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Monday, October 31, 2011

It is said that all the consumer electronics have played important roles in our actual life in all aspects. Compared to the appearance, users come to pay more attentions to the internal structure as it has related to powerful functions, performance, lifespan and so on. However, have you figured out the potential influence of laptop battery and AC adapter shell?

As a matter of fact, all the electronic products should have both steady internal structure and qualified external shells. It is known to all that internal circuits are complicated for consumer electronics and they need to work under good situations thanks to their unique characteristics.

laptop battery

If laptop battery has good battery shell, it can not only keep the internal performance of good conditions but can work well in terms of charging rate, smoothly work process, good contact, standby time and so on. Fireproofing shells are applied into all of batteries as they can avoid some accidents if there’s something wrong with surroundings or internal structure.

ac adapter

If a laptop AC adapter has installed with a suitable external shell, I think it can also keep the device under good work situations, such as reasonable charging rate, work temperature, compatibility, contact, lifespan and other important factors that have influenced on the actual work on laptop computers.

Under this circumstance, USB Phone World has paid great attentions on consumer electronics shells as they can not only protection the products from dangerous environments but are also good symbols to businessmen if you need to have a business trip or conference.

No matter where you will go for, all the laptop batteries and AC adapters are bound to be your good partners in life and work. As long as you need them, they can serve you well at any time anywhere.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, October 30, 2011

More and more users come to realize the important role of laptop battery capacity that is not only related to standby time but shelf life and other performance as well. For this reason, the researchers have worked hard to get more improvements in this part.

laptop battery, lack of power energy

Usually, the more power energy discharged, the more seriously lithium-ion laptop battery is consumed. That is why some users who have fully charged and discharged the batteries figured out they come to be weaker and weaker with time goes by. According to the professional professors of electronic engineering, the most reasonable work situations for lithium-ion laptop battery are the intermediate states that can extend the battery shelf life.

If you need to keep the external charger with your laptop, please adjust the power options of the system. According to the properties of laptop batteries, it is suitable to charge it to be about 80% or less and discharge to be about 20% or more. It can also help users to get the suitable work temperature in the usual work.

As to some other small consumer electronics, please take time to remove after they are fully charged. Otherwise, it will consume more power energy and reduce the running rate. If they have also applied the lithium-ion batteries, you just need to fully charge it if you have time instead of being used up.

If you are about to have a long-term trip, it is all right for users to fully charge the lithium-ion laptop battery. Under this circumstance, please recharge it if the external power supply, outlet is available or you have time. In addition, laptop systems have some modes, such as Windows 7, XP and so on.

Temperature and external work conditions are the other factors to influence on the battery performance. The value below freezing point is likely to destroy the internal structure and too high value will reduce the capacity to a great extent.

At present, many people have owned their consumer electronics while a great part of them are lithium-ion laptop batteries. It is also friendly to the environment if you need to recycle the dead batteries. Therefore, it can save you cost in replacing and recycling if you can extend the laptop battery shelf life and maximum capacity effectively.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Speaking of standby time, different users have their own answers just as there are 1,000 Hamlets in 1,000 people's minds. For this reason, it is a complex problem for users to learn about their own standby time. We have summarized some factors to influence on laptop battery performance.

With netbook and slim laptop computer to be more and more popular, standby time of laptop battery has attracted more and more attentions from users while manufacturers have put into more energy to develop the technologies, which has brought us a lot of hope to enjoy the updated standby time.

laptop battery, standby time

Although all laptop brands have their attractive advertisements about standby time, users cannot enjoy such a powerful function as is claimed by merchants. What’s wrong? Actually, there’s a misunderstanding relevant to users work situations and battery usage loads. As to the consumption of power energy, manufacturers still need to provide users the actual standby time instead of theoretical value.

If so, how did the manufacturers get such theoretical value of standby time? According to the examination of certain laptop brand insiders, nominal values are turned out under certain work situations instead of actual work. Similarly, such a problem has also occurred to some other laptop suppliers. If only we haven’t got any operation, the theoretical standby time will be available to us.

Then, let’s have a look what kind of configuration is preferred by laptop?

As to Intel standard processor, there’s a new upgraded version with low voltage that has adopted the new system to extend the standby time. If users can work with battery management software, the performance will be better.

In addition, some laptops with integrated graphics have lower consumption that can save more power energy for standby time. Graphics chips GPU is another power consumed device except for CPU.

At last, it is of great importance for users to have a lithium-ion battery of large capacity. Therefore, please pay attention to the mAh value when selecting a battery replacement and compared to the old original version.

Anyway, configuration is only a part factor to influence on laptop standby time. There’re many other factors, such as usage methods. Please pay attention to your own work situations, judge and calculate the battery standby time.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

These days, many insiders of this industry are discussing about Li-ion batteries over capacity. To be sure, with the requirements increased by hybrid vehicles, it seems that we need more in the volume of production. Even so, the current situation is that Li-ion batteries are working towards over capacity while more and more manufacturers come to the PV market from now on.

solar laptop battery

Since last year, the whole industry has paid great attention li-ion batteries for laptop and hybrid vehicles, which has improve the production volume rapidly. At the same time, the share price in stock is also increasing with time goes by. Great market space has attracted many enterprises to take part in this industry.

Unfortunately, the actual demands are not increasing so rapidly as we expected while it has become the burdens for li-ion batteries to be over capacity. Under this circumstance, the only measure is to reduce the sales price. Comparatively, not many manufacturers have realized the significance of technologies development and tendency in the future.

Even so, the whole industry of Li-ion batteries is still at elementary developing stage. From electrolyte, anode, cathode, thin film and power management parts, all the steps have high requirements and increasing updated techniques.

Under this circumstance, it is also reported that some primary manufacturers have transferred to PV market that are supposed to produce solar laptop batteries and vehicle batteries. At present, the PV market is filled with polycrystalline silicon and solar accessories with lower production cost thanks to over capacity. The largest polysilicon manufacturer Wacker in Germany is expected to have production volume of 23.9Mtpa at the end of this year.

Even so, I think the PV industry is nor so mature while it is at a high risk to integrate the design and manufacturing ability in all these devices. It is certainly that if you have optimistic attitude, it is really a good opportunity to take part in this industry currently as the production cost can be controlled well. Other than laptop batteries, many countries are going to take use of solar power energy in all walks of life. At that moment, the overall situation will be raised and the sales price of PV products and accessories will also be higher and higher, which may bring more pressures to Li-ion batteries if they are still over capacity.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween day is closer and closer to us with wind and cold air. If you are about to provide your laptop computer good partners at that time, it is also reasonable to get some replacement batteries or AC adapters of long standby time or high running rate.

With the requirements increasing, USB Phone World has provided Halloween promotion to our customers by some high-quality laptop accessories. We have some cash feedback that can not only help users to save money from the laptop accessory cost but is also our gifts to our loyal customers who have been with us in the process of development.

usb phone world halloween day promotion

How to select suitable laptop accessories for Halloween Day?

With winter is coming, we seem to spend more time indoor and need more power energy. Therefore, laptop batteries of high-capacity and laptop chargers of high rate are preferred by users more with time goes by. If you are going to have a Halloween Party at home, it will make you more enjoyable if you have a laptop of higher speed and longer last time.

For this reason, please pay attention to the output voltage and current of these accessories for your notebook. After checking the compatibility carefully, you can learn if certain replacement is suitable to you with enough power energy and additional functions. By comparison, it is evidently if output power is high enough.

What is the principle of USB Phone World Halloween Day promotion?

As USB Phone World has prepared for Halloween Day with fruitful gifts, users can buy anything from our official store and get cash feedback from the order. It is said that the more you purchase, the more rebate you can get from us. In addition, you can also cut down the cost directly in the same order if you are tight in budget. The principle of Halloween is $5 off purchases of $50, 1$10 off purchases of $100 and $20 off purchases of $150. To get the coupon code, please see the advertisement picture or call us at 1-800-631-8153.

Please take time to get your new partner for Halloween Day. We believe our high-quality laptop accessories will supply you an amazing holiday and wonderful day. Please take the coupon code to get your rebate and gifts in a hurry. The promotion will be end until Oct. 31 2011.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, October 24, 2011

It has a long history since storage batteries have been produced and release to the public. With time goes by, they come to develop in performance, capacity, technology and so on. However, it seems that there’s no evident changes occurred to the internal structure of laptop battery. Since so, a kind of solid-state batteries have been discovered and is supposed to be more secure and environmental friendly.

solid-state batteries

From lead-acid, Ni-mh batteries to Li-ion batteries, the cells need to be drenched by liquid electrolyte and have chemical reactions to create electric current. The state of both solid and liquid will inevitably lead to expand the size of laptop battery, which is bound to have some hazards like weeping. Comparatively, solid-state batteries are regarded as more attractive solutions.

As is exemplified by lithium-ion batteries, the volume of laptop battery can be reduced by a half if inorganic ceramic materials have substituted flammable liquid electrolyte. At the same time, high conductivity primary materials deficiency has hindered the development of solid-state batteries for laptop while it has higher requirements on production device and workmanship.

Taking advantage of thin-film solar solid, there’re two solutions for laptop battery to have upgraded recharging cycles and complete charging in a few minutes. At present, scientists have successfully established rudiment of solid-state film batteries and have been put into mass production.

Such a technology has also accelerated the development of laptop battery by 10 or even 100 times in performance and basic characteristics. It has also attracted many investors from the whole world of this industry.

Soli-state laptop battery has improved the performance in all aspects and can meet the increasing requirements of the market by reducing the battery thickness and weight of at least 30 percent. It is also said that the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries will be extended obviously. To be more important, since it has been put into mass production, the production cost of solid-state batteries can also be reduced rapidly.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, October 23, 2011
laptop battery, laptop charger

Nowadays, portable consumer electronics have become more and more popular in the market in a very wide range. Especially for computers, from desktop to laptop computers and even to tablet versions at present, the development tendency is very evidently. With by, the laptop accessories are also in the process of fast developing. Designers need to update the technologies to achieve higher rate and wider compatibility for laptop battery and ac adapter.

Batteries for laptop

To improve the battery last time, it is very important for us to improve the battery capacity. However, it is really not easy to complete in a short period. Another requirement on laptop battery is relevant to flexibility that needs some further researches.

Although it is so hard to have great revolution, it is possible to take use of high-rate power path TM supervisor, upgraded diodes controller and lithium-ion battery charger. Such an additional device can improve the output power of about 18% in output power. And it won’t reduce the loading of power supply and other factors.

As to high-rate charging under high work pressure, the new technology can also make the batteries for laptop more steadily and of higher security in characteristics. Furthermore, it can also reduce the work temperature within a secure range.

Chargers for laptop

Many users are eager to accelerate the running rate of AC adapter and have taken advantage of all ways to achieve it. Such a powerful laptop charger can achieve high-rate charging through a USB port and control the output electric current according to nominal values. And it has reduced the low-rate consumption to a great extent.

As to wide compatibility, we can not only achieve global compatible power supply but can make the charging process more steadily. In addition, the control system inside can also provide some better charging solutions when the mains supply comes to be changed, which can also be applied into DC adapter. With universal specifications, it seems to be more flexible to work on high-performance laptop computer, netbook and other consumer electronic products.

It is a new task for designers to work with challenges, especially for laptop charger. When users come to pursue for higher rate and capacity in laptop battery, we need to take all efforts to update the performance of batteries and chargers for laptop to make it more convenience in actual work. We believe these new solutions for charging will possess incomparable performance and flexibility.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, October 20, 2011

Actually, the internal resistances have great influence on laptop battery in specifications, standby time, running temperature and so on. With time goes by, resistance value comes to be higher and higher while the output power of batteries will be reduced to some extent.

laptop battery

Different type of laptop battery has got different internal resistances with different electrochemical properties. Usually, we can indicate it by milliohm that is also related to the output electric current and output power value.

In the process of charging and discharging, the internal resistances will produce enough heat inside the lithium-ion batteries. However, it is not determined by a certain value but a relative magnitude. Therefore, what we need to care about it not the pure resistance but the relationship of output voltage, current and power capacity as well.

Now, let’s see some popular measurement methods to calculate the internal resistances.

DC discharge resistance test method – According to the physical equation, the test device will have a powerful DC current value and voltage as well. Therefore, we can learn about the internal resistance by U(volt)/I(mAh). The result is very accurate with difference within 0.1%.

internal resistances

Exchange impedance measurement of pressure dropping – Actually, the internal resistances are those of resources, we can apply a fixed frequency and current by kHz and mAh. Then we can take sample and handle by rectification, filtering and other ways. The process of measuring is very short to be of around millisecond.

In some cases, although the electric quantity of laptop battery if large enough, high internal resistances have prevented it from running smoothly. Once the resistance value comes to increase, it is really hard to reduce by ourselves even if with good usage methods. Therefore, the most effective way for us is to control and handle it before it has reached a dangerous level. Compared to wrong battery indicating information, higher internal resistances have more dangerous influence on the performance. That is to say, we need to calculate and judge if it is within a safety range. Those batteries that haven’t been used for a long period will also have very large internal contamination. Of course, if the value is too short is also dangerous as it is possible to cause short circuit. Please try to learn and use these ways to calculate your battery and take good care of it to have longer lifespan and better performance.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Have you ever troubled by incorrect indicating information about laptop batteries? Nowadays, there’s a sort of new smart laptop batteries installed with microcontroller inside that can not only predict the standby time of certain battery accurately but adjust the data in BIOS automatically.

After using your tablet or laptop computer for a few months, you will figure out that the standby time comes to be reduced effectively. That is to say, if your original battery can last for about two hours in early times, it is possible to last for only one hour at present. The reasons of this problems have include power supply damage, lack of power, incompatible AC adapter, wrong battery indicator, overheating factors or host charging circuit faults.

microcontroller for Smart laptop batteries

Usually, most of laptop and tablet computers have taken advantage of smart lithium-ion batteries right now. Based on the microcontroller system, users can not only predict last time but the rechargeable cycles as well.

Please check if it is the usage method you have in regular work. After working by the laptop battery for an hour, you have plugged it into the external power supply before it is discharged fully. Actually, this method won’t reduce the battery performance but will lead to wrong battery indicating information. At that moment, the internal system of laptop batteries come to be confused about the capacity inside and ask for help and tell Windows system that it is lack of power energy. However, the remaining power energy can support the laptop for a long time. That is why some notebooks have shut down automatically after using for only a short time.

The work principle of battery calibration procedure is to recalculate the standby time and rechargeable cycles of certain smart laptop batteries. The effects are supposed to be better than activation, charging and discharging for more than three times. And it will also adjust the information in BIOS.

As a matter of fact, such a microcontroller system is unable to extend the battery life or standby time in reality but help smart laptop batteries to have the correct accurate reference information. Therefore, it is obviously to see if it is the problem of battery or indicating system if it comes to be reduced in standby time rapidly. In some cases, the charging rate will be slower if the microcontroller system is working hard to calibrate.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It is really the only thing worse than the damage that you have purchased a refurbished laptop computer. Especially for students, it will be a large economic loss that will make them feel bad for a long period. As a matter of fact, some official manufacturers have also got their own refurbished laptop computers in the repository.

Nowadays, there’re many kinds of IBM laptop computers that have been refurbished frequently. As is packed precisely, it is really hard to figure out by the appearance only. However, these laptop computers have got only one year warranty for the whole device and are much cheaper than the brand new versions.

If you are careful enough, there’re some details for your reference to identify the difference.

refurbished laptop computers

On the bottom of refurbished laptop computers, there’s a small counter mark indicating “This product is refurbished and contains use parts. It is a very important signal for us to identify if it is a brand new computer. Besides, please pay attention if there’re the traces of tearing away there.

Another signal is listed in the instruction book. As for refurbished laptop computers, there’s a similar mark in the instruction books. It is obviously for users to figure out if certain products have taken advantage of refurbished parts with one year warranty.

Except for OEM manufacturer refurbished laptops, it seems to be harder to figure out others. Please review the following tips.

1. The appearance of laptop computer. Due to poor technique in package, the details in the interface or contact are not so smooth and shine.

2. Fixed screw. Generally, merchants will purchase some used computers and upload. Then the screws have got some scuff marks.

3. LCD screen. As the screen is sensitive and slim, after being burnished, there will be scuff marks that are hard to sweep away.

4. The odor of laptop computers. After opening the package, refurbished versions usually have got the smelling of industrial cleaning materials.

5. Laptop computer serial-number. It is usually listed on the bottom of laptop computer and we need to check it such a counter mark is altered or not. And then please go into the BIOS to check if both serial numbers are the same.

6. Laptop battery. The remaining power energy for brand new laptop computers won’t be too high. No mentioned fully charged. If possible, please go to the BIOS to learn about the used and remaining rechargeable cycles.

7. Various accessories. It is necessary for users to check the grant accessories, including driver discs, instruction book, warranty card and so on. By comparison, it is evidently for us to figure out the truth of certain products. If some of them are not available, please don’t buy it in a hurry.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, October 17, 2011

Are you using Win 7 or do you know how powerful it is in saving power energy? As a matter of fact, Win 7 Is more powerful than we expected whose power management system can help users to save a lot of power energy.

Recently, Microsoft has released a report about the new Win 7 Power Management system and introduced the work principle to reduce the laptop battery consumption. The sections about power energy saving are listed as below.

laptop with win 7

As is born with the latest power management technique, Win 7 can adjust the current loading conditions and performance by upgraded CPU. Such enhanced software has improved the processor of power management system.

To be sure, the consumption won’t be the same in the process of work on the laptop computers. The leisure time has become an important part for us to take use to improve the availability factor. Such a technology has come down to CPU, hardware, internal memory, network and so on.

Another function of Win 7 is trigger startup service. Usually, this service will start with the laptop computer is power on and staying behind to initiate. When a certain device is plugged or IP address is adjusted, it will reduce the standby time of waiting in background Windows.

Other functions are related to diming the screen automatically by sensor devices and low rate Intel HD audio specifications. Win 7 can select the technique to initiate or close the idle devices like microphone and external USB devices.

Win 7 has also enhanced the compatibility of laptop battery and system to the wireless network control system and low rate mode. These additional functions and parts will only be initiated under the circumstances of low consumption mode.

Such a low consumption mode of Win 7 has only a little influence when playing some movies or playing with online games and can also change the running structure, desktop window manager and CPU in consumption rate. The smart data buffer memory can reduce the running rate of disc to some extent.

By these additional functions of Win 7, users can extend the standby time efficiently even if you haven’t got an extended life high-capacity laptop battery of your own. Please try on your laptop computer and take advantage of these functions to improve the work efficiency of power.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, October 16, 2011

Since HP is suffering from the troubles of fierce competition, especially in tablet computer and smart phone, the position of HP in the PC industry has already become popular topic to us. However, recently, it is also released that HP is going to come back to HP industry to continue their leading position in the market.

hp pavilion laptop computer

Such news has helped HP to increase in share price by more than 40%. It seems that HP comes to be more cautious than before in making decisions. As a matter of fact, the whole PC industry is still in the process of development with enough profits and PC computers are still the primary devices users select at present. Especially nowadays, most of large or small business customers still prefer to a completed set of solutions that can improve the competition ability to a great extent.

In addition, Lenovo, another tycoon in the PC industry, has released that they are going to beat HP after surpassing Dell in sales and production volume. According to the report, the difference is only about 4.2% to 4.4%. However, such a decision from HP will also make the difference larger and larger.

lenovo laptop computer

Anyway, as to the sharp developing of Lenovo, some insiders told us that the reasons for Lenovo to develop so rapidly is related the competitors’ policy adjustment more than the business revolution themselves. Such a change has also supplied Lenovo a large space of creative development and opportunities.

It is very likely that if HP has given up their PC department, it will be a very good chance to Lenovo to dominate the whole market in sales structure. It is also said that the PC industry has developed rapidly and will be an area filled with cost competitiveness. Currently, the cost of all aspects for Lenovo is lower than HP while the good reputation has also helped Lenovo to win the hearts of users fully in the near future. It is still unknown what will HP has in the PC industry.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is a simple but complicated way for us to select a laptop AC adapter whether you are going to get a backup for trip or need a new replacement when the old version is damaged. Actually, it is more important to judge the compatibility of certain adapter than other factors. Today, we will teach you how to select the most suitable laptop charger with high cost performance.

Laptop accessories are different from some normal consumer electronics in many aspects. The most obvious factor is relevant to the compatibility that is determined by motherland laptop computer.

laptop ac adapter with power cord and connecting tips

1. Connecting tips – As to most of laptop models and brands, they have got their own unique interface that should have a suitable connecting tip from laptop AC adapter that can fit well. Therefore, please check the specifications of your old original power adapter, such as 5.5mm * 2.5mm. Once the tips cannot be plugged into the computer, any other characteristics are hard to be expressed normally. No mentioned good performance.

2. Power cord – as to a laptop charger, there’re two sides beside the AC adapter, one is connecting tip and another is power cord. Although as to most of users, it is not the most important factor, some of them need to consider about it between 3-prong and 2-prong versions.

3. Output power, voltage and mains frequency – It seems to be the hidden factors to a laptop AC adapter while any of them can by no means be ignored when judging if certain device is of good compatibility. Normally, if your old adapter is rated at 19V, any other output voltages are unreasonable for you to select. However, we are able to select a higher section with higher output current and mains frequency.

4. Input power with switch mode – This element is of great significance to businessmen or travelers who will go aboard frequently. Certainly, such a function has also some advantages to US customers if they are not going aboard. Thanks to wider input power range, the generated power energy will be more stable without fluctuation.

5. Other characteristics – Such as work temperature, running rate and protection circuits, they are not the key points but have already influenced on the performance of laptop AC adapter to some extent.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you able to tell me what the laptop battery is to you in daily life? Is it a subordinative part to your laptop computer, a tool to store power energy or an important partner? As a matter of fact, lithium-ion laptop batteries have also got their own characteristics and friendly work situations that we need to pay attention in the process of use?

Have you ever considered that laptop battery has also got its own life just as human beings? They are living with fruitful characteristics to be aging, sensitive and so on. That is to say, if we are able to take full advantage of management ways to treat our batteries, it can not only improve the battery performance but can help you to learn more clearly about your requirements and habits.

laptop battery with battery management system

Nowadays, there’re a great number of integrated battery software and platform for users to deal with their laptop batteries performance flexibly that have applied the technologies of mechanical or integrated mechanical & electrical engineering, heat management ability, BMS and error correcting capability technologies.

These management systems for laptop battery have advantages to manage the lithium-ion laptop battery to improve the electrochemical properties of laptop battery cells and reduce the maintenance cost and work temperature.

Most of them haven’t got some additional requirements on laptop battery characteristics or compatibility to these systems. As long as the batteries are produced according to standard required design and manufacturing process with reliable primary materials, they can indicate and deal with our regular work well. Comparatively, the laptop batteries under good control are usually lower than others in work temperature by about 5-10 Fahenheit degrees.

All in all, we recommend all of our customers to take care of their laptop batteries and treat them as bosom friends in daily life to protect them from aging and keep the performance for longer period. We believe as long as you have follow the instructions of maintenance tips and other details to improve the performance, even if they haven’t got battery management system, their laptop batteries are bound to be better in characteristics and last longer in shelf life.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Compared to other consumer electronics, batteries, especially for lithium-ion battery, are developing much more slowly in standby time, capacity, appearance and so on. Recently, according to the report from Ohio University, Urine is possible to be the next new primary material for power batteries to improve the performance and technologies.

It is evidently that it seems to be ridiculous for us to believe that such wasted urine energy can be applied to our motor vehicle, laptop computer, digital camera and other consumer electronics.

Urine, lithium-ion batteries

In fact, the work principle for urine to support lithium-ion batteries is very simple. Scientists have taken advantage of nickel electrode that can extract a great deal of sixpenny hydrogen from urine energy resources that can be fuel and original resource for lithium-ion power battery. The professor of this technology has also told us that a cow urine can supply enough power energy to produce boiled water. Although it sounds very funny, it has become the reality from now on.

As raw material for lithium-ion batteries, urine is mainly composed by urea, including four hydrogen atoms and two nitrogen atoms. If we have a special nickel electrode put into urine container, after the current being added, the hydrogen can be released from the container. The current prototype battery produced by Porter can only release about 500 mw output power while they need to take this technology to the large factories to enter into industrialized production stage.

It is estimated that each gallon of urine is ensured to support the vehicles to run about 90 miles, laptop computers to run for more than 12 hours and field to run without mains supply. Obviously, it is also a way to protect our living environment and save more time in dealing with urine and hydrogen extraction.

In my point of view, such an invention has told us that the whole industry has already realized the importance of environmental protection. In the process of manufacturing, we should not only pay attention to the performance improvement and cost reduction but should consider more about the green resource and environmental optimization factors as well.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, October 10, 2011

Since Apple has reached the peak in the market, users can no longer just wait and see the creative changes of electronic products while more and more people come to be the pursuer of Apple products. Even if Steve Jobs has left us and iPhone 5 hasn’t been released in time, no one can ignore Apple and its development tendency.

In the PC industry, there’s no denying that the influence of Apple Macbook, Powerbook and iBook especially for these years. It is evidently that the whole industry has changed a lot while more and more laptop computers have become lighter and thinner than before.

steve jobs, laptop computers, macbook air

Since 2008, Apple has put forwards their first ultrathin laptop computer Macbook Air and this technology and design has great influence in the market in terms of shape, internal system, design, interface and so on.

Just as what Steve Jobs has introduced, users can start or power off the laptop computers immediately, support several interfaces with solid hardware and aluminium alloy extrusion, the thickness of which is smaller than 0.8 inch and the weight is lighter than 3 pounds.

These years, when the impact of Apple has expanded with time goes by, more and more manufacturers have realized the popularity and advantages of Apple devices. These characteristics have been adopted by Intel, PC manufacturers and others. As is known to all, the new released Ultrabook is very similar to Macbook Air in many aspects. It is predicted that HP, Dell, ASUS, Sony and Acer will also put forward their own Ultrabook laptop computers in next year.

Except for laptop computers, the iPad is also the symbol of tablet computer while nearly no one can be compared to iPad. Similarly, iPhone is also another miracle to consumer electronics industry that has also beaten Nokia, Andriod and other cell phone tycoons. No matter you are going to buy Apple laptop computers or not, it is certainly that we can see the signets of Steve Jobs, Apple design and technologies.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, October 9, 2011

Since the sales volume of laptop computers has increased with time goes by, the quantity of laptop AC adapter and replacement is also increasing in the market. In most cases, users are pursuing for high cost performance, small size and low weight while the price should be reasonable.

As to the designers, it is necessary to select a suitable controller to develop the technology of high-efficiency adapter with abundant integrated protection characteristics and light size.

According to the usage conditions of most users, laptop computers will be in the process of light load and standby status. Compared to the conditions with load of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%, it is more challenged to reduce the consumption and improve the work efficiency when the load is low or under standby status, which requires the power controller to be with perfect light load and standby power energy consumption performance.

laptop ac adapter

In addition, laptop AC adapter is also supposed to be with the following protection characteristics, including short-circuit protection(SCP), over-voltage protection(OVP), over-temperature protection(OTP) and over-power protection(OPP). The AC adapter should have the ability to endure the output power transmitting circuit that can get rid of damages by SCP. Under the conditions when loop circuit is broken, the adapter has to stop working and restart again by OVP. If the adapter work temperature is over a certain value, it is likely to be at high risk. To avoid this condition, we should have got thermal sensor to indicate the work temperature and the whole device will be close until the temperature has reached a normal range by OTP. As to some laptop power chargers, the most dangerous condition is of too large output current and possible to be short-circuited. Under this circumstance, OPP is necessary to control the whole situation well.

Therefore, a new replacement laptop AC adapter should be with the characteristics of high density in terms of OPP, OTP, TSOP6, OVP and so on. At the same time, we should take use of the new technology to reduce the consumption and improve the work efficiency and other performance to a great extent that can also optimize the work situations of laptop and netbook computers.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Have you ever heard about a technology of smart phone that is called subconscious mode? Actually, such a technique is also possible to be realized in some wireless portable devices. It is said that in the busiest network, the standby time of lithium-ion batteries is possible to be extended by at least 50%, which is released by University of Michigan not long ago.

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When the smart phone has entered into energy-saving mode, even if the users haven’t sent or received the messages actively, the lithium-ion batteries will also prepare to carry out the tasks. According to Kang Shin and his student in Michigan University, such an idle listening mode will consume a lot of power energy. When the cell phone has entered into entered into energy-saving mode, the consumption can also reach about 80%. Comparatively, a new solution about smart phone has invented that is called E-MiLi, Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening.

To figure out how much time has been spent by cell phone when keeping vigilantly, the researchers have done some extensive tracking surveys towards WiFi network. According to the different network flows, it will cost about 60-80% time for portable devices for idle protected reliably against detective conditions.

The operation principle of E-MiLi is that the cell phone can enter into full speed when the messages have come while the running rate can be reduced to be about 1/16 in regular time when the wireless network is in the idle state. It is a common way for lithium-ion batteries to save more power energy. However, it is hard for cell phone to figure out if the message is coming in the process of low speed conditions. To be fortunate, such a problem has already been solved successfully.

The researchers have found that this subconscious mode E-MiLi can be compatible to energy-saving mode, which can save about 45% consumption from most of wireless portable consumer electronics in the market. This technique needs to load the new processor deceleration software. Taking advantage of this hardware, it can be applied into cell phone, desktop and laptop computers well. At present, Michigan University has applied for this patent and search for cooperative partners to popularize this technology.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

For a long period, laptop batteries are always regarded as the accessories instead of main parts. Similar problems have also occurred to other consumer electronic products like cell phone, tablet computer and so on. However, except for charging and power energy supplying, we are hard to tell more about its unique functions.

With iPhone has become more and more popular, especially when the Steve Jobs has left us, an era of innovation has come to us and is close to lithium-ion laptop batteries.

innovation, lithium-ion laptop batteries

A way to keep the laptop computer stably and running rate in a certain value

It is another hidden function for lithium-ion laptop battery in regular work while many people come to ignore this part before. As a matter of fact, we have figured out that a poor battery is likely to be weak in charging process and other details. If so, we should not only extend the charging time but may come across other accidents as well.

As to other characteristics, if the laptop batteries are work without good contact, it is very dangerous so that the data may be lost suddenly due to the power energy lack. In most cases, we are familiar to work with laptop charger or high-quality batteries while these features have been ignored by us.

Some other factors we need to pay more attentions to are related to recharging cycles, last time, lifespan and output power, which depend on the manufacturing figures and performance of other internal parts and usage methods.

It is evidently that these extra characteristics have also brought us a lot of ideas about the innovative development tendency of lithium-ion laptop batteries.

If possible, we are able to record each charging process with the output voltage and electric current in the protection circuit by protection circuits. Therefore, we are able to learn about the performance of batteries clearly instead of running into damages directly. After all, we need to ensure if the internal circuits and accessories are in good work conditions.

On the other hand, lithium-ion laptop batteries are also the tools to indicate if other laptop parts are of some problems and if the work temperature is suitable. They are also possible to be realized by battery according to its work principle. We believe many more can be achieved in the industry from now on.

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