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Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is a simple but complicated way for us to select a laptop AC adapter whether you are going to get a backup for trip or need a new replacement when the old version is damaged. Actually, it is more important to judge the compatibility of certain adapter than other factors. Today, we will teach you how to select the most suitable laptop charger with high cost performance.

Laptop accessories are different from some normal consumer electronics in many aspects. The most obvious factor is relevant to the compatibility that is determined by motherland laptop computer.

laptop ac adapter with power cord and connecting tips

1. Connecting tips – As to most of laptop models and brands, they have got their own unique interface that should have a suitable connecting tip from laptop AC adapter that can fit well. Therefore, please check the specifications of your old original power adapter, such as 5.5mm * 2.5mm. Once the tips cannot be plugged into the computer, any other characteristics are hard to be expressed normally. No mentioned good performance.

2. Power cord – as to a laptop charger, there’re two sides beside the AC adapter, one is connecting tip and another is power cord. Although as to most of users, it is not the most important factor, some of them need to consider about it between 3-prong and 2-prong versions.

3. Output power, voltage and mains frequency – It seems to be the hidden factors to a laptop AC adapter while any of them can by no means be ignored when judging if certain device is of good compatibility. Normally, if your old adapter is rated at 19V, any other output voltages are unreasonable for you to select. However, we are able to select a higher section with higher output current and mains frequency.

4. Input power with switch mode – This element is of great significance to businessmen or travelers who will go aboard frequently. Certainly, such a function has also some advantages to US customers if they are not going aboard. Thanks to wider input power range, the generated power energy will be more stable without fluctuation.

5. Other characteristics – Such as work temperature, running rate and protection circuits, they are not the key points but have already influenced on the performance of laptop AC adapter to some extent.

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by: USB Phone World