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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The April Fool’s Day in 2012 is coming to us. What kind of pseudo events will occur to our industry? Such as Microsoft will be purchased by Google with each other to beat Apple; these CEOs will go on board soon, Apple will release their new iPhone 5 tomorrow.

They are all very interesting news for us while many of us have imagined about them before. Maybe they will come true one day, but they won’t happen today.

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Comparatively, the awesome discounts are the truth in this April Fool’s Day and will start from now on. You just don’t need to wait till tomorrow to get high-quality laptop batteries and AC adapters with discounts in our online store.

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This coupon code of 10% OFF is available to any product, including lithium-ion laptop battery, charger, memory and others. If you don’t believe in it, you can try to enter the code into your order. It is obviously in order information that how much it has helped you to save.

As for US public school, more awesome policies are available.

Usually, USB Phone World supply 30 days no payment to US public schools, including this April Fool’s Day. Of course, the awesome discounts are also valid to these schools. If you need to order now, please fax your PO to 1-888-718-3609. We will arrange for shipping as soon as possible.

The same as what we have done before, USB Phone World online store supplied 1 year free warranty and 30 days money back guarantee to personal and wholesale buyers. As we have awesome customer service from 9:00am to midnight, users can contact with us by online chatting icon. You are welcomed by all of us and this 10% OFF Coupon (usb200810) is our April gift to you!

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, March 29, 2012

It is so bad to be confronted with power failure in the process of work, especially for some urgent or important conference and business projects. As to some places without power energy, it is even more important to extend the laptop life and standby time.

power failure, laptop shut down

To avoid data loss by long life laptop battery with longer last time

As to power failure situations, the most seriously consequence is to come across data loss. Therefore, we need to ensure that laptop computers have enough preparation to deal with this kind of situations.

As long as you have enough power energy to support a 5-6 hour conference, most of business projects can be covered as long as you have got such a high-quality battery. Of course, we need to have some proper setting in power options to indicate when the remaining power is about 20% or more and automatically power off or go to sleep in about 10% or more. All these can help you to get rid of data loss and damages in laptop system.

How to check if the certain battery is of long life?

What we talk about is the long life laptop battery that has longer standby time. When selecting a backup or replacement, the most important factor is the output power that has determined the actual work last time.

Compared to original standard battery versions, they usually have the same output voltage but higher output current that has higher internal capacity and more power energy to supply in the process of charging and work.

Anyway, users should ignore the quality, compatibility, security, stability, after-sale service and warranty when buying a brand new long life laptop battery. We are firmly convinced that you will be satisfied and get more success thanks to longer standby time.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As a matter of fact, except for installing and usage, some other aspects about laptop batteries are of great significance to battery performance. That is storage. In most cases, proper storage methods can improve the battery performance to a great extent. Otherwise, some damages like leakage of electricity and poor weak power functions are likely to occur one day.

laptop batteries, storage

How to unplug the laptop batteries?

Usually, we remove the laptop batteries if the computer is out of use for days or months. After all, the connection of interface is possible to discharge more power energy and improper places will lead to some dangerous situations. Therefore, users should unplug the laptop batteries carefully and make it cool down before putting into the right box. And please ensure the laptop charger is unplugged and computer system is power off before having any operation.

What is the suitable site to place laptop batteries?

After unplugging, the next step is to look for a right place for the lithium-ion laptop battery. We recommend users to select a cool and dry box that can avoid deep discharge and any other factor like high temperature to influence on battery performance.

How often should we use the backup batteries or recharge unused ones?

Even if is proper stored, long-term not in use is also harmful to laptop batteries and other lithium-ion batteries. If possible, please recharge it or play with your consumer electronics with them at least once a month to activate the system monitor and indicator and internal structure of the battery.

When will the laptop batteries come to be weaker if used properly?

Usually, battery doesn’t have the same lifespan as the whole consumer electronic product. According to research, a brand new high-quality lithium-ion laptop battery runs into weaker after using for about 2 years and can last for 3-5 years.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If you have accepted a mission to establish a new battery management system with design monitor system, you need to take advantage of some strategies to optimize the design cost and manufacturing ability. The initial issue about how to ensure the system primary internal structure and batter related electronics location. The final goal is about how to achieve the final communication and connection or system and lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-ion battery

The appearance of lithium-ion battery has great significance to power system internal structure. It is necessary to take use of large amount of batteries to be adapted to the completed battery pack or we can use some large sized batteries to limit its quantity and size. Maybe it is the most important part of circuit design as the innovative battery appearance is booming out with time goes by.

Another factor to consider of is about battery pack, battery management system and the final application interface, testing signal and remote connection. In most cases, it is likely to have a shell for these lithium-ion batteries to be connected with data collection circuits, which can reduce the nominal value of output voltage and wire quantity.

Under the damage situations, the output voltage of lithium-ion battery is usually below 200V. By this method, the maintenance man can get rid of dangers effectively. As for battery packs of large size, we need to apply with two types of data selection system to support 50 battery interfaces.

There’re also some other factors to influence on physical structure and monitor circuits. As to lithium-ion batteries, it is necessary to keep balance in order to avoid some extra heat problems. Meanwhile, if you need some power switch, the temperature monitor interface can supply a kind of voltage reading and power supply status to be connected with each other. In the process of design, the most common considering factor to be ignored is the leakage of electricity. Therefore, extra control circuits are important.

All is all, in battery management control circuits, we have great number of factors to consider, especially for determining pack limited factors. When the pack design minds are connected with each other, we need to consider of some possible mechanical effects. Once we have get balance between pack and internal structure, the solution for lithium-ion battery is born out.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, March 26, 2012

Laptop computers have become an indispensable part of our daily lives in recent years. Portable, highly functional and versatile, they’re the number one choice of dealing with everyday tasks of businesspeople and ordinary people in their daily activities.

Due to their importance in our daily lives, one critical aspect of evaluating a laptop computer—batteries—seems even more important when we try to buy a laptop computer and use it for quite a long time. Battery life, as is known to many, is a parameter used to determine the time period during which a laptop computer can function normally. Usually, laptop batteries can sustain a laptop computer for 3 to 4 hours, depending on the specifications of a laptop battery and the power needs of the computer and the programs the user runs. Lithium-ion batteries are common nowadays. They are one of the most popular types of rechargeable battery for portable electronics like a laptop computer.

laptop battery

How to decide if a laptop battery is high-quality? Here are a few key parameters: volt, capacity, and battery type. Another important thing to consider when shopping for a laptop computer or a replacement battery is the amount of cells contained within a laptop battery. Usually, there are two sorts of battery cells: 6 cells and 9 cells. The more the cells, the more capacity the battery has. But more cells also mean your laptop is heavier. So if you are the type of persons who carry laptops with you almost all the time, the battery cell number is a big concern.

Great care should be taken to increase the battery life of a laptop computer. Dimming your laptop screen is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your laptop batteries run time. Turn off your Wi-Fi wireless and Bluetooth if not needed. Tweak your computers power options. Don't play computer games, music CD's or DVD movies for multimedia activities drain laptop batteries quicker than ever.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, March 25, 2012

The global advanced semiconductor solution supplier leader has released the latest 5 low consumed P-Channel MOSFET metal oxidize semiconductor materials, including lithium-ion secondary battery for laptop, control switch, AC adapter to transmit output power and battery management system.

mosfet, laptop battery

Recently, the whole market has taken advantage of thus laptop battery of low consumption into the whole system to extend batter life, to be slimmer, and higher running rate. MOSFET is applied into the control switch inside lithium-ion secondary batteries and AC adapter. It has to be able to handle with the whole system to consume large output current. Therefore, we need to reduce the battery work resistance to reduce the whole system consumption.

To meet the requirements above, the semiconductor company has also developed into a new manufacturing craftsmanship. Compared to other innovative items, it has applied with some very tiny technologies to be matched with former MOSFET technique skills, which can reduce internal resistances rate.

The running resistance value of the new latest MOSFET is about only half of the old versions while the advantages have included low consumption, higher running rate, longer last time, lifespan, security, stability, work temperature range and so on.

This small size pack has also supplied good heat dissipation effect that can be installed into electric circuit flexibly. Certainly, they are also developing the new low consumed accessories to optimize the laptop battery performance. With advanced MOSFET of higher rate and performance, the laptop batteries will be more powerful with higher density inside, which is really a wider and more flexible solution to the whole system.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, March 22, 2012

It is reported that laptop system is improving itself in functions and performance while it is closer and closer to human brain. The founder of Microsoft Paul Allen recently has devoted about 300 million dollars to human brain research to develop their technology in some devices and solutions.

Laptop system, human brain, technology

At first, the initial idea of Allen is related to human deceases and therapy. Established in 2003, he has obtained about 100 million dollars to this project and research institution. This institution is also carrying on a 10 year project to solve the key point of technology about human brain work principle.

Recently, the donation has even been improved to about 300 million dollars to support latest 4-year work. Actually, it can also be used to treat infantile autism, senile dementia, tristimania, cerebral trauma, and other deceases about human brain.

All these researches can actually provide many good technologies to laptop system to be closer and closer to human brain. Nowadays, many functions have been applied according to brain that can make our work more conveniently in actual work, such as personal audio assistant. Furthermore, some designers are also having researching about brain thinking and the reaction of laptop system. If so, it will be a new revolution to human beings and laptops that can make the computer technology to a higher level.

Apple has also published news about Siri that it will work as human brain one day with time goes by. That is to say, laptop system will also be a real assistant more than an electronic device or robot only.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recently, the accident about iPhone has occurred in US. When she wake up in the morning, she suddenly found out that the cell phone comes to be sizzled and smoking. To be fortunately, she threw the phone into the pool in time to avoid some further accidents. Why does iPhone battery have such problem as well?

iphone battery, explosion, heat dissipation

As a matter of fact, explosion has occurred to many consumer electronics, including laptops, iPod, MP3 and others. As for the reasons, it has mostly been related to the lithium-ion batteries and heat dissipation characteristics.

How to check if certain lithium-ion battery is safety enough?

Usually, work temperature is determined by the circuit design and internal structure of certain lithium-ion laptop battery. Therefore, we need to have some tests in minimum and maximum work situations by certified relevant testing machines. So is the protection circuits and battery shell materials.

It is necessary to improve the electronic heat dissipation performance to keep them work more stably and securely.

As to some high-quality lithium-ion laptop battery, except for protection circuits, it should have got its own heat dissipation equipment inside to keep steadily and securely in the process of charging and supplying. Of course, surrounding situations are also important while users should avoid putting your cell phone, laptop computer or other electronic products in bed or other heat storage objects.

Although lithium-ion laptop batteries are only the support to us, we need to rely on them to achieve more amazing functions and longer last time. What should deal with it for next step? I believe you should have the certain idea now.

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by: USB Phone World

As for many laptops, the battery management system is a hidden part while many users are not clear how does it work with this lithium-ion laptop battery. However, if we cannot control the power energy of laptop computers well, it is likely to be hard to avoid some damages in actual work.

Lithium-ion laptop battery

As for a new lithium-ion laptop battery, except the circuits to control running and charging performance, many researchers are looking for some effective methods to optimize the design cost and efficiency in manufacturing. At first, it is related to lithium-ion cells and other electronic accessories, which may also influence on communication and connection.

In some cases, the appearance of lithium-ion laptop battery is also of great significance to power system internal structure. Comparatively, a large amount of lithium-ion batteries with complicated battery mode or pack. Therefore, due to weight factors, the battery quantity and size are limited by design and it will also become the limitation to battery capacity.

In addition the battery mode and pack have also got great connection with battery management system, signal connection and remote signals. Then it comes to the certain mechanical concept design. In some mobile cars, generally speaking, there’ll be more than 100 battery indicating and calculating spots on the average. The servicemen usually take use of voltage lower than 200V to reduce the possible dangers in the process of work.

Other factors many also lead to physical and monitor battery circuit problems. As is exemplified as lithium-ion laptop battery, we need to keep it work in the balance state. And temperature monitor is also necessary to be connected to voltage to check the charging state. Therefore, we need to have some support and connecting plans to control these circuits in case of leakage of electricity and other dangers.

All in all, battery management system has many factors to consider of, especially for those limit capsulation. As long as these problems can be solved with each other, the indicating system can be compatible to lithium-ion laptop battery very well.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, March 19, 2012

It is reported that desktop computer of larger hard disk is possible to be invented thanks to the new technology TB density produced by Seagate.

Taking advantage of heat-assisted magnetic recording technology, the company has reached the storage density of 1TB/Sq.In. Meanwhile, it has achieved perpendicular magnetic recording hard disk technology in theory and will be applied into practical experiment.

As a matter of fact, the hard disk capacity and rate are closely related to its storage density. That is why it is limited in technology to achieve in laptop computers. However, we should also consider of the surrounding work situations like pressure.

desktop computer, hard disk, 60T

Once HAMR technology has been commercialized, the current hard disk storage density will be improved from 620GB./Sq.In. to 1TB, which is really a historical leap. Equivalently, it is equal to 2.5 inch portable hard disk whose storage capacity has reached 2TB and 3.5 inch to be 6TB. At present, the average hard disk capacity is about 750GB and that of desktop computer is about 3TB.

In theory, the maximum storage density can reach about 5-10TB just as 60TB in storage hard disk capacity according to the technology HAMR.

The medias have consumed a lot of data in applications, including social media, search engine, cloud calculation, etc. All these have higher and higher requirements in storage ability. These innovative HAMR hard disk technologies will improve the development of current desktop computer in many aspects, which can help businessmen, enterprises and personal consumers to manage their work more conveniently.

This technology has taken use of heat storage media to achieve such a powerful disk for desktop computer by TeraStor and Quinta. Of course, as for commercialization, it still needs a long way to go while the HAMR will be applied to the public till about 2015.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, March 18, 2012

According to recent news, the portable power supplies with lithium-ion cells are of different security properties. Therefore, some users are worried if laptop charger is secure enough in the process of work.

portable power supply

As to the derivative instruments, portable power supply has three kinds of specifications, including polymer Li-ion battery, Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries. Since 2009, many more portable chargers are available to mobile phone, digital camera, vidicon, DVD, PDA, and other consumer electronics.

The primary work principle for portable power supply is related to store and transfer power energy. Therefore, we can regard it as a larger lithium-ion battery of small portable laptop charger, larger capacity and more convenient in carrying, performance, capacity and portability.

Compared to original versions, they are cheaper and more suitable to businessmen, young man, travelers and others.

Compared to Ni-mh and Ni-cd batteries, this kind of portable power supply is actually of lower cost while many manufacturers are working hard to improve the product competitiveness in price and quality.

However, recently some news is about the accidents of laptop charger and battery that they run into explosion. Normally, the lithium-ion cells nowadays belong to liquid lithium-ion battery. According to different specifications, these batteries are also of different size. Therefore, under different work situations, they will perform different from each other in internal pressure, work temperature and so on. In some cases, these chargers are possible to be powerful enough as a bomblet.

Therefore, users need to check the internal structure and industrial certification when selecting portable power supplies for laptop, camera, mobile phone and other electronics to avoid overloading, overheating, short circuit and other damages.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, March 15, 2012

After the new iPad has got good performance in the market, Nokia is also going to produce new tablet computers to share the large market of PC computer industry. Actually, they are very interested in tablet computer while they are going to challenge Apple and Windows in this field.

tablet computer

According to research, tablet computer has occupied higher market share with time goes by while it has become one of the most popular consumer electronic products users want to get as a Christmas gift. Although it hasn’t become so powerful as laptop and desktop computers, they are popularized by many customers as it is conveniently and flexibly in regular use.

In addition, laptop computers are also developing towards tablet ones in appearance, portability, screen and other features. At the early times, the desktop computers are replaced by laptops just because of its size and compatibility to our daily life. Therefore, the manufacturers and designers have paid great attentions to tablet computers in the process of competition. And we can figure out the developing tendency by Apple and Macbook series.

Comparatively, the advantage of tablet computer is also related to standby time and power supply.

To be sure, iPad and other tablet computers don’t need to recharge within a business days. Sometimes, it can also last for about 2 days and more, which is really hard to achieve by laptops according to current technologies. It has brought tablet much more customers, especially for businessmen, travelers and mobile players.

If we are possible to extend the laptop standby time with more powerful power supply, the competition status and future tendency will be more complex and hard to decide. Anyway, the users will make the final decision of the whole PC computer industry.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

As to most of businessmen, laptop computer is one of the necessary personal belongings that can deal with most of business work in conference, communication, project, design, search and so on. As we need to go here and there, laptop power adapter won’t solve all the problems while the laptop battery standby time comes to be the core value to determine business work time on computer.

High-capacity battery, business success, standby time

High-capacity battery is a good choice to extend laptop standby time.

Many small businesses come to USB Phone World online store to purchase high-capacity laptop batteries to extend standby time. Actually, it is really a good choice as we are likely to achieve more tasks and imagines with a few costs on these additional replacement or backup lithium-ion batteries.

What we need is not only power energy but high work efficiency as well.

As a matter of fact, high-capacity battery is not only a way to supply more power energy to computers to extend battery life, but is likely to improve work efficiency thanks to higher output current. Under this condition, users can deal with their projects or have some online orders or deals, information much faster than others.

The business success is usually determined by a little bit more standby time, which can be achieved by high-capacity laptop battery.

It is truth that time is money so that any loss of business time is possible to make to lose a business deal in only a few seconds. Therefore, a high-capacity laptop battery with higher running rate can be your core competitiveness to beat more competitors in the process of conference or communicates.

All these are realized by many our business old customers already. Just as this article, usually the updated news or more time will get you closer and closer to the final success.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, March 12, 2012

Businessmen work for IT, sales, marketing, research and development, operation and other departments, need to carry their laptop computers of their own to have some regular or additional conference, deal with some business work at home or in Starbucks. Under this circumstance, laptop power energy is of great significance thanks to limited battery capacity. It comes to be a problem that if we need to have a backup laptop charger for office work?

Backup, laptop ac adapter, power energy

A backup laptop AC adapter can save you time in charging and more conveniently in regular use.

With a qualified compatible AC adapter for our business laptops, we are likely to charge in any places at any time as long as outlet or wall socket is available. Therefore, users don’t need to fully charge the lithium-ion batteries before leaving home or office to get more power energy in the process of work.

In addition, someone may forget to put their laptop AC adapters into their bags after finishing using in bed. And it is harmful for the adapter to be put into bag right after used, which may lead to overheating and hard to release heat.

What users should pay attention to in selecting a suitable backup laptop AC adapter

Compatible information – It is known to all that not all the chargers can fit to our laptops well while we need to check the compatibility in plug, connector tip, switch mode and so on.

Specifications of output voltage, current and input power – Usually, the adapter you selected should be of the same output volt as your original one while current shouldn’t be lower than yours. Input power is related to mains supply while global compatible version is better.

Cost performance – We recommend users to compare the price and customer reviews of certain merchant you are going for.

After-sale service and return & replacement policy – As for trusted sellers, they should have 1 year warranty according to industry requirements. Meanwhile, 30 days money back guarantee just as USB Phone World do, is an additional welfare for users to be more confidence on certain merchant. And we also supply 3 year extended life warranty in our online store. If you need, please contact with us by calling 1-800-631-8153.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, March 11, 2012

Under the "Display" atmosphere, the New iPad has been released to the public with many awesome amazing features in screen, system, pixel and other functions like artificial ear. This new ear is associated to iPhone 4s and its unique artificial personal audio assistant Siri. And will that be the new era for laptop, table and the whole PC computer industry?

artificial ear, the new ipad

Language is a very important feature for the whole world to communicate with each other. However, as to computers, who can only deal with character string of 0 and 1, is really very hard to hear anything or identify any voice to have any reactions. Even so, Apple has found out effective solutions guess the voice imitation information by very high laptop operating rate.

According to procedure analysis, also called Vector Markov Process, a kind of academic statistical method, it has got some value analysis towards continuous waves to discrete samples.

Speaking of the New iPad, it can not only identify English, Fresh, German, Japanese and other languages, and transfer it into alphabetic or word strings. Of course, the new feature of iPad has many mistakes in the process of work while its accuracy is not satisfied enough.

If this artificial ear can perform better, it can produce articles or translate materials more flexibly by large amount of computer calculating information data. Whatever, it is what they should do on tablet, laptop or other PC computers.

It is said that the post PC era is coming with new tablet computers to occupy larger market share. Even so, it won’t be the threats to PC industry but another new updates. As is exemplified by the New iPad, it can send emails, surf on the Internet, basic contents production, all sorts of games, social network and so on. In addition, these portable laptop and tablet computers are very slim and convenient in use with durable lithium-ion batteries that can work for a whole business day, whose success is also shown in Macbook Air, and new super Windows laptop.

We have fruitful evident to prove that tablet computer is just a new PC revolution instead of any juggernaut. We can do many more awesome operations and deal with our business work of higher work efficiency by the New iPad. The new mobile work has come to us to meet our increasing higher requirements.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, March 8, 2012

Many users are not so clear about the proper battery usage methods and maintenance tips. With time goes by, the battery capacity comes to be decreased rapidly while we cannot play with our laptop computer for many hours as it did in early times. To make users more clear about them, we have had an experiment about laptop battery.
laptop battery capacity

First of all, we have adjust the setting of power in options to maximum the power energy consumption in LCD screen, minimum the CPU running rate, and then adjust hard drive, standby, sleep and screen protection mode to be never. After that, make the laptop computer to be shut down automatically when remaining power is only 3%. At last, unplug the laptop charger and any other USB devices and restart the computer.

After the laptop computer has opened, you can play with it flexibly, but please don’t run any program, including laptop battery indicating software, to fully discharge it until shut down automatically.

In addition, please remember to charge the laptop battery when it is closed. As a matter of fact, this circle of fully charging and discharging can get back battery capacity to some extent while it is reasonable to have such operation for several times.

As to those old laptop batteries, we recommend users to have thus circles of activation for about 3 to 4 times.

Of course, please avoid deep discharging laptop battery. Otherwise it will be very harmful the battery performance. Meanwhile, battery indicating software cannot have accurate test on these batteries of 100% accuracy. All in all, we should take good care of these laptop power supplies to improve our work efficiency.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, March 6, 2012

As for some large business conference or trip, it is hard to find a suitable outlet available at any time. It seems that we cannot get enough power energy from laptop computer all the time if power cord is not connected. And for business trip aboard, switch socket is also necessary to fit with different plug and mains supply.

large business conference

Extended life laptop battery, the essential item and business helper for large conference

If you need to deal with your work or have some records during a whole day conference, it is really impossible to last long enough with a regular 6-cell or 8-cell laptop battery. Unless a outlet is available in time, we are at risk of data loss, lack of power or other dangerous situations run into our notebook computers in no time.

Comparatively, extended life batteries of 9-cell, 12-cell are more effective that can not only expand the battery capacity to last longer in standby time but are able to provide higher work efficiency as well. Thanks to more lithium-ion cells inside, laptop computers can get higher output current from the higher capacity batteries.

Some users are not used to these extended life laptop batteries as they are usually longer or larger in shape. As more lithium-ion cells are installed, batteries should be expanded to accommodate these additional cells.

In business conference, usually we don’t need to move frequently while the thick bottom can also facilitate us to type or work more conveniently in the process of meeting.

For business trip, global compatible laptop AC adapter is also the essential item for luggage. As is known to all, different nations have different mains supply from 100V to 240V. And the laptop chargers in USB Phone World are all with switch mode that can fit these mains supplies well.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, March 4, 2012
How to take different photos within 3 minutes during fast-paced travelling? When I am willing to take photos, the first step is to reduce exposure compensation which can help you to get back some light details. T he clouds in the sky and the image reflected becomes clearer and having more layers .It makes the color sharper. Of course, you can also try to use gray gradient filter to find the arrangement of sky.

It is necessary to save the battery power during your travel. At first, you have to try your best to avoid the unnecessary zoon operation. We advise you to move your camera to get the same zoon effects if you really need zoon.

The second way is avoiding using flash frequently. You had better not take flash as flash usually consumes lots of power. Meanwhile, using viewfinder is better than liquid crystal display when you adjusting the image.

LCD also costs high power so you had better not take it so frequently because normal photography could be operated by viewfinder. Actually most of the digital camera alkaline batteries will be open for LCD that consume more power, will close it can make a battery spare time growth two or three times.

Of course we should not abandon LCD as it is very important part when you take close photography. Finally please keep your camera close when you do not take photos.
At last, taking an extra full-charged battery should be the most necessary tool.


by: USB Phone World