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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Everyone here has known clearly about laptop computer sensibility, especially for the high work temperature. With time goes by, people have different kinds of methods to cool down the laptop. Actually, once it comes to be overheating, the computer system is very likely to be cut off. In the past, we used to think of the heat radiator when we need to get rid of overheating. But a lot of users don’t consider it as a good idea as they don’t want to get into a fight. In that way, do you want to come with me solve the problem by software?

Notebook users must be familiar to control panel while Windows 7 has actually achieved some updates from XP. Among them, there’re three power modes that can reduce power energy consumption and cool down the whole electronic product.

1. Power Saver: With the lowest consumption and heat dissipating capacity

Under this mode, the power plan for graphics card will prolong the lifespan to be the longest. Turn the system cooling policy to be passive, minimum processor state to be 0% and maximum to be 100%. In display, set the brightness to be 40% on battery and 100% plugged in. By such a power saver mode, laptop computer is suitable to be used as portable device and all the parts can work under the lowest consumption situations.

2. Balanced: The consumption that depends and heat dissipating capacity is a little higher

According to the default setting, system cooling policy is active by plugged in, minimum processor state is 5% and maximum is 100%. The brightness is the same as power saver mode. That is to say, under this balanced mode, all the activities can only supply security performance with active situations. If not played for some periods, the laptop will also change into the power saver mode. As to most of users, it is the most reasonable power plan.

3. High performance: With the largest consumption and highest performance

With high performance, the cooling policy for plugged in is active and 100% for minimum and maximum processor modes. The display brightness is 100% for both on battery and power supply. Obviously, all the hardware has to work under the best situations so that laptop computer needs to consume much more energy. If you don’t have an effective radiator, please choose wisely.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

With the summer coming, I just can smell something burning from outside. Although these days are not so hot, it is not easy for me to take my laptop computer out and I will be worried about my customers if I don’t have my USB phone.

usb phone, laptop computer

If you are also Otaku like me, how to make your office work or home entertainment more interesting just like outside?

If we stayed in the office, the problem comes to be the communication and conference with our cooperator and colleagues. If you don’t have an iPhone, a kind of USB phone here is also a way to realize video calls if you have installed Skype mate. Then we can interact with each other wherever they are.

At home, it can be more amazing. Whether you are watching the movies or playing 3D games on your laptop computer. Users can just take use of full screen effects while the USB phone will remind you the coming calls or messages from Skype, Yahoo and MSN messengers. Or you can also communicate with your game partner as well.

If we have to be out, how to get more funs with laptop and USB phone without any damages?

To be sure, summer is a very suffering and rough time for all the consumer electronics. When working outside, whether on the way or open country, we should have got some effective preventive measures.

If you need conference or calls only, you even don’t need to take the laptop computer out while cordless Skype phone can work about 160 feet away from the motherland. And the white phones are better than the black ones in summer.

As to the laptop computer, I think it is more reasonable to use an extended life laptop battery replacement instead of charging by the AC adapter all the day when working in the field.

Whatever, we will have more kinds of possible ways on our business or activities. Contact with your friends by USB phone to have a unforgettable summer day.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From the market point of view, to meet the increasing demands, a great deal of manufacturers have involved in new technologies in lithium-ion laptop battery so as to improve the battery capacity. Among these measures, the updating of lithium-ion cells is regarded as the core value that can effectively realize and satisfy with the expanded ambitions.

laptop battery, internal capacity

How to improve the laptop battery capacity by lithium-ion cells?

As is mentioned, the most direct and popular way to have a high-capacity laptop battery is adding more lithium-ion cells. But it is not a good way anymore as users have also requirements on the appearance and weight. So I guess that there must be a new idea to achieve that.

In the whole industry, people come to accept some powerful large sole cell for laptop batteries. It deserves to be a good manner that satisfies both sides. For this reason, some scientists have got some more daring ideas that it can be beyond lithium-ion laptop battery but solar or nanoporous silicon batteries.

Will the new technologies remove hidden security troubles or even worse?

We have witnessed the achievement of lithium-ion laptop battery from Ni-cd and Ni-mh many years ago. But the accident about HP have driven safety wake-up calls even if HP laptop replacement batteries are available.

Since we have not accurate standard for lithium-ion cells, how can we control the regulation of these new technologies and products? We have suffered from 911, Hercynian earthquake and Japanese tsunami. We seem to be not so confident and feel insecure.

Why does terminal user continue to expand ambitions instead of being satisfied?

With changing of the times, the business is harder with sharper competition. Maybe it is not the wish from ourselves but forced by the age and market. On the other hand, as manufacturers come to produce more powerful laptop batteries so that users consider it as a simple way and increase their ambitions. Maybe it’s time for the whole area to slow down our steps.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, June 27, 2011

Recently, some laptop battery manufacturers have launched a personal customization business. According to their advertisements, users can ask for various types of laptop batteries with various internal capacity and output power energy. To achieve that, some powerful cells are applied while they don’t need to increase lithium-ion cells quantity and weights.

laptop battery, extended life batteries

What can users have in such a high-capacity laptop battery?

Of course, more and more users are no longer satisfied with their laptop batteries due to all sorts of new applications and systems. If not for budget limitation, they are very anxious to replace theirs with extended life batteries.

But compared to laptop battery of more cells, is the powerful batteries with the same cells quantity better? It seems to be hard to say.

How to ensure the security and stability of extended life batteries?

Needless to say longlife laptop battery, the standard lithium-ion batteries are actually hard to confirm its security completely. After all, in these years, Sony, Dell and HP laptop batteries continue to recall their products, accompanied by fire and explosion accidents. Obviously, security and stability are more urgently than pure capacity and last time.

The cruel reality is that larger sole cell is of more dangers than several small cells. The key point is the internal contaminations. If update the cells blindly instead of checking seriously on the performance, the accidents of overheating are more likely than before. That is to say, personal customization laptop battery has higher requirements on manufacturer technologies.

But what the hell is the root benefit?

As a matter of fact, if it is completely personal customization laptop battery, manufacturers will get even far fewer profits than before. From the appearance to view, such extended life batteries are already on stock instead of new manufacturing products. And users can choose the diverse laptop battery according to their own needs.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, June 26, 2011

New start comes with ending and consumption. Although such a situation doesn’t occur in each time of charging, activation by deep discharging is necessary to adjust the indicator and get more power energy from external power supply. But is it possible or reasonable to consume completely?

power energy, longlife battery, consumption

How to discharge correctly and entirely?

As a matter of fact, discharging is similar to charging in terms of level and limitation. If discharging too frequently or too deeply, even the longlife battery is unlikely to use long enough or just destroyed. The best way is taking advantage of battery management software and operating according to the indicating figures or automatically.

In addition to lithium-ion cells, there’s also backup part for laptop batteries in power energy. Once such a part is consumed seriously, longlife and normal battery will be damaged. That is to say, please pay attention to recharging period after shutting off.

How to check if all the power energy is consumed completely?

In most cases, laptop comes to be power off before all the power energy is consumed completely. If possible, you can get a universal multimeter to test on output voltage and current. As charging process will change in different stage, such as top off charging, stable charging and reducing charging, we can observe the figures and determine if laptop battery is consumed compeletly. Especially for longlife battery, we can also learn about the internal resistances by output power energy.


Considering of internal resistances and heat, standby time in theory won’t happen in most time of use. Especially when after using for years, such a level reduces more rapidly so that a longlife battery will be of less level than a standard one. Just as ourselves, clearing in some cases is a good choice to start a new journey.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It is a matter of murderous work that there’s no power energy and external power supply in a pinch. Although battery indicator will remind us about the remaining power energy and standby time, it is impossible for us to deal with all the tasks in such a short and unstable period.

laptop battery, long life batteries, in a pinch

If we cannot control the accurate last time of laptop battery

I am sure that no one can learn about the laptop battery standby time more accurately than the indicator. In conventional practice, users have no idea of consumption rate and surprised by rapid reduction in the internal power energy. It is all right for us to have a ninja mode in daily work, but if in a pinch, how to catch the speed of used up is of great significance.

If we can have more flexible time to deal with

The emergency in particular, flexible time is more important than pure last time or power supply. After all, the object is tasks, project and success instead of laptop battery itself. Obviously, long life batteries can achieve such a possibility by much more lithium-ion cells and capacity. And more standard cells are better than a large powerful cell. In most cases, the latter has more internal contaminates.

If we need long life batteries

To be sure, no laptop battery can completely handle with all the urgent problems if not prepared fully before. After all, different from laptop charger, lithium-ion batteries have limited recharging cycles and internal capacity even if they are prior to Ni-mh and Ni-cd ones.

If you don’t want to be rushed off, a long life laptop battery can be considered while you’d better calculate your necessary standby time. After all, different batteries have different internal capacity and last time. And even the same laptop battery will perform diversely in various situations.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, June 20, 2011

Is there something more seriously than money, social status and personal rights? Actually, the answer is various, such as career, dreams and self-actualization. What about “2012”? If you are able to delay and cancel the dangerous of “2012”, do you think it can provide you a worthwhile life?

recycling hero

Take action to recycling

How many batteries have you consumed before, including laptop battery, digital camera battery, mobile phone battery and so on? And do you know where they were after thrown away and where they will be in the future? If you are interested in, it is likely for you to participate in recycling these lithium-ion batteries.

The endanger of lithium-ion batteries

Actually, some materials of lithium-ion batteries have come into our own life. Can you imagine that the digital camera battery has hidden in the daily water and even rain? It seems to be the horror film scene, but it has happened and cannot be ignored. Supposed you can save the surrounding and all Americans life, such a great responsibility you have.

You are the hero of the world before “2012”

Maybe you are not the spider man or superman, but you can become one of the heroes to avoid “2012”. What do you think of it? In my point of view, you are even more powerful than those guys. After all, what you have helped are the human beings. What you have saved are more than certain parts of people. What you have done has much great significance and it can be recorded in the history.

Of course, all these can only occur to you before you have take part in recycling and other tasks about environmental protection. Or ask your friends and lovers for help to save the whole world. Never let those dying lithium-ion batteries to destroy us.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, June 19, 2011

Usually, we have to change your mobile phone number if we have lost our phones. It sounds to be normal, but have you ever worried about your account security? For example, some old friends may call you or send the messages to your old account? What will happen? If someone has ulterior motives, it would be disastrous.

usb phone, Skype, mobile phone

Although Skype and other messengers are not completely safe to users, we have ways to deal with the competitors, such as backup, security question, e-mail address and Skype phone. It doesn’t mean that you will lose the account completely while you can log in anywhere.

It seems as if we shouldn’t use any phones? Definitely, I don’t mean that. But if you have already lost your mobile phone or need to keep your data security, USB phone is your best friend.

First of all, it is convenient to import the contact information from your mobile phone and tell them that you have lost your mobile phone. By all appearances, it is necessary to avoid misunderstanding by sg messages.

Next, even if you have lost your USB phone, Skype, Yahoo and other available messengers are still on and you won’t miss your messages from the phone.

Furthermore, you can also deal with your tasks or look for your mobile phone by USB Phone. Unless you don’t want to, this best friend is always there for you to assistant. Call police, friends, cooperators, family members and so on.

I don’t mean that you need a USB phone only after losing your mobile phone. Anyway, if you don’t want to get more losses from that, you’d better have a try on it.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, June 16, 2011

It sounds to be cool to have a laptop with touch screen. And I think a lot of users, including myself, have ever dreamed about it once before. But as the king of touch screen, Apple CEO has told us that such an idea is unreasonable according to Apple’s experiment.

laptop LED screen, Touch screen

Before then, Apple has applied for several iMac relevant technical patents, which has attracted many attentions from the insiders. The industry comes to guess if Apple is going to release a new touch screen desktop or laptop. However, Steve Jobs has given us a surprise answer soon.

Steve said that they have completed a great number of experiments about user experience and turned out to be impractical. In a short while, those rumors about touch screen laptop and Apple have disappeared. So are the wishes and expectations of users.

Soon afterwards, this Apple CEO also told us that he considered touch screen very amazing at the very beginning as many others did. Yet, a short time later, users would be tired due to long time use, especially the arm hang down consciously. Absolutely unreasonable it is, a very terrible experiment.

This can also explain why Apple has optimized dual sided magic trackpads. As to present, it is a better way to use this magic trackpad than touch screen.

Anyway, we have owned iPad, iPhone or iTouch but not touch screen Macbook or Powerbook. Are you disappointed or just persuaded by Steve Jobs. I think everyone has his own answer in his mind.

Maybe it is unreasonable to use a touch screen in laptop. Maybe the technology is not mature at present, even for Apple. Maybe some potential reasons unknown about the business and industry. Obviously, touch screen laptop is still far away from us at least for now.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As is saying that he laughs best who laugh last. But what’s the root driving force for us to last the longest? Actually, a little bit time can determine the final success.

longlasting career

The core value for you to succeed in career

If you don’t hope to hold back in career, I think you have to learn about your core value, interests, and personalization. But it seems to be a great concept instead of concrete plans. And if these factors are conflicting, what to decide in the end?

In my mind, I think interests will be the last power that makes us to the end. If you have multi-interests or have no idea about your own one, some tests are necessary for you, such as Holland professional test, vocational interest test and other relevant tests. Never have too much faith in what your company has provided in tests. After all, most of them are used in human resources selection instead of the most suitable career tests for you.

The laptop and other equipments to last longer

No good soldier can attend a war without any good weapons. That is to say, laptop and other equipments have the same influence on your own technical abilities in business.

Longlasting laptop battery is a plain but important accessory that determine the standby time of laptop computer. Just like administrative staffs, we may ignore them in daily work, but what will happen if they are all out?

Train and select some high-quality equipments and extended life batteries. They can take effects in the nick of time.

The way for your small business to win the market share

About 60% small business cannot last for more than 10 years. Are they failed in strategy, technologies or resources? Absolutely, it is the insistence. Most of them have given up only a day before success is coming while the winner competitor has no fatal kill shots but only insistence.

So, consider of your own interests, personalization and core value in mental, consider of your equipments in physical, consider of the success in everyday life. And wait and see what happens in your new life?

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As for the personal belongings of businessman, do you know that how much has been revealed from your notebook computer? A famous entrepreneur has said that notebook computer is just another mask of businessmen.

notebook computer, businessman

Laptop brand and series

I have no idea about all the people in terms of selection. Obviously, it is the first matter what others can see after you take it out from your laptop bag and before power on. It is certainly that your reasons are more than the appearance, but the laptop brand and series have expressed your own personalization and requirements.

The color and size of your notebook computer

According to psychological studies, the color is a figure of businessman and impression to others. Imagine what color you want your suppliers to have. And laptop screen is also the eye of notebook computer. Therefore, pay attention even to your laptop power supply in its size and color.

The computer operating system installed

I believe most of users have used their acquiesced operating system while people who keep pace with the times will update it to be the latest and people who are creative will choose a definitely different one. What about yours?

The desktop pictures you have set

No matter you have taken use of desktop themes or not, most of your customers and cooperators will be interested in your desktop pictures, even much more than yourselves. By all appearances, they want to get the answers from these pictures before verbal communication.

The way you have deal with the documents

Different from work table, the documents in notebook computer are more private to a businessman. And if you have applied the unique ways from your operating system is of great significance.

Supposed you need to prove if I am correct, please observe on your cooperators’ notebook computer. Hope you businessmen can get what you want to know more clearly.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, June 13, 2011

Up to now, nearly all the users have got a digital camera of their own. And the cameras nowadays have become more and more interesting and some additional functions like fish-eye, LOMO and SLR effects. As to the cool guys, I think you are unwilling to miss these interesting figures on your digital camera.

Miniature Landscape Effect

Miniature Landscape Effect

Such an effect is available to Cannon IXUX digital camera. By the unique chip, users can keep the certain sightseeing and obfuscation on all the remaining parts. This real time technology to deal with the images can also control the depth of scenery and its range. Therefore, go through the mode, it can imitate depth of field in a very shallow range, which is similar to macro lens SLR effects. Miniature landscape effect can create minimal models from streetscape, landscape and other large scenes.

Mobile Panorama Mode of 360 Degree

Mobile Panorama Mode of 360 Degree

Actually, even SLR wide angle digital camera is hard to complete normal shooting mode and hold all the contents when confronted with a major scene or beauty of the broad areas. However, mobile panorama mode of 360 degree in card camera can realize such a function by rotating the camera with your hand lightly, with the range of 120, 180 and 360 degree instead of splicing several pictures.

Hand-held Twilight

Hand-held Twilight

Faced with beautiful night scene, some camera users are confused how to record the situations clearly. Actually, by hand-held twilight, we can establish a perfect picture of the scenery with simple operations. Through continuous shooting of twilight, digital cameras will synthetic images accurately and reduce the influence of joggling without any noises.

Creative Lighting Effect

Creative Lighting Effect

For the sightseeing with lights, it seems to be dull with normal shines and shapes. Why not try on this creative lighting effect? Only by changing the circular aura formed by focal Lens can we get various innovative shapes in shooting lights at night, such as five-pointed star, cardioids, starlight, musical notes, butterfly and so on.

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by: USB Phone World
Sunday, June 12, 2011

We have suffered from high external temperature for weeks. It is really a hard day for all of us while is there anyone who want to have another small sun indoor. Actually the laptop computers have already combined into the sun and heat. If you have ever tested, the temperature they have won’t be lower than the external environment.

laptop computers, Small Sun Indoor

As everyone knows, cooling fan and air conditioner have become much essential for laptops. Consequently, it can control and reduce the high temperature efficiently. But it seems to cure the symptoms instead of root diseases.

No. 1 Prescription: Have suitable laptop battery and charger to provide enough power energy.

More than laptop computers, most consumer electronics need power energy from power supplies, just as laptop battery and charger. Once not satisfied, the backup part will initiate and provide more heat. So are poor quality batteries of more internal resistances. Furthermore, these accessories are usually hotter than others in most cases. Please keep them cool first.

No. 2 Prescription: Have a high-quality and high rate CPU and internal memory.

It is business of both service speed and laptop computers temperature. Obviously, CPU is the heart of computer which determines more than other parts in performance. In most cases, you can see that the cooling fan runs faster but the heat released more while the noises are loud. The root cause is also related to power energy. When internal memory doesn’t get enough space, it has to occupy more from hard disks and ask for more power energy.

No. 3 Prescription: Keep your laptop computer clean, including software and hardware.

As to hardware, dusts increase with time goes by and temperature increases, too. Go to the service center and let the professional servicemen to help you to clear the laptop computer. As to software, it is more about disk cleanup. It can not only release the CPU but fewer programs will run simultaneously. Then we don’t need more output current to transfer from the power cable and prevent from heat produced by internal resistances.

No. 4 Prescription: Treat the laptop computers and other electronic devices well.

Prevention is better than cure. Maintenance can actually be more effectively than expectation. Don’t provide laptop computers chances to be the small sun indoor.

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, June 9, 2011

It is a story recorded in “365 Ways to Change the Whole World” by Michael Norton. Whether it is fictional and realistic, I definitely believe that such situations are possible to realize. With “2012” has become a more and more popular topic in the world, LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) has been created and listed as a hot keyword. Actually, it is more than collecting dead batteries.

dead batteries, business

Business rule: Many a little makes a mickle.

Each large brand is started by small business. A dead battery is worthless to most of others, but it has also become the treasure of the finder. So are knowledge, experience, resources, fund, reputation, customers and even dead batteries quantity.

Actually, even if you want to get a shortcut, you should have owned your unique advantages and superior in at least one of the above factors. Never fear to wait as business is worthwhile to wait and accumulate.

Life rule: We have all sorts of life style.

According to “365 Ways to Change the Whole World”, Michael has shown as about 365 feasible life styles. And I believe the reality in our life must be more than 365 ways. As long as you like, you can choose any of them and enjoy such a new life style. Nothing is impossible. Maybe you are just the social business owner of collecting dead battery. Love the environment and love yourself.

Value rule: Everything is useful, including dead batteries.

Maybe a great number of people are confused about themselves in their values. Some of them have too high objects while some others haven’t figured out their potential abilities and values. Turn around and observe the surroundings more clearly. You can see more and more valuable factors that you have ignored before. Take advantage to start your journey.

Success rule: Take action and insist on your career by various possible ways.

Success is not easy but completely possible to everyone. Even if you have tried 99 ways and failed, please insist if you are eager to have and interested in. I am convinced that as long as one of 365 ways is effective, we can grab the opportunity to be successful.

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by: USB Phone World
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whether you have become Dad or not, Father's Day exist and celebrated in each year. We have Dad's figure, time of gathering and various experience feelings kept in memory. But can this 2011 Father's Day be more special and powerful?

  • USB Phone World Father's Day Promotion

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  • Date: June 8 – June 19, 2011

1. An excited special medal is coming for Father's Day promotion.

Father’s day promotion, medal

It is a credit to all the USB Phone World customers and other possible customers. Each of our customers deserves to have such a great honor. Not only for how much sales volume you have contributed, but also for what you have taught me how to do for the next activity and development period. Go ahead to get your discount. You deserve it.

2. Does it sound cool?

A special Day for Father and a special coupon code for you (20% off at any purchase).
Take more photos for your Dad with high-quality digital camera battery. Contact with Dad in the distant places. Or play games with extended laptop battery and charger at that day. Take an action now!

3. Thanks Dad!

thanks dad, 20% off

Thanks Dad for my life. Thanks Dad for teaching me well. Thanks Dad for providing me memories and knowledge. And these have been recorded in our minds and each deal of love.

USB Phone World supplies 20% OFF coupon codes to thank all dads and our customers.

Happy Father's Day!

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by: USB Phone World

Many laptop merchants are accustomed to popularize their products by configuration, unique features or additional functions. I have to admit that every computer has its own advantages in all corners, but no sole part can determine the overall performance if it doesn’t have suitable cooperation and support from other accessories.

laptop accessories, laptop battery, AC adapter, CPU

Just like business principle, the leader should learn and take fully use of the advantages of each accessory.

Actually, in my point of view, laptop computer user is a team leader while laptop battery and other accessories are the employees. If you have learned clearly about their characteristics, please play up strengths and avoid weaknesses. If you cannot, please replace it with another more suitable computer or replace the unsuitable parts.

Never believe on any powerful parts if they are not compatible to your laptop model.

After all, hero is in the book, in the movie and in history but not in the laptop. Some laptop accessories can be praised as a star product, but some of them cannot play fully due to external situations. Among these factors, the cooperation and compatibility are regarded as the primary. Obviously, without a high rate AC adapter, even the most powerful CPU won’t run fast enough.

The unique advantages should be reflected in all the parts performance.

That is to say, if you have a high rate CPU, you’d better install with a high capacity laptop battery and AC adapter. Just as a brand and a sense of culture, even though they have different occupations, these laptop accessories should have the same object and unique advantages. Thereby, only one step can all the users enjoy their performance and longlife cooperation.

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by: USB Phone World
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Speaking of cinematography, digital camera, especially for digital single lens reflex, is another eye for human beings to create and record the beautiful sceneries and memories. But as to digital camera battery, some amateurs may be careless about it as it doesn’t need exquisite skills. So, I am going to learn why is battery regarded as one of most important parts?

digital camera and battery

1. Basic principle and power energy requirements.

I am convinced that most of people have habits to carry at least one backup battery when taking photographs out. Do the digital camera batteries have short life or we usually need more? In my point of view, both and some other factors are also included. Such as accidents and damages, no one can start taking photos if he doesn’t have power energy.

2. Battery selection and different qualities influence.

Actually, even OEM digital camera battery is likely to be of poor quality and relevant problems. Therefore, we should select seriously and check its compatibility. For example, np bg1 Sony battery, rated at 3.7 Volts and 960 mAh, has compatible models list in his page. Then users can avoid mistakes in selection and compatibility.

3. Have you ever paid attention to digital camera security?

As digital camera batteries are mostly lithium-ion batteries, the active electrochemical properties are dangerous if they don’t have high-quality protection circuit and other matched accessories like polymer electrolyte, separator and even internal resistances. That is why lithium-ion batteries are limited in quantity on the aeroplane. As a result, why try it on your camera to observe its standby time, work temperature, maximum voltage and current. In most cases, these features should be within a standard rage.

4. Something needs to learn about maintenance.

We recommend that digital camera battery should be cleared carefully in the connector and interface. In daily work, it is best to check if the battery shell has any dilapidation regularly. In addition, as batteries will have different performance with its temperature varies. Too high or too low are both unreasonable for cameras. In the end, please check by all corners of battery. Just as np bg1 Sony battery, any others have the same appearance but different specifications and functions are inadvisable.

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by: USB Phone World
Monday, June 6, 2011

Recently, an interesting message has come to the consumer electronics and fashion industry due to a unique charger in USA. The New York famous designer Andrew Schneider has designed and released his latest solar bikini charger which can make customers more convenient when they are away on holiday.

bikini charger, laptop charger

This innovative charger has aroused great repercussions in both national and international areas. It is reported that this solar bikini charger is composed by solar-cell panel with the similar appearance with the normal bikini. On the top of the charger, there’s another USB port that can be used as MP3, digital camera, mobile phone and laptop charger.

It is evidently that such a special product is bound to be expansive and actual its sale prize is about 200 dollars, more than 5 times to traditional chargers. But its value is more than novelty and convenience.

According to what Andrew Schneider has told us, these bikini chargers, insist of solar panel cells and guide lines, are handmade completely. Made of 40 paperthin solar-cell panel and guide lines, each one has cost about 80 hours to produce. In my point of view, it is worthwhile to owe a delicate and multi-functional product.

Andrew also said that people who had outdoor activities could even swim in this bikini charge. If so, anyone who has dress in this bikini charger is definitely possible to be the public focus due to the future sense model. The only notice for you is that they had to be baked and dried the suit before recharging. You have no idea in the process of charging and thereby you have no occasion to worry if you will get an electric shock.

To popularize the bikini charger, Andrew Schneider is going to design some other relevant products, such as man swimming trunks that can also be used as beer cooler. Does it sound to be cool?

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by: USB Phone World
Thursday, June 2, 2011

We here at USB Phone World are personally excited that a brand new XBOX 360 is coming for a special promotion! As a special event we have decided to run several small promotions before the XBOX 360 given away to get everyone into the spirit of things.

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Due to the website maintenance or other problems in communication connections, many customers, especially for new visitors, are likely to be angry for such a state of affairs even if you have informed them. Thanks to USB phone, the solution is more convenient to realize.

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When call center comes across circuit, connection or signal problems, take use of Skype or other online communication messengers.

Different from normal phones, the link between phone and computer is the advantage of USB phone. Some users have already applied it as the call center device, such as cordless Skype phone. Once something wrong occurred, it is also possible to transfer the calls from phone to messengers so that we won’t miss any business calls.

When it is caused by Internet connection, USB phone call center is another emergency measure.

Does the pause in motion and business mean that we have to be out of deals and other work? Absolutely, no. If you can create a notice in order to let your customers to contact you by calls, or Skype messengers, they can also learn about what they want. And take fully use of customer service to express your nice service completely. Do you think it is a better way to have a public relationship activity?

Customer service can utilize the CRM system and USB phones to complete deals and other business projects.

Have you still remembered when you are selecting the call center agency or devices? Actually, these functions and software that are easy to be ignored will play an important part at this moment. Even though he hasn’t signed in the website account, you can see his basic information and requirements by the call resources or other messenger accounts. So miraculous it is! Granted that he could not use the website directly as usual, he can feel about your cares and attraction on himself.

Call center software programs can also be the backups of our business data. For small business, such a practice mode seems to be safer and have high work efficiency.

Have you thought of that such a small USB phone can save you effectively from data loss? But it is just the reality. In the process of crisis, it reminds us more about all these additional values and humanity service.

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by: USB Phone World

Recently, a new International standard has released about the universal outlet in several aspects. Associated to the HP recalling event these days, I just want to learn if it is necessary for AC adapter to have such an International standard as well? If realized, what parts should be included into the security and stability figures?

ac adapter, outlet, standard

1. Every charger should have a switch mode to be adapted to input voltage from 100V to 240V.

Nowadays, more than half of original laptop chargers have successfully handled with mains supply of different countries. Thanks to the adaptive switch mode from 100V to 240V, the AC adapter can adjust the input power automatically according to different external situations.

2. Each brand should formulate the standards about AC adapter output power, voltage and minimum current.

Except for universal chargers, each brand and even each laptop model has different features in the accessories, structure and parts. Suppose the manufacturers can formulate the relevant regulations that control both compatible and original AC adapters in quality. So is specification. Then it is easy to figure out if the new product or replacement is in good performance.

3. To prevent AC adapter from dangers, the organization or department should check the process of manufacturing and release the standards on manufacturing steps and technologies.

To have good contact, laptop power cord should have accurate figures in the interface. Obviously, each material, design, technology, producing process and other parts should be complete seriously based on the suitable standards. Otherwise, it is really hard to avoid any accidents even if it is an OEM factory.

4. Other security figures. Work temperature range, usage method, internal materials, protection circuit, mains frequency and other features.

The accidents of AC adapter usually occurred in the process of use more than any other situations. Once users have wrong operations or some other mistakes, the dangers will also appear even if the product is of high quality. I think any responsible merchant should take it into account.

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