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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recently, the official manufacturer has claimed that USB power supply has new standard for USB interface in transferring and other aspects. The new regulation has ensured to supply enough power energy by USB port and can improve output power to be of 100W in maximum. Of course, it needs to improve the requirements in the interface.

However, both original and third-party USB ports need the professional certification from USB industrial extension organization. According to the official interpretation, the output power of 100W is mainly from the USB interface for laptop computer and external hardware, that is what laptop battery and other accessories can get from the AC adapter and other power supplies.

The difference between USB and standard port for Sony 19.5 v ac adapter

 As a matter of fact, the original AC adapter for laptop is not USB version but with its own connector tip of official specifications. As is designed by OEM nominal value, it can supply enough output voltage and current according to the laptop model requirements. Of course, there are also some higher rate versions for selection to get more output power and higher running speed in regular work.

The advantage of USB charger in real performance

Actually, the portable external charger is more conveniently in usage methods and portability, which is usually universal ones. In addition, the USB port is of international standard that any laptop computers are with the same interface. That is why users don’t need to worry about the compatibility.

It is certainly that users should pay attention to the specifications as well in output voltage, current and power value to see if it can fit well or not. Generally speaking, the voltage has its own secure application range and current can be different to be higher than the original value. If so, the laptop charger can work better and faster than regular ones.

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