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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Under the "Display" atmosphere, the New iPad has been released to the public with many awesome amazing features in screen, system, pixel and other functions like artificial ear. This new ear is associated to iPhone 4s and its unique artificial personal audio assistant Siri. And will that be the new era for laptop, table and the whole PC computer industry?

artificial ear, the new ipad

Language is a very important feature for the whole world to communicate with each other. However, as to computers, who can only deal with character string of 0 and 1, is really very hard to hear anything or identify any voice to have any reactions. Even so, Apple has found out effective solutions guess the voice imitation information by very high laptop operating rate.

According to procedure analysis, also called Vector Markov Process, a kind of academic statistical method, it has got some value analysis towards continuous waves to discrete samples.

Speaking of the New iPad, it can not only identify English, Fresh, German, Japanese and other languages, and transfer it into alphabetic or word strings. Of course, the new feature of iPad has many mistakes in the process of work while its accuracy is not satisfied enough.

If this artificial ear can perform better, it can produce articles or translate materials more flexibly by large amount of computer calculating information data. Whatever, it is what they should do on tablet, laptop or other PC computers.

It is said that the post PC era is coming with new tablet computers to occupy larger market share. Even so, it won’t be the threats to PC industry but another new updates. As is exemplified by the New iPad, it can send emails, surf on the Internet, basic contents production, all sorts of games, social network and so on. In addition, these portable laptop and tablet computers are very slim and convenient in use with durable lithium-ion batteries that can work for a whole business day, whose success is also shown in Macbook Air, and new super Windows laptop.

We have fruitful evident to prove that tablet computer is just a new PC revolution instead of any juggernaut. We can do many more awesome operations and deal with our business work of higher work efficiency by the New iPad. The new mobile work has come to us to meet our increasing higher requirements.

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