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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The new movie Mission Impossible 4 has brought us to the new era of signal and new high technologies, such as mobile location, face identification, retinal photography and so on. They are really very amazing that can make our life more interesting and conveniently. But will these technologies by applied to laptops one day?

As a matter of fact, except for Tom Cruise and his magnificent showstopper, the new additional technologies in some details have also attracted the eyes of audience. Although we won’t work for secret service, these new functions can improve the performance of laptop computers and make your business work of higher efficiency and more interesting.

mission impossible 4, contact lens camera

According to some insiders, these high-tech equipments in Mission Impossible 4 won’t be castle in the air for laptop users while they can be found in the new up and coming technology fields. In the near future, intelligent terminal and mobile communications technology will be closer and closer to our daily life.

The navigator for car has already been devoted to American market at present, including GIS map and location service that can be applied to many kinds of devices. If so, we will also be so handsome like Tom in the movie and will connect with our friends and family members more easily than before.

As to contact lens camera, it is also another high-technology product that can take photos, transfer radio for cell phones and laptops. And we can also lock the targets very fast by this new technology.

With intelligent terminal handling ability been improved, facial recognizing technologies are also upgraded in terminal cell phones and laptops by Cloud and searching skills.

In brief, it is just the technology that can take photos and transfer instantaneously by these contact lens cameras. For some conference or activities, this technology is really necessary to cell phones and laptop computers to deal with more tasks.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Laptop power supplies have to be of suitable size and output power to be compatible to certain laptop models well. For this reason, except for universal adapter or solar batteries, any laptop accessories of power supplies shouldn’t be of wrong compatibility in the internal structure.

Compatibility, laptop power supply, BIOS

The compatibility of laptop batteries

What we talk about is the replaced lithium-ion batteries that can be removed or plugged flexibly. In most cases, we need to check the appearance, interface, mains chip, output power, and other factors for compatibility. Of course, the most conveniently way is to search by laptop models or old original battery part number (MPN).

In addition, BIOS information is also very important to laptop batteries in compatibility and other performance. As to some new replacement batteries, the problems, such as lack of power, not fully charged, may be caused by wrong indicating system, which can be solved by charging and discharging to activate it.

The compatibility of laptop AC adapters

As to laptop AC adapters, connector tips are the primary determined part for laptops to be plugged in. It is also unreasonable to be too tight or too loose. With a qualified tip, AC adapter can transfer enough power energy to laptop system smoothly while the switch mode and transformer inside is the other determining elements.

And plugs of power cord are different from each other for different nations. Or users can select switch socket or outlet if you are not in USA. And please select global compatible laptop AC adapter as a backup or replacement. It is certainly that laptop chargers have also been specialized designed for certain laptop computers that can be seen obviously.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

As for most of iPhone users, the phone standby time is always a primary problem to users while they are bored about it and don’t want to figure out some methods to extend the last time. Actually, as long as you have acknowledged these simple tips by details, the whole thing can be solved very easily.

iphone 4s

1. You’d better not charge iPhone 4/4s by laptop computer USB interface. In fact, it cannot be fully charged in this way while it will come to be creepaged just as many consumer electronic products do. Therefore, we recommend users to charge by battery bay and wall socket, which is also very good to computers.

2. Please try not to install software in deb that can reduce duplicate applications, especially for backgrounder and sbs. These high-consumed applications are harmful to batteries.

3. Please fall into a habit to close those unused programs in iPhone 4/4s.

4. Clear the software in iPhone each about 2 weeks, especially for those you haven’t every used. You can reinstall once you need to use it.

5. Close Safari and webpage before press home. Otherwise, it will occupy a large space in memory.

6. Batteries can be charged in any time at any place while we can insist to charge and discharge by a cycle to activate. Please use up all the power energy inside until it is shut down automatically.

7. Please try not to use some third-party charger and battery for iPhone if it is permitted by Apple. While some appearance optimization programs and tools inside are all of high consumption. So is flashing the phone.

Other tips about relevant to closing Wifi, 3G, and other external functions. All of these details can help users to optimize iPhone 4/4s performance and save more power energy to expand the lifespan and standby time effectively.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

As to laptop batteries, there’re many properties that will influence on battery regular work performance, including capacity, size, weight, shape, work temperature, charge rate, lifespan, specs and so on. However, as to different customers, they have definitely different requirements on these factors.

laptop batteries

Considering of the overall weight of laptop computers, the capacity of laptop batteries shouldn’t be too large while we need a reasonable sales price for them. In addition, the lifespan and shape of the laptop batteries are different from each other. It means users need to select a suitable compatible replacement if their own come to be damaged or weak. Comparatively, external battery is more conveniently to replace than internal battery.

Lithium-ion laptop batteries are charged by external charger to get enough power energy. As for the same laptop model, there are also some diverse versions with different capacity that can meet different sorts of requirements.

Generally speaking, external batteries are also more conveniently in carrying while it can be plugged into laptop power supply to be charged soon. As long as you need to charge for your laptop, the external batteries can be charged by laptop ac adapter as long as mains supply and wall socket are available.

Usually, internal and external laptop batteries cannot be substituted with each other while the decision is determined by your requirements and sales price. Of course, if you need to use laptop computers for a long time, high-capacity battery replacement is a good choice, but it may be larger than your old original one.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

About new Apple MacBook Pro laptop, the insiders of our industry have many assumes about the new products in functions, parts, appearance and other important factors. But according to some Apple insiders, the new Apple laptop products may be out of our imagination that will take use of flash memory to substitute hard disk, which sounds to be crazy.

apple macbook pro laptop

Recently, new iPad and MacBook Pro laptop computers have attracted great attentions from outside world, including 17 inch and 15 inch version for Macbook Air that will bring great revolution in MacBook Pro product lines.

Actually, it is just the one change for Apple MacBook Air Series that will accept some new large laptop products with both 15 inch and 17 inch versions. Maybe it is just why they haven’t been released in this Christmas Day.

It is also reported by other media that Apple will republic their new products soon in the first quarter of this year.

They said that the new Apple laptop series will substitute the current MacBook Pro products while Apple will remain only one laptop product line to supply different sizes. It has also aroused many doubts about CD-Rom in the industry while MacBook Air and Mac Mini has cancelled the CD-ROM in their new products, which can also popularize their Mac App Store and iTunes series.

Since 2010, Steve Jobs has already had some adjustment about laptops in the future and they have released their upgraded MacBook Air netbook with faster processor and improved Thunderbolt interface. From then on, they have adopted one molding design and have great adjusts on these products.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

If left beside for too long time, the internal structure of lithium-ion laptop batteries will be damaged to some extent while we need some methods to charge and discharge to maintain and activate the laptop battery to expand battery lifespan and work better in maintenance.

power options

Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries don’t need to activate by charging and discharging while all the laptops have their own control circuits to deal with the capacity and activation. Therefore, usually users can feel easy to use the battery normally.

Generally speaking, the laptop battery lifespan is determined by recharging cycles, such as 600 and 800 times. If it is only 50% charged, only half of the cycle is consumed. That is to say, it is no need to fully discharge the batteries to activate battery capacity.

In fact, lithium-ion battery consumption is closely related to usage situations, especially for work temperature and capacity. Users can compare the remaining battery capacity and activate laptop battery by some effective ways.

Take use of some software in Windows to have activation.

Some manufacturers have already supplied software for Windows system that can be operated simply to complete activation. Please follow the instruction to install and plug into external power charger and then discharge.

Adjust and activate the battery capacity manually.

battery capacity plan

Certainly, if your laptop computer hasn’t got activation software, you can go into control panel to set in power options. Put all the items to be never and close all the programs and Wifi. In some advanced items, we can also adjust the remaining battery capacity to be 3% or more that can indicate us in time before it is shut down.

After that, we can unplug the power charger and use up the battery capacity until it is shut down automatically. At this moment, users don’t need to plug into any other external power charger. Please don’t stay behind the lithium-ion batteries for too long and activate them once every two months. In addition, overcharging and over discharging are also very dangerous to laptop battery.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

As to those batteries have only been used less than 1 year, standby time comes to be shorter after charging and discharging for several times. Usually, it is not caused by aging but some mistakes in reading in BIOS system. Under this condition, the battery of enough power energy may be unable to boot up the laptops successfully. If so, please don’t throw away your old battery but activation.

The standard simple tips to activate battery by laptop BIOS

battery, BIOS, calibration

Many laptop computers of diverse brands have got standard BIOS in it. Calibration is a way to adjust the capacity of lithium-ion battery that can be operated simply in BIOS. After starting the system, please press F2 to enter BIOS menu interface. Through tab arrow keys, users can reach Power options. Then select “start battery calibration” and press “enter” to carry out.

At this moment, the laptop screen will become blue and indicate that laptop charger should be plugged to supply enough power energy to lithium-ion batteries. After fully charged, the screen will also remind users to disconnect the AC adapter and then discharge until used up.

The whole process needs a short while to use up all the power energy inside. Therefore, please don’t shut down the system by yourself. The indicating light will be off after activation.

It is regarded as the official way to calibrate the lithium-ion laptop battery, which may cost about 4-5 hours. Please try it if your battery comes to be shorter than before in standby time.

Certainly, another simple tips to activate the laptop battery standby time is charging and discharging manually to readjust the indication in laptop system BIOS. Please maximum the consumption of external devices, standby time, programs and other items in power options and recharging until it is used up and shut down automatically.

Both tips are very simple and can help batteries to recover the performance effectively, especially for those have only been used for less than 1 year or two years.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Speaking of universal charger, both tip size and specifications are very important to actual performance while output voltage and current are the other important determinative factors. In this aspect, we should take all efforts to check the compatibility from voltage, current, interface and so on.

universal charger, portable power charger

The value of output voltage for laptop computers and other consumer electronics

In my point of view, we recommend users to select compatible battery or AC adapter for laptops. After all, they have been specialized designed for certain laptop models with suitable output voltage, output current, interface, tips and so on. Compared to universal chargers, they can cooperate with laptop computers to supply suitable enough power energy from the lithium-ion cells, switch mode and mains supply.

As for output current, it also requires to have certain value that should be above the minimum nominal value, such as 4400mAh, 6600mAh. Users can check the specifications of original compatible charger or battery in mAh and Volt and compare it to the universal chargers to check if it can fit well.

Portable power charger has large compatible range for cell phones, table pc computer, laptops and other electronic products. Usually, the manufacturers will list the suitable compatible consumer electronics into the product description.

Of course, there’re some other ways to check if certain portable external power charger can be applied to out netbook, laptop or tablet pc computers by checking the output voltage and current. As to some computers, 15V is high enough while some others need to have 19V or even 19.5V output voltage.

On no account can we pay a lot of attentions to interface or lists only instead of checking the actual voltage and Amp of certain external power chargers before plugging and charging. Otherwise, the consequence is very seriously.

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