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Thursday, August 30, 2012
Compared to the other parts of laptop, the battery and charger seems to be more sensitive while users need to have some proper ways to charge the batteries while the usage frequency, lifespan and recharging cycles are the important factors to influence on the battery and charger.

Nowadays, the lithium-ion batteries have covered nearly all the market while they have certain recharging cycles and lifespan. Generally speaking, the HP dv2500 battery needs to have some power energy inside and the manufacturers have already got some activation and pre-charging before leaving the factory. As for the original ones, fully charging and discharging is necessary and users need to have some operations on it to complete a whole cycle.

As for some fast charging adapters, when the indicator is transferred to be charged to about 90%, the charger will slow down until it is full. Users had better select the suitable and smooth charge ones to extend the lifespan and life time. Meanwhile the chargers from good suppliers and manufacturers are good choices.

Actually, charging when the laptop is on is of a little damage to the battery and charger lifespan. In the process of charging, the internal circuits will increase in work temperature while the output current is possible to be damaged suddenly. Therefore, it is properly to have suitable work situations for laptops and look for a special outlet for batteries to charge.

According to some professional persons for HP dv2500 battery and charger, users can remain some power energy inside to keep it work more smoothly and steadily instead of being shortened in lifespan.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
In most cases, the charging and recharging cycles are limited by lithium-ion cells while users need to keep them in good performance to have long lifespan and stable charge conditions. Therefore, to improve the performance, we have got some experiments for lithium-ion batteries to learn more about the factors to influence on lifespan.

hp pavilion dv9000 battery

As a matter of fact, the recharging cycles are also related to discharge depth while the new cells will have longer lifespan than others. Of course, fully discharge and recharge seldom can help the whole HP pavilion dv9000 battery to have correct capacity indicating system.

Under the regular situations, users need to remain enough power energy inside to check and activate the start charging more smoothly.

However, when users need to deal with many important issues in the communication by laptop, the HP Pavilion DV9000 battery has played an important role to use up all the power energy while it is necessary to charge ahead to prepare.

The principle for all of us to get better performance is no longer mysterious. Actually, some simple operations in regular work, such as cool and dry place, avoid overcharging, suitable usage frequency and so on.

1. Please charge your HP Pavilion DV9000 battery according to standard mode and procedure to be adapted to different situations and requirements.
2. Please have a proper power option by regular usage habits.
3. Please avoid charging the lithium-ion batteries for too long time.

It is certainly that the protection of HP Pavilion DV9000 battery is the key point to have good performance. Anyway, it is necessary to keep away from dangerous factors and operate according to the correct ways to charge and discharge.

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Monday, August 27, 2012
Even though playing with Lenovo T60 laptop for a long period, few of us has considered of consumption and charging performance seriously at that moment. However, as for original supplier, the power supplies have different warranty to the whole laptop. That is why we need to remind users to pay attention to consumption and charging of laptop battery and charger.

lenovo t60 battery

Some operations that influence on the laptop performance

Overcharging – It is truth that lithium-ion Lenovo t60 battery doesn’t have memory effect inside while the control circuits are the parts for users to take charge of the security and stability. Even so, overcharging will also damage the laptop battery in the internal circuits.

Poor laptop charger – Compared to brand new high-quality laptop AC adapters, the poor quality ones conclude refurbished and used versions. Therefore, it is of great significance to select a compatible qualified top rate battery and charger to pursue for good performance.

Too high work temperature – Especially for the adapter, after using for a long time, it will come to increase seriously in the work temperature. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the whole device contact with the air and cool down enough to have long lifespan and last time.

Over discharging – Similar to overcharging, over discharging is even more dangerous to laptop computers in many aspects. Therefore, we recommend users to remain about 20% to 80% power energy inside to have it run more smoothly.

Actually, consumption in power energy and performance is related to both laptop accessories and power energy. Users need to pay attention to the selection, usage method, work circumstances, and other important features.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012
For a long time to go, the laptop batteries have been talked a lot in the difficulties in getting balance between standby time and the appearance. According to the traditions, the size of the lithium-ion batteries will be changed by the capacity and standby time. Therefore, the balance between these two factors is also tested by the whole market.

dell inspiron 1525 battery

Why Dell Inspiron 1525 battery of long last time is usually larger in the appearance?

As for the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, the lithium-ion cells have made the final decision with output voltage and current. The voltage is from the cells in parallel and current is from the ones in series. The more cells inside, the more lithium-ion cells need to be installed. That is why the higher capacity batteries are of larger size.

The advantages slim battery has

As for laptop computer, nearly all the users will pay attention to the portability and compatibility in actual work. In pursue of convenience, the slim but powerful laptop battery is necessary to meet all kinds of demands in any place we need.

The advantages long life battery has

Similarly, the long life batteries can provide more output power and more work time for users who need enough standby time but don’t have charger or outlet in the suitable situations. Under this circumstance, high-capacity version is more popular than others thanks to the long life time and higher running rate. But the larger size has made many users hesitated a lot to make the final decision.

How to get balance between standby time and slim laptop battery? Actually, the issue has troubled the whole market for a long period from then on. Meanwhile, some silicon materials have been taken use of to improve the performance of lithium-ion laptop batteries.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012
There have been abundant people claiming that some built-in application programs of Mountain Lion do harm to the lifespan of their MacBook batteries in Apple customers supporting forum. Therefore, Arstechnica tested a MacBook pro of retina verison on purpose. The result was that the lasting time of its Macbook pro 15 batterybecame 8 hours to 4.92 hours after installing Mountain Lion. At present, technical support person in Apple are investigating this problem.

Previously, Arstechnica reported several times about the situation that users of MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air had found that after installing and updating Mountain Lion, the lasting time for the battery declined sharply.

To some extent, the battery performance dropped almost close to half of the normal value.

Even so, the problem of battery endurance performance decreases after upgrading new operating system appears to be just case-by-case. Although there are many users confirmed the existence of the problem, most users think there is no influence on the battery after upgrading Mountain Lion and even better than the former version.

And some warm-hearted users have published some simple methods in Apple customers supporting forum, including fixing disk access or access control form, forbidding or re-stalling Dropbox application, reseting GateKeeper enabling program from any sources to against this problem. Although some users have fixed the problem by adopting above methods, most users still claim that the problems cannot be fixed. So some users presume the problem maybe between security and file system.

A user from Apple customers supporting forum claimed that he had gotten in touch with Apple. He said the influence of battery performance after upgrading Mountain Lion is no relationship with hardware and battery itself. The major problem is due to the software platform. In addition, he said Apple would release an updated in App Store recently to help users to fix this problem. But this news has not been proved by Apple. So the users who are puzzled with this problem have to wait for the further news.

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Have you ever troubled with many problems on laptop in the office, such as system halted, getting stuck, low running rate and so on. For this reason, the users have to spend a lot of time to deal with these problems instead of the own work. Comparatively, more convenient work conditions are of greater significance to us.

laptop in the office

As for many businessmen in the office, it is necessary to look for a slim and light laptop computer of powerful performance and long enough last time. To be fortunate, as is entering into Windows 7 system, both configuration and appearance have great influence on the selection in actual work.

However, speaking of long enough last time, it comes to have some business laptop models for selection that can supply more power energy with better battery management system, lasting for more than 5 hours. Whether outside or inside, there will always be one that can meet all kinds of satisfaction.

Some PC manufacturers have already developed the technologies in all these factors. With the unique technique, the Dell Inspiron e1505 battery can complete more recharging cycles and decrease the lifespan effectively to get more last time.

To solve the problem fully, some unique super battery technology can help the laptops to achieve long last time. Meanwhile, the smart IC charging mode can adjust charging voltage and current automatically. If the voltage or current is decreased, it will bring triple lifespan and increase 15% in charging rate to be of nearly one thousand.

As for businessmen, it is really a very good idea to get enough power energy anywhere at any time. With enough power energy, the laptops can run more smoothly on Windows 7 system and deal with all kinds of work situations and enjoy the funs in the office.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012
In 16th, Auguest, City Labs in Florida has released the first Tritium battery in the world which called NanoTritium battery. It is an amazing lifespan reached to as long as 20 years. As we all know, normal lithium Dell Latitude d820 battery usually has 2-3 years working time. So 20 years for long life span is actually unbelievable event we have ever met.

Let us get a rough idea with this groundbreaking scientific achievement.

tritium battery

1) Principle
Tritium is one of the isotopes with hydrogen which has radiation. It is including two neutrons and one proton. And its atom is not stable so it could be decayed into helium which owns three protons.
IT will release abundant electron which can offer power to machines during the decaying process. That is the principle city Labs take advantage of to make the NanoTritium battery. Although Tritium has radioation undeniably, the quantity is very tiny. It could not do any harm to human body.

2) Advantage
Compared with the widely used batteries, the durability of NanoTritium battery is much stronger. It can endure the temperature from Minus 50 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, its ability in anti-pressure and anti-shake is also very excellent.
Above all, the biggest advantage of NanoTritium battery is its long lifespan. It could be lasting 20 years which outdistances the average lifespan of batteries nowadays.

3) Security
Tritium has definite radioaction but it is very tiny. That will not cause any harm to human being at all.

4) Current usage
The new NanoTritium battery is priced $1000 for sale. It is under voltage 2.4V, 50~350 nano amps current. The maximal power is only 840 Nevan. That indicates it cannot be put into used to mobile phone field.

But it can be used in some small electronic equipments like watches, audiphones and cardiac pacemakers. It is undoubted that with the development of Tritium batteries, the problems which puzzle people in mobiles phones and laptops will be solved in near future.

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Friday, August 17, 2012
If you laptop is frequently used or not in use in holiday, it is necessary to have a fully rest for it to improve the performance to some extent, which can provide good work conditions when back to school. For this reason, on no account can we ignore the work temperature, running speed, and standby time in the process of work.
Have a rest after the remaining power energy has decreased to about 20%.

laptop for back to school

It is known to all that deep discharge is very dangerous to lithium-ion Dell Inspiron e1505 battery in performance. Therefore, it is of great significance to have a fully rest to cool down and keep the whole battery in good work conditions. After rest, the capacity and running rate can recover to a suitable range rapidly.

Suitable activation can help the laptop computer to get back some power energy and quality effectively.
Actually, activation by charging and recharging can help the users to readjust the capacity and last time indicating information effectively. For this reason, it is necessary to check the BIOS system and compare the capacity, output power, running speed before and after activation. If the power energy and performance is improved, users can play with the laptop more smoothly in school.

Anyway, the maintenance in regular work is very important. It is best to prevent before anything occurs. It is not only helpful to the battery itself, but other accessories and programs in actual work as well. That is to say, as long as is maintained well, users will enjoy the whole process on laptop for a long time.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
It is known to all, the lithium-ion batteries are of little memory effect that users don’t need to overcharge or activate it at the first use. However, it is still uncertain that if the Li-ion Mac G4 battery is necessary to be fully charged each time to get enough power energy.

The activation is only effective to those batteries that haven’t been used for a long time.

mac g4 battery

Although little memory effect exists, if not in use for more than one month, the BIOS is possible to misunderstand the indicating of recharging cycles and remaining power energy. For this reason, it is of great significance to fully charge and recharge the Mac G4 battery to activate the all internal circuits and structure to have the correct indicating information.

Overcharging will decrease the performance of lithium-ion batteries in capacity and running rate to a great extent.

Thanks to the upgraded internal structure, the control circuits are responsible to prevent the Mac G4 battery from dangerous conditions. If overcharging, the protection circuits will be hurt or out of work, which is very dangerous to all the users, especially when playing on the laptop computers.

In some other words, the best work condition is with remaining power energy of about 20% to 80%, which can extend the lifespan of Mac G4 battery well.

If possible, please leave behind some power energy inside to keep the whole laptop in suitable performance. On the other hand, it is necessary to charge the battery to certain extent if not in use for a while, and avoid keep the charger plugged in all the time.

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Monday, August 13, 2012
Is it necessary to take out the laptop battery when AC adapter is plugged in? Actually lithium ion batteries have approximate 500 times volume for being charged and discharged. The lifespan of batteries is exactly related to the frequency of charge and discharge.

If your laptop which has Sony vgp bps8 battery inside is plugged and unplugged into the power supply several times within one day, that do more harm to your battery. Because connecting with the external power supply each time is equivalent to charging the battery one time, therefore that could be also consume its working life.

Consequently, you had better take out your battery if your AC adapter is plugged in, which will prolong the lifespan of your battery.

We can analysis the situation your laptop meets when your AC adapter is plugged in the external power supply.

Because of the laptop computers charging protection circuit function, battery inside can maintain in 95% ~ 100% of full power state. Meanwhile, the environment temperature of battery could be at least 25-30 degree centigrade. In addition to this, the temperature would be much higher in summer. The conclusion you can easily get from above is that plugging AC adapter with the battery inside will harm the battery badly. It causes its capacity down memorably. The consequence is your battery will die quicker because it is under the bad circumstance always.

In other words, it still runs a little risk for plugging AC adapter only without battery inside. That may hurt the hardware of your laptop if outage suddenly or voltage instability. But it is not necessary to care so much as it seldom happens.

So we suggest that please take out the battery from your laptop under the situation that the power supply is stable. And backup data from time to time in case the external power supply is cut.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012
Recently, according to Professor Elizabeth from University of California, the normal laptop computer can be a part-time seismograph if an accelerometer or transducer is installed. When users are playing with the laptop, the system will check and detect the special work situations. Once happened, the indicator will catch the details and transfer the data to computer system to avoid the damages.

As is exemplified as the Salton in California, the earthquake is frequently happened while the laptop computer can get the information at the early times just as the seismic experts do.

If it is a big earthquake, the earthquake tracker can save more time and r60 battery power energy from users to withdraw from the dangerous conditions more quickly. Meanwhile, the signal can be transferred to the disaster area as soon as possible the relevant department to have fully prepared.

The laptop can be seismic sensor very easily according to the work principle like iPhone and other electronic products with a detected miniature accelerometer.

In Chile earthquake, the application in laptop has saved many people while such examples have occurred to many other places.

With the expansion of network, some potential problems have emerged from the water, such as misstatement. To improve the accurancy, some relevant programs will work out while users need to ensure the laptop battery like r60 battery is of enough power energy inside to perform normally.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012
In 6th, August, Lenovo group promulgated the lightest of 14 inch Laptop-Thinkpad X41 Carbon super in the world for their 20 -years anniversary celebration. ThinkPad X41 Carbon redefined business super again,.Many features make this product becomes the highest of attention notebook.

What unique and advanced designs does it have? Let us try to get familiar with its primary characteristics.

lenovo thinkpad x41

The Lenovo thinkpad x41 battery lasting time of this laptop could be 8 hours which also can be quick charged 80% within 30 minutes. Moreover it also has 2 seconds speed wake ( wake up instantly linked up the wireless network ) and 30 days of standby.

The thinnest thickness of front body is only 8mm which is currently the most thinnest than any other ThinkPad products..The weight of Thinkpad X41 Carbon super is only in1.36kg, even lighter than the then one in 13 inch. It is believed that the records will not be broken in a short period of time.

The body of Thinkpad X41 Carbon super is adopted the black carbon fiber material so the feeling of body is very comfortable. I believe that we are not unfamiliar with black carton fiber which is widely used in car, aerospace and other areas of advanced material. It is two times strong strength than aluminum alloy materials. Furthermore, the weight is only one-third of aluminum alloy.

The design of of screen is adopted super narrow frame. It means the 13 inch body is inserted the 14 inch screen. That becomes the major reason why Thinkpad X41 Carbon super is the lightest among all the 14 inch in the world.

Screen maximum opening angle is always ThinkPad notebook strengths of course including ThinkPad X41 Carbon super. Strong high sink type metal hinge shaft let Carbon screen the maximum opening angle of easily reach 180 degrees, to meet a variety of complex application environment.

Thinkpad X41 Carbon super opens the new concept of business laptop super.

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Monday, August 6, 2012
As is known to all, nearly all the users look forward to have a long life laptop battery even if they don’t really need so long last time. Therefore, the HP mu06 battery in USB Phone World is always very popular in the market not only for its high performance but the long last time as well.

hp mu06 battery

The lithium-ion cells capacity is the key factor to determine the battery life time.

In most cases, the battery capacity is determined by the cells quantity, which is calculated by voltage and current. However, the lithium-ion cells specifications are also of great significance as the high-end high-capacity cells can not only save more spaces for the batteries but can supply more output power to the laptops as well.

The compatibility is the key point to ensure it can work well on the HP laptop battery.

As for HP MU06 battery, on no account can we take advantage of it in the wrong laptop models. Except for the interface and size, the output power and internal circuits are the important factors to be determined if this battery can be applied securely and steadily.

This HP MU06 battery has past all sorts of the tests before leaving the factory.

To ensure it can work well on HP laptops, laptop battery has to pass many strict tests to imitate all sorts of possible work situations to check the real quality of each piece before leaving the factory. That is the last reason for users to select HP MU06 batteries in USB Phone World to pursue for high performance and long life.

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From 1992, Sony developed lithium batteries successfully which could lighten the weight and decrease the volume as well for the laptops. Fortunately, compared with NI-MH batteries, lithium batteries do not contain heavy metal cadmium at all.

As we all know, cadmium is one of the most toxic elements in all the heavy metals to pollute the environments. So lithium batteries would do less harm than NI-MH batteries before.

In daily life, most people would like to throw away laptop batteries together with their household garbage, even do not have any idea about how harmful it will cause harm to the environment. Although the batteries have lost its power, they still contain a little harmful chemical substance which would pollute land, river and so on.

However, you have to dispose the dead lithium-ion batteries in proper ways. For HP pavilion dv7 battery, HP recycling services provide easy ways to recycle on HP official website. You can find they open up a special column for directing you how to submit your used batteries to them.

There are quite a lot of curbside batteries recycling services in residential districts, residents could wrap their battery with an independent pack and then put into the special position.

Battery Recycling is good for the earth and generation to generation as well. It is our responsibility to protect our living environment.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012
As the Olympic Games is coming, more and more people are pursuing for higher, stronger and faster. Therefore, to last longer and run faster, many users are pursuing for high performance in lithium-ion batteries, such as HP NV6220 battery.

Laptop computer, as a portable device in the office, is definitely different from the desktop computer in many features. However, as all the consumer electronic products are susceptible, it will come to be high consumed in capacity and not easy to be protected. At present, the laptop batteries are all lithium-ion and can last long if maintained well.

In regular work, HP nc6220 battery has the process of discharging. As for a new laptop computer, the remaining power energy will be lower than the theoretical value as some of them is consumed in the process of transmission. It is suggested that users can discharge the lithium-ion batteries fully if they are new versions. Of course, it is dangerous to consume all the power energy inside while the best work situation is around 20% to 80% remaining power energy.

Through the operation as above, the laptop battery can work normally in the process of work. After charging, it can perform well and last long enough to get more power energy from the internal circuits and lithium-ion cells.

As a matter of fact, if not used for many times, the Li-ion HP NV6220 battery will be out of work suddenly. For this reason, it is necessary to store and activate the batteries correctly according to the work principle. In the process of storage, the best remaining power energy is of about 40% to 50% in some cool and dry places.

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