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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recently, a new International standard has released about the universal outlet in several aspects. Associated to the HP recalling event these days, I just want to learn if it is necessary for AC adapter to have such an International standard as well? If realized, what parts should be included into the security and stability figures?

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1. Every charger should have a switch mode to be adapted to input voltage from 100V to 240V.

Nowadays, more than half of original laptop chargers have successfully handled with mains supply of different countries. Thanks to the adaptive switch mode from 100V to 240V, the AC adapter can adjust the input power automatically according to different external situations.

2. Each brand should formulate the standards about AC adapter output power, voltage and minimum current.

Except for universal chargers, each brand and even each laptop model has different features in the accessories, structure and parts. Suppose the manufacturers can formulate the relevant regulations that control both compatible and original AC adapters in quality. So is specification. Then it is easy to figure out if the new product or replacement is in good performance.

3. To prevent AC adapter from dangers, the organization or department should check the process of manufacturing and release the standards on manufacturing steps and technologies.

To have good contact, laptop power cord should have accurate figures in the interface. Obviously, each material, design, technology, producing process and other parts should be complete seriously based on the suitable standards. Otherwise, it is really hard to avoid any accidents even if it is an OEM factory.

4. Other security figures. Work temperature range, usage method, internal materials, protection circuit, mains frequency and other features.

The accidents of AC adapter usually occurred in the process of use more than any other situations. Once users have wrong operations or some other mistakes, the dangers will also appear even if the product is of high quality. I think any responsible merchant should take it into account.

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