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Monday, May 30, 2011

After Microsoft has purchased Skype by $8.5 billion, it has owned the largest group of online communication messenger that will continue to challenge the traditional telecommunication industry. Except for applying the Skype technology into unified communication, for effective solutions and other areas, what will Microsoft take into action?

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As is known to all, Microsoft is not only focusing on Skype and other software but decide to cooperate with some hardware manufacturers as well. Thereby, more Skype specialized devices will appear and replace the traditional fixed phones.

In fact, we are all familiar with Skype relevant devices. For years, Skype phone, non-PC products and Skype Wi-Fi phone have born continuously while PCHome has also invested and established IPEVO that is major in thus products.

At that moment, Skype kept a conservative attitude on cooperated manufacturers and relevant hardware devices. Someone even considered it as a passive brand. For this reason, Skype has missed the opportunity to catch the major telecommunication market. But the situation changed in 2010. With new solution project Skype Kit released, this new equipment has extended its market share into consumer electronics, including LCD screen. Obviously, Skype phone has varied the direction and strategy attitude.

Immediately, it accelerated to develop with cooperator hardware factories. Especially by purchasing, Microsoft revealed that laptop mouse, keyboard and other PC accessories will be included into the overall project that can update the sales system mode.

As to Microsoft, the participation of Skype has strengthened and filled the PC platform communication, mobile, audio video and other telecommunication areas. Compared to IP PBX, Skype phone seems to be more appreciated to terminal users instead of traditional SIP technical structure.

Due to the Skype of large user range and updated technologies, the influence of Microsoft to traditional telecommunication industry is more powerful than before. After all, the advantages from both hardware and software are definitely to replace the old-fashioned products.

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