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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
For a long time, the standby time of laptop computer has troubled many laptop users. Especially when there’s no power supply in travelling, it is very likely to be out of power energy, which is really nerve-wracking to users. At present, since the foot charger is available, such problem can be solved to some extent.

foot charger

This foot laptop charger is manufactured by a special peripheral company with universal interface for different laptop models. As it is very convenient and healthy to human beings, the AC adapter can self-charge in OLPC prototype. At early times, the charging process is completed by hand.

Before that, Easy Energy company has every put forward a kind of manual mobile phone and small size charger device. Recently, the company has put forward another high-tech new innovative invention. The new series product is called as Yogen series, including folding notebook computer Dell Inspiron 1525 AC adapter. The Yogen Max, the new upgraded charger from Easy Energy, can complete charging and working without the support from outside world in power supplying.

According to the CEO of Easy Energy, the special products can complete charging under conditions, including both indoor and outdoor. Ofir said that the chief engineer Alexandar Sromin is working hard to promote the new product developing progress. It is reported that these series of products can be put to the market these years.

Such special laptop chargers are fruitful in the market, such as biological charger, solar laptop charger, Mg AC adapter, fuel power supply and so on. All these are be completed by different sorts of power resources while some of them may be more powerful and healthy than the lithium-ion laptop chargers in performance, recycling, specifications, convenience, etc.

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