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Monday, November 5, 2012
With the requirement of mobile officing is increasing and increasing, the performance of laptop should also be improved with time goes by. Compared to the desktop computer, laptop has great advantages in portability and mobility. If abstained from the lithium-ion batteries, the laptop is only a portable PC computer. That is to say, the laptop battery develop technique is an indispensable and important part for notebook computers.

At present, the real limited development for laptop computer is not the configuration in hardware but the last time and environmental protection factors. Someone from Intel has ever said that nine of ten users who play on laptop are not satisfied with the last time of the laptop battery.

At the same time, the other accessories like chip, storage memory, lcd screen and other devices have much faster developing rate than that of the batteries. From this point of view, the difficulties of battery technique improvement are on a very high level.

fuel cell laptop battery

Developed from Ni-cd and Ni-mh, to be lithium-ion ages, nowadays, Gateway battery as09a61 can last for 2-6 hours, which is still not long enough to solve the problem in charging and playing. Of course, it is impossible to work by battery only to get enough power energy.

Recently, some kinds of fuel cell technologies are in the process of developing in last century. This new battery is of little pollution, high work efficiency, to be a kind of clean and environmental power supply. Compared to the regular lithium-ion and Li-Polymer battery, the new laptop battery has higher power energy density. Under the same capacity, the battery can be thinner and lighter and more powerful performance.

Actually, some manufacturers in Japan have already producing this kind of laptop battery in the factory to test the properties and other factors to keep it work more steadily and securely.

Of course, in actual application, it still needs a long time to develop, research and testing. If possible, the laptop battery can last for more than 8 hours in the future if the technique is proved to work normally.

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