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Monday, October 15, 2012
With the carrying rate of cell phone and computer is increasing, many users are complaining of the poor battery performance. After that, it is necessary to take good use of the lithium-ion Dell fk890 battery to avoid some mistakes in real work and keep it in good performance. Therefore, we will summarize some erroneous zones and tips for using the laptop batteries.

It is incorrect to use up all the power energy to recharge.

Many people are convinced that the cell phone should be recharged until it is out of power energy. Actually, it is unreasonable to deep discharge the whole laptop battery, which will make it damaged seriously.

As for lithium-ion batteries, it is suitable to charge them whenever you need.
At present, smart cell phone has been transferred from Ni-Mh to Li-ion versions. Therefore, many usage methods haven’t been adjusted in time to be adapted to the new internal structure.

At first, users need to fully charge and activate the Dell fk890 laptop battery for three times to make the BIOS system to read and adjust the indicating information inside. Actually, the best way is to use up the remaining output power to be of about 10% to 15%. If it is of 70% power energy, it won’t damage the lithium-ion battery if it is recharged again.

In addition, in the process of playing, the laptop battery can also be charged, which won’t influence on the battery lifespan, but decrease running rate to a little extent.

At last, as for used batteries or those not be in use for a long period, it is suitable to put them in cool and dry places to avoid too low and too high work temperature.

All these are the erroneous zones to play with laptop and use Dell fk890 laptop batteries, which users need to pay attention to. If so, the battery can not only avoid the dangerous conditions but can improve the lifespan and properties as well.

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