market. Actually, the new Windows 8 has carried us many new PC computers, including both tablet and laptop of high configuration, new touch screen, and other amazing functions.

Windows 8 has aroused the new touch revolution

After Microsoft has released their Windows 8 operation system, it has improved a lot in user interface that can be adapted to PC, laptop, tablet and other devices with touch screens. Compared to Windows 7, it has got a lot of improvements in menu, button, mouse input design and other user experience.

windows 8 for laptop

In addition, Windows 8 has also the functions to realize screen zoom, close the applications and other requirements by touch gesture. On basis of multi-touch gestures, this new operation system and turn on and close the programs more rapidly and conveniently while it can also complete packet processing, increasing or decreasing applications, moving the files and so on.

It is certainly that Windows 8 has brought tablet computer more chances to attract the users attention in many aspects. Even so, laptop computer, like Dell laptop, has also developed their new products that are born with touch screen and other additional functions as well. And Dell d410 battery should be upgraded to fit better and last longer.

As a matter of fact, this new operation system has also supplied cardiotonic to the whole PC industry. All the major PC manufacturers have designed and assembled their new laptop or tablet computers according to all these new features to catch the market earlier.

In my opinion, the combination of both tablet and laptop computer will be the tendency in the near future.

The topic about if tablet will replace the laptop has been talked for a long period. According to actual situations, it is hard to compete with each other as they have their own unique advantages.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a new computer with the advantages of both to meet both business and personal demands. And Windows 8 has the new properties to be compatible with tablet touch and traditional desktop laptop operation system. The whole PC market is bound to have a new revolution after that.

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