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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

During the way of development, all sorts of imaginations have come down to consumer electronics in all aspects. We hope our laptop screen is of high definition to show us more brilliant frames. If the cell phone is of high configuration, more and more tasks can be completed easily on phones only, which make it possible to deal with our work on mobile.

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As is exemplified by iPhone, except for the influence of Apple and Steve Jobs, the advantages if 4 and 4s are really closely related to internal system, HD touch screen, multi functions, high pixel camera and so on. However, the short standby time has also become the vital wound to block it. It is evidently that configuration can on no account by ignored by us in actual work.

Competed by Android, HTC, Windows phone and other brands, they have also come across great pressures from outside world, especially for the new released system and products, especially when others have meet more demands than Mac OS system with better compatibility. Before office can work on iPad and laptop computers, such a problem has limited many Apple users from business work in reality.

In addition to the configuration of laptop, digital camera and definition of screen, the researches and pertinence towards different certain users are also of great significance to terminal users. That is to say, if we cannot learn about the real user requirements, it is hard to improve user experience even though these consumer electronics have higher configuration.

In this point of view, business owners should have further knowledge about the user experience when developing the technologies and hardware of these laptops, digital cameras, cell phones and so on. And they can help these electronic products to be of higher cost performance with better social reputation.

All in all, user experience has already become a very hot topic in the market while we need to think more seriously about it in the process of development. As to all the consumer electronics and accessories, user experience needs more researches and consideration in many aspects.

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