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Sunday, February 12, 2012

About new Apple MacBook Pro laptop, the insiders of our industry have many assumes about the new products in functions, parts, appearance and other important factors. But according to some Apple insiders, the new Apple laptop products may be out of our imagination that will take use of flash memory to substitute hard disk, which sounds to be crazy.

apple macbook pro laptop

Recently, new iPad and MacBook Pro laptop computers have attracted great attentions from outside world, including 17 inch and 15 inch version for Macbook Air that will bring great revolution in MacBook Pro product lines.

Actually, it is just the one change for Apple MacBook Air Series that will accept some new large laptop products with both 15 inch and 17 inch versions. Maybe it is just why they haven’t been released in this Christmas Day.

It is also reported by other media that Apple will republic their new products soon in the first quarter of this year.

They said that the new Apple laptop series will substitute the current MacBook Pro products while Apple will remain only one laptop product line to supply different sizes. It has also aroused many doubts about CD-Rom in the industry while MacBook Air and Mac Mini has cancelled the CD-ROM in their new products, which can also popularize their Mac App Store and iTunes series.

Since 2010, Steve Jobs has already had some adjustment about laptops in the future and they have released their upgraded MacBook Air netbook with faster processor and improved Thunderbolt interface. From then on, they have adopted one molding design and have great adjusts on these products.

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