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Tuesday, January 8, 2013
As the wind vane of the industry, the International Consumer Electronics Show has opened that has become the hot topic for major manufacturers. In this exhibition, the accessories have also become the hotspots in the market while the threats from mobile phone obliged them to develop faster than before.

laptop accessories in ces

When more and more manufacturers are pursuing for larger screen in laptop and cell phone, Apple is still insisting on the ergonomics while 4 inch iPhone 5 is considered to be a kind of market compromise. It is certainly that Apple is still the cell phone manufacturer of the highest profits in the market. But will it be challenged by other suppliers by larger screen later like Samsung?

Recently, the manufacturers have developed the technologies in specifications and accessories to catch the eyes of users. Previously, Samsung has performed well in the market thanks to the new released note series that has won more and more eyes. Although QX Quad-Core Extreme is not bound to be the tendency in the near future, large screen has already been the main stream while the difference between smart phone and tablet computer will be smaller and smaller.

Sony has also published their 56 inch OLED 4K Ultra-High Definition Television which is said to be the first version in the world. OLED is oganic light emitting diodes that will be the next major technology for screen display while the 4K TV resolution is four times to traditional high definition television resolution of 1080p. The CEO of Sony has also told us that Sony will expand the battle array of high definition television with 55 inch and 65 inch versions.

In addition, Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and other screen manufacturers have also improve the size for cell phone, laptop computer with higher image resolution to catch more eyes in the market. Similarly, the laptop battery and Sony 19.5 v ac adapter are also improved in standby time, lifespan, compatibility and other properties.

This time of CES has started and USB Phone World will follow up to see more new high technologies in laptop accessories and other new performance, functions for all these consumer electronic products.

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