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Friday, January 20, 2012

As to terminal users, laptop battery power energy has great significance to users in last time, running speed, compatibility and so on. But how to measure the actual capacity and output power? How to judge if the given specifications are the same as the fact? Let’s help you to get the correct answer.

Generally, there’re two methods to check if the batteries are fully charged by measure the current and internal resistances or connect it with an additional resistance to check the output eletric current.

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The advantage of the first method is convenience as it can judge the output power of certain battery directly by the right current value while the disadvantage is the large checking electric current that is above the limitation of discharging and will reduce the battery lifespan to some extent.

The advantage of the second method it the low checking electric current and security in the process of work. Generally speaking, it won’t have any damage to certain battery in lifespan but the disadvantage is inconvenience in operation.

With time goes by, the internal resistances have increasing and actual output power has decreasing. That is why these batteries cannot last so long enough as before. And the old battery won’t have the same output power as the brand new one for this reason. Of course, as to the new purchased version, there shouldn’t be too much difference.

Except for the capacity and output power, the recharging cycles are important factor as to lithium-ion battery, especially for secondary versions. As to us, BIOS info is helpful to us to learn if you have proper maintenance tips and good performance at present. And users can also judge if certain battery is brand new, used, old or refurbished by BIOS. After all, properties of batteries are closed related to our work, laptop and work efficiency.

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