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Sunday, November 18, 2012
Recently, we are talking about the power energy saving, laptop performance, lightness, and other relevant features for computers. In these aspects, the laptop is different from each other when it is plugged with laptop charger or not. As a matter of fact, the running rate and power energy are also different with battery and Sony 19.5 v ac adapter.

sony 19.5 v ac adapter

In theory, as long as the output power of AC adapter is high enough, it can support the whole laptop computer well to play with the internal and external devices and programs in the process of use. Especially for those who have upgraded the configuration of laptop, it is not powerful enough to run with laptop battery only.

Under power solution equilibrium mode, the laptop computer is always working with low loading, the output voltage and running frequency will also be decreased to save more power energy. When it is under high loading, the system will improve the core voltage to be of high frequency.

When the power option is of high performance, the laptop computer can reduce voltage and frequency automatically to play with the best performance.

Without AC adapter, the laptop balance mode will run different from each other with the mode with battery only. If it is only tested by the processor, the different is tiny. Actually, it is caused by the requirements of other laptop parts.

Even so, in auto mode, the processor will adjust the power option from balanced to high performance and the laptop graphic core is also enhanced. From the laptop battery point of view, the maximum output power cannot meet the regular demands if working with battery only. However, in the aspect of integrated graphics card, the performance is similar.

In high performance mode, the laptop code will be of high running frequency to support the upgraded power options and other programs. That is why laptop computer needs a high rate AC adapter instead of laptop battery.

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