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Sunday, October 28, 2012
Since the first iPad has pushed forward the first iPad, the tablet computer comes to enter into all kinds of the family immediately, which has many obvious advantages to PC computer. To be confronted with whole market, Dell has been called as the famous company for PC computers. However, why didn’t Dell push forward any tablet computers?

According to David Johnson, Apple and Dell are two definitely different companies of different business mode. However, the reason Dell hasn’t published any tablet computer is because of the cooperation with operation system suppliers.

Dell Inspiron 6400

Since iPad has come to the market in 2010, tablet computer has entered into all the families rapidly to replace PC computers step by step. Without external Dell Inspiron 6400 battery, they are more conveniently in portability and last time. Actually, many large brands have developed their own tablet computers.

In the past, Dell is the leader in PC market while they are always working hard to be adapted to the changes in the market. Including Lenovo, the competitor to Dell, is purchasing more and more market share and change their business range to PC computer market rapidly.

Actually, the tablet computer has brought Dell some loss in last year. However, the publishing of Microsoft Windows 8 will also be another new chance to Dell in PC market.

Johnson also said that they need to rely on Windows operation system, which is why Dell cannot push forward their own tablet computer. As for the hardware manufacturers, like Dell and HP, they have their compatible laptop battery and charger. Comparatively, Apple has made all these accessories to be integrated together.

If Dell needs their own tablet computer, they have to take control of both software and hardware in ability. And they should consider of the influence of the other parts like battery and AC adapter in the compatibility, standby time and other factors.

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