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Thursday, December 20, 2012
After the Movie 2012 is on show, nearly everyone is talking about it, especially for these days. If you are not about to have a sleep today, the laptop computer will accompany you to play with it or see this movie or other games with long enough last time.

laptop last time

To check the present last time of lithium-ion laptop battery

In my point of view, it is the simplest matter for users to do with the laptop batteries when we need to learn about the current last time. After fully charging the lithium-ion laptop battery, it is necessary to play with the laptop computer to check the standby time. Of course, it is unreasonable to use high-consumed programs as they may shorten the last time to a great extent.

To check if the AC adapter will reach in time or plugged all the time
After all, if the laptop AC adapter is available, users don’t need to worry if the laptop battery can last longer or laptop will be shut down automatically. As long as it is connected to the power supply, it will supply laptop computer well.
How to make the laptop to last for a whole night?

After learning about the laptop battery standby time, users are clear about if it can last for a whole night normally. If possible, users can look for a replacement extended life replacement laptop battery. After all, HP 12-cell extended-life battery (ev12) has double standby time than 6-cell regular versions with more output power and current.

Anything we can do on laptop computer to last longer

Some battery management systems in laptop computer have suitable power saving programs to extend battery life to some extent. And it is necessary to cool down the whole laptop computer before work and reduce the brightness of laptop LCD screen. If possible, remove the unused external devices, such as charging mobile phone, and so on.

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