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Sunday, January 15, 2012

It is said that internal lithium-ion laptop battery is dangerous in the market as to most of users who is confronted with high requirements in lifespan and other features. Therefore, some manufacturers are having researches to discover some low consumed batteries to meet the increasing demands.

lithium-ion laptop battery

To cover the limitation in standby time and lifespan, these new released universal lithium-ion laptop batteries have their own unique advantages in technologies and functions.

Store more power energy. As to the internal batteries, usually there’re installed with 6 cells, 8 cells, 9 cells and 12 cells inside to meet the nominal values. To expand the capacity and extend the last time, we have added more cells to obtain higher output current. Usually, the actual stored power energy will be higher than required. However, in theory, the actual standby time should be calculated by output power (Wh).

Lower work temperature to store more power energy. Inside the lithium-ion laptop battery, the structure is firmly with powerful external shell that can release power heat smoothly. To release more heat inside, we need more better laptop parts to achieve the goal, such as graphics card, mainboard, CPU, hardware and so on. Under the same circumstance, universal batteries are able to maximum the performance to the great extent.

Longer lifespan and more recharging cycles. In about a year, internal laptop batteries can complete about 500 recharging times normally while universal versions can reach about 700 ties with lower temperature. From this point of view, higher version has better performance in actual work.

However, some users are worrying about the security and stability of universal lithium-ion laptop battery. That is why we haven’t added a lot of external power port in cells and protection circuits to avoid overcharging, overheating, over discharging, short circuit and so on.

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