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Monday, August 6, 2012
From 1992, Sony developed lithium batteries successfully which could lighten the weight and decrease the volume as well for the laptops. Fortunately, compared with NI-MH batteries, lithium batteries do not contain heavy metal cadmium at all.

As we all know, cadmium is one of the most toxic elements in all the heavy metals to pollute the environments. So lithium batteries would do less harm than NI-MH batteries before.

In daily life, most people would like to throw away laptop batteries together with their household garbage, even do not have any idea about how harmful it will cause harm to the environment. Although the batteries have lost its power, they still contain a little harmful chemical substance which would pollute land, river and so on.

However, you have to dispose the dead lithium-ion batteries in proper ways. For HP pavilion dv7 battery, HP recycling services provide easy ways to recycle on HP official website. You can find they open up a special column for directing you how to submit your used batteries to them.

There are quite a lot of curbside batteries recycling services in residential districts, residents could wrap their battery with an independent pack and then put into the special position.

Battery Recycling is good for the earth and generation to generation as well. It is our responsibility to protect our living environment.

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